Saturday, 27 March 2010

From Sweating to Sweeting

Me, Dear, Kek, Chun Lim, By go desa park city jogging,
7.30+ jog until 8.30+ like that..
Its my first time jog v My dear leh~ 
But he keep saying me lazy la.. dunwan run la...and no sweating ...
Then i jiu compete running v dear! HMPH!
but still let him win...NVm la^^

Then after that v go to eat...
and chit-chat for awhile and back..
Dear and I go watch movie at The Curve Cineleisure Cinema^^
This time, 
Dear wished to watch 3D but the timing is abit late
then v watched 2D de...
The movie is not bad..quite nice^^ 

After the show ended,
V have a walk at surroundings..
Bought le 2 ice cream mini boxes..
Dear bought Cookies Dough Chips flavour,
I bought Cream and Cookies flavour at Cold Storage.
then v go find dear's pants...
but bought nth..
cz din see dao any nice de in Ikano there.
V decided go for other places to buy again next time

After that, go Ikea buy Curry Puff and Hot Dog^^
Dear bought half dozen for his family as I request!
He keep saying NO NEED NO NEED! 
but i keep persuading him to buy for them eat!
HOHO! Finally I win definitely!
We go back...

Just came out outside from the parking place, 
So mang zang !!
Somemore, my house nobody at home..
and my sister asked me to meet her at carrefour kepong!
Due to traffic jam,
I told her that im going to eat something v dear while waiting them to back.
V ordered some bread and drinks at OLD TOWN near my house...
then keng gai v dear~
I complain to him alot...he saying and advising to me alot...

Then, suddenly i received a call that my family going to fetch me at OLD TOWN
dunno what will they response when they saw just BOTH OF US. (ME AND DEAR ONLY)
We were sitting outside but there are something blocking so they cant see properly when they came.
I just told my parents honestly when my mum asking me izit just me and ks..^^
She seems nth^^
everyone looks fine^^
They knew our relationships, 
Just keep denying and dont want to acknowledge us.
V just prove to my parents c lor^^ =p


Our sweet sweet pics oo ^^



>@<   >@< 

We like tis cute dragon oo... ^^

Dear like tis cute piggy ma? ^^


Friday, 26 March 2010

@ Really a busy and tired week @

It has been a really busy week for me...
End of semester is coming...
A lot tasks and assignments to complete...
This week i had 5 exams of various subjects and it really killing me...
Not including those assignments and group projects that have to rush and presentations as well...
I have average less then 5 hours sleep every night...
Some more went to donate blood on Wednesday, feel like want try it and since friend ask me to donate together then just try try lor...quite fun also de...the scary part was only when the nurse said ''Uh-oh, macam sudah cucuk salah la". =.=" need to cucuk a few times only can connect to my blood stream... aiyo, fail la that nurse! >.<
Also had a body check...everythng is normal except my cholesterol was a bit high...sei lor, have to control my eating liao~
Finally, this weeks is over! n tmr will going to be my sweet day with my dear again~ hoho, i cnt wait for that le, im going to sleep early tonight and have a nice day with my loved one tmr...
Next week will not be as busy as this week expect for a few projects and assignments to do with. One have to completed by this weekend.
Hope I can finish everything in time...

Proves that we was fighting so hard for exams...

We fall asleep while studying for the exam coming next...

It was at library...
we were really sleeping except for this 2 ppl...
(this happy guy and the camera man) xD

So happy that I'm going to donate blood? O.O

Walao weh, u nid cucuk how long de oo? >.<

~~~The End~~~


Saturday, 20 March 2010

** Incredible day **

Today it's Saturday again...means it's an official day for dating with my dear... ^^
This is our plan for today...and thank god everything just went smooth and even a bit out of our a good way of course...hehe!

Firstly early in the morning I went to fetch dear at Station One near her area, 
as she told her mum that she is going to celebrate birthday for a friend in College, 
summre told her that I will be there too...geng or not my dear? Haha...

Since the time is still early, where could we go leh? 
Of course went to my house as we alrd planned earlier...
Actually we thought there will be nobody at home...but when reached my house, 
my dad's car was there...Ohno, dear was so nervous and shy...
so I have to keep telling her to be calm...just to say hi to them...luckily they've been in a good mood... ^^

We firstly went into the Tv-room/K-room...dear ask me to bring my laptop...
We turned on the Tv...and she copied a game to me...we let me played a while...haha...
and then we continue watching tv and chit chat about some sam pat about college our love..
So happy and fun chit chat about sam pat thngs with dear while watching tv... =P
Love talking to dear... ^^

After that we went in my room, we fb a while, talk a while, rest a while, joke a while, fight a while... =P
And after all the a while we went down to play my grand piano...
I show off a bit with my love songs to her thought she will be touched de,
but she seems so boring and play her own songs there...haha! that is my dear~ =P

After piano dear want to play ping pong with me(so many entertainment at my home oo!) xD 
while playing dear keep complain I keep making her to pick up balls...
then I fong sui a bit keep let her win lor...then only she feels happy and proud...
my dear ar my dear~ hehe...

About Noon we left my house went to One-U...
as dear is so called ''celebrating birthday party with her friends'' today,
so she cant stay for long...we just went for lunch, shopping and walking... ^^
This time lunch is I decide so i wanted to gave her surprise initially,
I keep don't tell her what we are going to eat, but she keep guessing,
and the ''Shui'' thing is as we went inside the car park,
we saw a big poster of advertisment of what Im planning to bring her eat,
and she's so smart immediately sure it's that one fun liao lor~ >.<

Italiannies...our place for lunch... ^^

Classic Carbonara (for 2 person)

Yum Yum...delicious...

Ice Cafe Mocha

Ice Cafe Machiatto

We eat until clean clean leh~ ^^

The price are reasonable as most of the dish are served for 2 person...
but there are still a lot looks time wan come here try again with dear~ ^^

After lunch we go SHOPPING lor off coz!!! 
We went in a few shops includes Padini, Romp, Levi's, and so on...
While we walking, something interesting happen btw us...
we suddenly start speaking in english...
at first a bit broken but after that we make it more proper a bit...
dear seems quite enjoy it, so we continue it...haha!!!

We bought a white pant for dear and a white t-shirt for me at Romp...
Then we went to popular bought a mouse for me...dear got sponser...thx dear, Muacks~ ^^
After that the last stop is our favorite Japanese sweet store...bought some sweets and drinks...
And we're still speaking in english...incredible leh! Really 1st time...Cool! 
and her eng not bad too...we both can train each other become pro next time...haha!

After that it's time to go back...
although a bit sad to separate with dear again but we really had a great day happy!
I knw dear feels the same too...
I know we can create more sweet and incredible memories for our future...
I love dear since the past, now and till the future forever!!! Muacks~~~~ 

I know dear is so happy do i oo... ^^

Dear always like to Curi take my gambar when Im concentrade driving...lolx!

Our sign out love...
(nice picture captured by dear oo)

Our Super sweet day together...


Saturday, 13 March 2010

// A Great Day //

Today is a very great day for us(me and my dear)...All the plans went well and smooth...
This is how it starts...
Morning we went to play badminton at starplus but I was late due one accident at my area! >.< we spend about one and a half hour in playing together with kek and chun lim...

After that we went to Kepong Carrefore nearby a Wanton Mee shop eat...One cute thing is, dear request to drive my car...Haha!

Dear seems enjoy driving my car ma... ^^

Dear got feel proud drive my car ma? =P

Prepare to eat!!!

Kek's food...wah, gold colour de!!! O.O

My food!!!(chun lim called the same thng too)

Kek eating...

Chun Lim waiting for his food... =P

No food for dear becoz she alrd ate her breakfast at home... =P

After the meal me and dear went carrefore as planned and they two went back or mayb go pak tuo gua, hu knws... xD
The reason we planned to go carrefore earlier is because few days ago dear went there and saw a shop selling a lot nice watches as we planning to buy a couple watch for both of us... ^^

As last, we successfully completed our task! We both bought a watch...although it wasn't couple watch but who long as we bought it in the same shop, same day, same time and most importatly we are couple, then it makes it couple watch alrd la... ^^

Technum watch for my dear and Paris polo club watch for me... ^^

Our "couple"watch!!! ^^


Mine!!! (wow i like tis pic, take dao so nice!) make me feel like buying it again... xD

I holding dear's hand with out new watch!!! Felt glad that we made a good choice!!! ^^

After that we went to one-u becoz dear wanted to buy something is a spec(without power)...Last time got spec to wear want change to contex wearing contex want to wear a fake spec...haha!
Then also bought a ring for dear...not wedding ring la, not so fast 1st... =P

Then we bought a drink...some fruits add with chocolate and ice cream...quite nice leh! 
Very Choc Berry

After that dear have to go back alrd becoz her family keep rushing her to go back... =(

Had a sweet and happy day with her, although the time is short bt still we appreciate all the moment we together...I love u so much dear...Muacks!!!

dear's with and without spec pics...
dear you are so beautiful and gorgeous...
Love you~
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Sunday, 7 March 2010

<< Plan B day >>

Yesterday Saturday, we have a few plans...but almost all the plans failed!!! luckily we smart people can always think of a plan B so fast! haha...

Firstly we decided to jogging in the morning 7.30am with Kek, Chun Lim, Boon yang and I woke up at 6.30 and prepare everythng ready to go out fetch my dear so I sms her that Im coming soon...who knows she never reply me so I know she sure overslept adi...Nvm lor I wait, wait for another half an hour le still no reply, summre the sky just started to rain outside so I think it will take some times for her to wake up...

That time alrd 7.40am I drive to Desa park and meet with the rest, since it's raining, so we immediately thought of a perfect plan B! That is CC after our breakfast! We went to Menjalara have our breakfast and tat time dear sms me she woke up late...So we immediately thought of anohter plan B for us too! That is, go dating n watch movie after CC! =P

After one hour of CC with them, I went to fetch dear and went to 1u...since she cant out for long so we decided to juz watch a movie and shopping a while...Luckily the movie we wanted to watch has a nice timing, Percy Jackson and the Lighting thief at 11am! There was not much people there as well... =)

 Nice movie, me and dear like it! ^^

After the movie we went to have a walk and chit chat a bit abt our future, we quite enjoy the moment we together and talk to each other... =)
Dear bought Sushi to brg back home...then it's almost time to go back alrd...

In the car I gave her something as a small surprise, hope dear like it...
I know dear yesterday is a bit unhappy becoz of the earlier plans failed and things doesnt go very smooth but as long as we can be together sharing love to each other...
that is everything for us already...

I love you dear... <3

Some pics tat we taken of the day >>>>>>>

 Just a small gift for dear hope u like it...Muacks!

Take some sweet photo's be4 going back... =)

 With Love...


Monday, 1 March 2010

1st of March - Lucky or Unlucky?

This morning as usual, Dear was going back to his hostel at Nilai.
Suddenly I received a msg frm him that dear forgot to brg his Hostel Key when he reached hostel =.=...
I adi reminded him for 2 times already but still forgot..>.<
Luckily Dear just have a class on 10-12pm, then dear jiu come back take his key,
the next morning only go back to hostel.

Im having break time from 1-3pm.
But v decided not to attend Tamadun Islam class.
after v having lunch v frienz, v all went bec~
I decided to date v dear^^
I want to c him because I miss him alot.^^

V went to The Curve.
And v wan to try using the GPS to reach our destination.
Try for Fun~=p
Who knws....
The GPS brought us for so far distance only reach the curve...Waste our time>.<
What A Big Circle O.O
What a good thing is just no need pass the TOL.

The Curve
Dear bought me some masks from The Skin Food, and get a free item~
walking and Chit-chatting along the ways

I bought Dear a short pants at F.O.S. 
and it just left the last one.
we Bought it! 

Then, v went to IKEA bought half dozen of Curry Puff and an ice cream
Dear ate alot~ almost the half dozen eaten by him...haha^^
he was hungry ...LOLX...
After that, v continue our walk back to The Curve.
V went to The Coffee Bean as Lee Boon had recommended to me this that it is nice and cheaper than Starbucks.
and it's true^^
V ordered a large Ice Blended Mocha , enjoying our drink and eat sitting at there~
took some pictures at there too^^

When v going to pay for the parking fee, dear suddenly told me that a plastic bag had gone!!
The plastic bag is I bought for dear's short pants!!
V quickly went bec to COFFEE BEAN to find and ask for it at the counter too
But ... CANT FIND IT...failed.....

I think is dear had dropped off along the way v walking back>.<
Gek sam~ Keep thinking back ~ and keep asking dear alot of thgs....
but dear said Nvm...
He said consider it is an exchange for our random outing for this time.
What an excuse..But truely, i feel happy whenever have an outing with dear ^^

Along the way going back, 
we just passed by 3 yellow lighted traffic light which almost going to turn red! 
I considered it is a kind of our lucky too~^^
And it only rains after v both reached home safety^^ >>>> another lucky ^^

As Conclusion , I would like to say:
Although there are some unlucky things/ incidents happen today, 
But all the Unlucky s are already being recovered by the LUCKY s ^^
Red Colour (Lucky)  > Blue Colour (unlucky)


Guess where's here... =P

at coffee bean...

*Mocha Ice Blended*

Happy-ing~ ^^

the cup become so small le! Hahaha...



Finished our drink clean clean le!!! ^^


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