Wednesday, 27 March 2013

A Hidden Cakehouse at Bangsar - Poco Homemade

Girls always love DESSERTS! 
and NO DOUBT that I will be extra ALERTED and BOOKMARKED it when I found any nicely recommended of DESSERTS HOUSE.
I have been knowing about this POCO HOMEMADE since last year by reading my coursemates' reviews.

Poco Homemade is located in the shoplots within the resident area in which is nearby with the Bangsar Village Mall. Kinda bit hard to find the Poco Homemade's Shop as it don't have any banners on top and it doesn't seem to be big cakehouse. Instead, it is a very simple and cosy environment..
Its interior decorations are mostly in Pastel Blue.. and some of those kinds of decorations are handmade by the owner...Obviously shown the great effort by the owner to build this cakehouse..

With some lovely handicraft on the walls 

Poco Homemade's Specialty  - Homemade Tofu Cake
"With a soft and creamy cake made by tofu and a layer of biscuits as base"

I have never tried this kind of cake with Tofu before.. It's worth to have a try! :) 

- Pistachio Cake -
"I love this slice of cake so much as I love Pistachio so much! The taste of Pistachio was so good.. and it wasn't too sweet though..  Personally recommend this as it's my favorite :) "

We were told that we must have ordered minimum a drink for an individual...
So, these what we have ordered: 
- Mango Vanilla & Ice Lemon Tea -

"Mango Vanilla is not bad as its Vanilla with Mango tastes quite dense.. "

 Location: No 1, Jalan Kurau, Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur
Business Hours: 12pm-  9pm


Sunday, 3 March 2013

Restaurant Bagan Sekinchan ( 鸿运海鲜饭店 ), Sekinchan

Family and I had a One Day Trip to Sekinchan during almost the end of CNY 2013.
We had been to Sekinchan for quite a few times..
Mostly we been to there just for the Shark Meat Soup (鲨鱼汤)
Previously, we went for the restaurant as so called Jian Chyi ( 建旗 ),
but this time we wished to try at different restaurant.
*Im gonna tell u that we will definitely come to this restaurant again for the second time! The foods are pleasant and reasonable price! *

This restaurant is just located next to a Temple. 

五香炸花肉  - Fried Pork Meat 

This plate of dish that u MUST ORDER AND TRY!
U cant even find any of this dish in KL!
THis is 辣椒虾, Chili Prawn.

Their Signature Fried Taofu - 招牌豆腐

This is my  ALL OF US BELOVED DISHES!!! Shark Meat Soup!!!
This is slightly different to previously we ate.
When it first served, the soup wasn't seemed to be like TOM YAM...
But once u tried, you would definitely like it...
Is so appetizing.. Neither too Spicy nor Sour.. =) 

Asam Butterfish 

With all the dishes above and the people of 6, the prices are not even more than RM100...
*This restaurant is just located next to a temple, Jalan Bagan... =) *

Business Hour : 8.00 am - 4.00 pm

Then, we headed to Pantai Sekinchan (Beach of Sekinchan) ,

They were fishing....
These were what they fished.
Loach!! (泥鳅)
My dad told me that, Loach can still survive for quite a period of time even though there is no water.
See~~~ O.O

嫦娥风筝!Ever seen such huge and LONG KITE .. <3 

My handsome Dad =)

< I Love Sekinchan >

- THE END - 


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