Wednesday, 23 February 2011

♥ Special Valentine 2011 ♥

Although it is passed quite some time already, but I still want to write it down to share it and as a Sweet Memories in our blog.

So obviously this is happened during this year's Valentine, 14th Feb 2011.
For a long time ago, I already planned to give her a surprise and special Valentine moment this year.

She used complain that I never gave her Flowers as a lover before, although I knew she was joking but I also knew that she would be happy to receive it. And I also used to reply her that the reason I don't give you flowers is because I'm waiting for a Special Moment to give a Big one to you. So now it is the time.

It was a Monday.
Initially I was planning to bring her somewhere far for a Romantic lunch or dinner but unfortunately it was a schooling day and it was the first day she started her new Semester.
Due to timing issue, nothing much changes except "somewhere far" have to become "somewhere near". LOL!
It's Ok~

The surprises I planned for the day is separated into 2 parts.
The First part is...
A normal Valentine Presents just like the past few years.
Second part will be the special surprises for this year's Valentine 2011.

So early in the morning I went out to buy the stuffs and prepare for the day.

Having a very exciting feelings getting ready for the night! =)

Things are Ready!

Ferrero Rocher!!!
(have u finish eating it? hehe)

A super Big valentine Wishing card~ 

And a Pair of Key Chain with our Name
(One for her one for Me!)

Ready to write something?

It's Done! =)


The Second part Is Ready too! =)

It's time for our Date.
We choose a Nice and Simple small Restaurant in Menjalara. 
It is called D'Fortune. 

Ordering food..

Fortune Biscuits 

Our Fortune ^^

Super Large Apple Juice! 

Our Food is here! (Dear's)


Yes? =P

Happy? ^^


One Red Rose that given buy D'fortune after paying the bill. 

And yeah I given her the First Set of Valentine presents...
The Chocolate, Key Chain, and one small small card. 
She accepted it with normal feelings, haha! 
No la, she was kidda Happy already I guess.
She dint know I have the Flowers because I kept it at car boot. 

After the Dinner I fetch her back home and go off. 
I was still at nearby actually, sms asking her whether satisfied with the presents.
I went to her house again and told her that I was infront of your house. 
She don't Believe it. 
She came out to check what is Happening...
She was Stunned when I bring out the Flowers and the Big Card...
She seems so Shy and Shocked...
Still cannot believe what is Happening, Haha. 

So that is our Sweet and Amazing Valentine's day for this year. 
Dear, hope you Enjoyed it and for the next and next next next Valentine, I will be here to celebrate with you and give you many many Surprises. 

I ♥ U

Roses are Pretty, So do You, So do Our unbreakable Love~ =)


Sunday, 20 February 2011

✰ Chinese New Year 2011 ✰

Since a long time I've not been writing blog...
Well, I was "Busy"!!! Haha

It is already February of year 2011!
And what happening in this Month is the Great Celebration of us the Chinese People!!!
The Chinese New Year~ =)

This year is the year of Rabbit! =3

Random picture taken from the internet... 

Fire Cracker...
Ok, but i dont really like it because it is kinda noisy..

Fireworks is nice! I like it! xD

These are what we all Chinese Expecting during CNY! xD

This year's Chinese New Year is a very special one for me!
Can't say it is a really awesome one, and can't say it is a bad one..
Cause both of it happens on the same time...
I think I will just ignore saying the bad part first, lets just talk about the awesome part and fun part of this year Chinese New Year!!!

Firstly thing for sure is get to Visit to many relatives houses, Eat Good Stuffs, get Ang Pao and all!
Hmm, I nothing is very special about this as we did this every year during CNY.
But still is happy to get Ang Pao and Gathering all the relatives together having fun.

These are the foods that makes me FAT during CNY!!! >.<

And lots of Can Drinks during CNY too~ =(

Ok Next!
Is having a Chinese New Year Gathering and Visiting among friends.
Those are my Secondary School friends as they all live at nearby only.
It was so fun and enjoy visiting each house play, eat, gamble (a bit only), and take Ang Pao! =)
Actually we started this practice since last year's CNY. Wonder how long will it last, haha.

Where that baby come from leh? Lol

Nice picture but spoil by the person lying there showing his Belly out..

My house is the last stop! =)

And the next day...
It was another CNY Visiting.
This time not to relatives house, not to friends' house, but visit to GF's house.
Yes visit to my dear's house Personally! Haha.
This is really the first time. It was a bit nervous at first but everything comes naturally after I went inside.
Have a nice chatting with dear's Parents, it was Great! =)

But that is not all for the day. 
After visiting dear's house, it's her turn to visit mine. Haha!
I bring her to my house and sit for a while. Then we went out to One Utama have lunch with my parents as my parents already planned yesterday. ^_^

These are the foods we had in One Utama...
These are all Vegetables!!! No a single Meat at all..
It is a Vegetarian Restorant which I forgot what it call already.
Next time got chance I will introduce it again once more =)

My Parents.

Me and Dear.

Such a Happy and Amazing day ever! =)

Then comes to the next day, another event.
One of my friend CNY Open house Party Dinner.
Quite fun lor, got nice foods, got fireworks, and we gamble with some of his other friends that we dont know.
Me and dear partner, off coz win wan larr, haha!
One is because I'm smart to wear red shirt, and another is because our strategy, hoho!
but who knows the last round before we went off dear suddenly say wan become "chong" for one round, Boom! Cards not nice then lose back all the money to them, so it is balance le, LOL.

Here are some firework pictures taken with my camera...

This Year's Chinese New Year really made me become FAT and Over Enjoyed! 
It is already week 6 or 7 of my semester and most of the time I'm still enjoying and relax only. Too much of holidays in between. 
Looks like it's time to "Gam Fei" and Turn off my Holiday mood start to be serious! 

And of course another Special Event happening within this year's CNY is the Valentine's Day. 
That one...
I'll keep it for the next post..
So that's all for Today! Hehe..


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