Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Trick Art Museum @ I-City

The I-City that I previously known is where it is a very beautiful night place with lots of amazing man-made trees, animals illuminated with many colourful LED lights.

Recently, I-City has been developed with more and more activities and games..
There is a SnowWalk ...Giant Ferris Wheel... Water Theme Park... and another more attractions..

But the day we went to I-City is mainly because we want to visit the Trick Art Museum..!
I Totally In Loved and Interested with those 3D graphics... 
I am not that Pro in graphic drawings.. But I still do have interest on drawings... Teehee:)

The Entrance Fee for the Trick Art Museum is RM5 for each adult. 
Open daily 11am-11pm.
There got 5 themes in total : Masterpieces, Egyptian, Marine Life, Animal Kingdom & Modern Classic...
Some of their works are totally IMPRESSED YOU..
I was like "How can they able to draw such amazing things???  Artistic people really Artistic people.. They can always think out of the box....."              *I dont have such Talent of Art.. LOL!*

Let's Photos tell the story:) *Random Sequences*

That's Him! :)

That's Me!! <3
My Dear..was trying to defend himself ... LOL

We were inside the Frame :)
May I have a cup of tea???:) 

I kinda love the Kid's shocking emotion in the pic!!! LOL!!!! Freaking Funny!!!

~ Angels ~
Theirs feathers drawings are so amazing!!! 

They are grabbing for the RM100 paper note...

This Photo needs the person lying on the floor to  have the Mountain Climbing 3D effects.But he did not that good enough..But still acceptable la.. HAhaha!!


Please Save Us Superman~~

This is so FUNNY!!! 

~ Mirror Effects ~

Have Fun!!! :)
It's worth to have a visit to Trick Art Museum @ I-City!! 


Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year 2013!!!

Another year has passed over us again.. For some people, year 2012 was a great and satisfy year, but for some there are some regrets left behind. However for me, definitely there are the both of the two, I think it happens to quite many people as well. One the regret I had is that I did not really put myself into best in my studies and utilizing my time to the very best. However I still manage to graduate and found a moderate job as my starting point of my career path. That is the thing that I am glad and be thankful.

There are definitely lots of Good things and Bad things happen in our life, it is the balance of life. But seems like the bad things are always more Emphasized and Memorable to most people. We often think of the bad things and linking them to lots of worse assumptions that made us feels bad and worried all the time. It happened to me all the time as well. But then I always remind myself that those are just assumptions, it might happen but most probably not.

Having assumption is good to let you have cautions and a mental preparation if the worst happens. But if over worried and over assuming will only causes unnecessary pains and worries. So I always worried first, then ignore, and if that really happens, then only find a solution to settle it.

However, it is a New Year, everyone should have a New Hope, New Target, and New Resolution to improve our life and made us a better person. Everything that is happened in the past, try to forget the bad things and only remains the good and positive memories. There are many people been posting and telling their new year resolution in all the social websites. So my New year Resolution for Year 2013 is:

1. Perform Well and have some Achievements in my First job/Career
2. Throw away or changing my bad habits and behaviors
3. Improving my general knowledge and English Knowledge
4. Improving my Social and Communicating skills
5. Having a long lasting relationship with my Beloved Darling
6. Exploring more places and foods around in Malaysia
7. Stay Healthy, kind and Happy for my Family, Beloved, Friends and Everyone on this planet

So that's the Lucky 7 Resolution and Wishes I made for 2013 New Year.
I will try my best and give myself motivation to be the best of myself to achieve those targets. I hope that by the end o 2013, there will be less regrets compare to the previous year. Moving Forward, hope everyone move forward with me and have a blessing good year in 2013.

Special Message dedicating to my beloved:
Everything will be Ok, I will be always standing right beside you and Giving you Loves and Supports. Good luck for your Exams, and I hope your problems will be settled soon and  Have a good year in 2013. This year might be a tough year for us but I believe we able to go through it.

Ohya, I usually went to count down events for the past previous years, Last year was at Desa Park City, and the last last was at The Curve. However this year was a bit Special, we wanted to go Desa Park City for the count down event but end up only "Yum Cha" and "Keng Gai" session in Old Town White Coffee nearby to the event area. One is because there are too many people, too many cars, no parking at all. Rather than park in the far place and walking to the event, we decide to just hang out in some nearby places which is less "Super Crowded" and pass through our Last Moment of 2012. I was with my secondary school, Menjalara friends, 5 of us including me. We still manage to watch the Fireworks though coming from the event place.

LoL Obviously these are not from Malaysia, just some Latest Fireworks Image of 2013 from London and New Zealand that I taken from the Internet =)

Fireworks are Great. They Represent the celebration of New Life and New Resolution. It is bright and colorful to have a meaning of you will have a bright future for your new life and colorful aka wonderful things are going to happen to you. Haha, it is just purely my own Interpretation. But still, everyone loves Fireworks right. Here are some Fireworks shows from all over the World. I wish Everyone have a Great New Year and Wishes will come True!!! Thank you~ =)

I personally liked the London one the most I think, they all are Great!!! There are definitely more, feel free to look more for yourselves in Youtube, hope you all enjoyed it..



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