Monday, 22 October 2012

Blogging I'm Back!

Whether you realized or not, I have stopped blogging for quite a while this year. Quite pathetic when looking at my this year posts compare to last few years, lol. Due to some busy things here and busy things there, especially during my Internship period which I just finished about 2 months ago. Besides, we also kinda like lazy and a bit lost of interest about blogging.

But here I am to Announce that WE ARE BACK and will constantly update this blog from time to time. The updates may come from the past events or the places we went this year that is not yet posted here. We did had quite some events and fun moments this year that I wish to share it here later on.

Also, check out our new Blog Design. I've spent some time looking for it and customizing it, although it is still not yet completed with some additional customized functions. For those who blogged as well, I highly recommended this site that provides lots of cool and customizable templates for blogs. 

As you can see there are still a lot of sessions stated To be updated, perhaps anyone who reading it might provide me some suggestion on what should I put in those session. Whether adding some extra pages on this blog, links to some cool websites, or any fancy ideas that you can think about, lol. 

So here are some preview of the events that happened along this year, and might be up for the blog as well. If anyone is interested into any of the events, leave a message or comment then I will prioritize it to be posted first. Haha. 

Super GT 2012 

Taman Pertanian Negara Trip =)

Ice Skating at Sunway Pyramid some times ago, lol.

My 21sth Birthday Party~~ Yay!!! Nice frame right?
Designed by my creative and pretty girl.. hehe

My Intern Group at Silverlake Sprint Sdn Bhd
The last week of work, kind of like a farewell group photo, that's my manager in the middle. 

Friend's Wedding
First time attending a friend's wedding.
The "Gays and Lesbian" Group with our pretty bride and her groom.
It was really a surprise and shocking news for us, but still wish them happy wedding. =)

ChurpOut Event 2012
The first time we came to such event where we can meet famous bloggers and some Malaysia artists selling their products, and doing performance, etc. We did not stayed for a long time, but still, it was a great day and great time.

SO that's is about some of the highlights of the events and things we did / happened in the past few months. Hope you enjoy reading, have a nice day~ =)


Photo Shooting at KL Lake Garden

Finally after a long long time did not update for this blog, I decided to make this blog Alive again. So sorry because previously was busy for a period of time due to my Internship and after that kind of lost interest and forgot about blogging. But here we are back continue sharing our moments here. 

So this was happened about a month plus ago, we went for a photo shooting session at KL Lake Garden, also know as Taman Botani Perdana. We were with one Photo shooting Studio that is Eyecap Studio, you can find there websites and productions here:

I bought this deal from Groupon as it was quite cheap, and the reason I bought it also because we did not have a lot of great pictures featuring both of us together, therefore I wish to take this chance and create more sweet, amazing moments for us. 

This is the deal from Groupon Website.
I've been a quite loyal customer and supporter for Groupon actually. Easily got more than 10 deals I bought from them I guess. Oh gosh~~ XO XO

SO, are we going to share the photos here? Hmmm, I guess not, let just remain them as private to ourselves cause we took quite a lot of effort to complete the photo shoot.

Nah just joking, here are some pictures taken for the photo shoot and edited by them, just gotten them not long ago actually for the full edited soft copies

Somewhere around the park, it was quite a big park, we came here for the first time actually. Never knew there is such a park here in KL area. This is a quite nice place to explore, to take a walk, take some good pictures and so on.  

 Another lovely shoot I guess, we are kind of awkward because this is our first time doing such photo shoot with a real photographer. We did not know what to pose and so on, lol. The photographer did teaches us some pose, but still... awkward awkward! 

Single Shoot of her
Then me... =)

LOL, i think we were staring at each other like.. "OMG, is this going to over soon?" haha

Yay, I like this shoot!
Say hello to the Giant tree!

EMMM, what u staring at? *pose idea from her* haha.

Hoho, I bet she love this shoot a lot, hehe. Right?

 Finger finger point point... Hmmmm.. 
*what a lousy caption* lol

Another awkward shoot, haha.

One of the shoot that we loved the most, haha. Look at our face. 
OMG look at her, trying so hard to jump, lol.
We loved this as well!
Jump jump~~~

Then the Punch Shoot, lol. *Ouch!
Okay so the photographer ask me to hold her hand and run, as if we are running of: 私奔! If you know what that means.

Yay, the ending Pose!!! *Piece~~

So thats all for the photo shooting session. The session took about one hour, which is already stated as the time limit of the photo shoot. After that they told us that we will be receiving the full copies about a month or so (so long larr). So we say thank you, then continue take a walk to explore more on this garden/park.

We did also took some pictures on our own, maybe I will post that on the next blog post. So that's it for now. Hope you enjoy reading. Bye~ Have a nice day!


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