Saturday, 29 December 2012

End of 2012

-LOL just a Lame Picture that I found on the Internet-

Year of 2012 is going to END soon with a blink of an eye. However it is not the "End of the World" this year, instead Year 2013 is coming, HAHA.. Thank God. Time really past very fast. This year definitely is a very important year for me. I have finally Graduated with my Degree and start looking for jobs. Another good news is I have been accepted to a company. This week is known as my Interview Week which I had 3 Interviews. I was finding the jobs and companies from The company that I just got approved is called Spectrum Edge, and Im going to start work beginning of next year, which also next week. It is a new life and new environment for me, feeling very nervous and excited on it, hope I will be able to handle it.
Good Luck!!! for me.. 

On the Other hand, I also want to Wish Good Luck to my dear, Xin Ying. She is going to faced her Final Exams for this Semester starting on Tomorrow, Saturday. It is not a very good time to have Exams which she will Start this year and Finish exams on next year, haha. It was just a joke, it doesn't matter actually, I believe she can do well for this exams, and will give her all my supports!!! 

Another Good Luck for Dear for her Exams.. =)

After her exams, and on the next year when we have more free time, we will definitely go Hang Out in more cool places, have fun, and eat lots of good foods. We will be looking forward to Next Year which is another Beginning of our life and Adventure.

-Looking forward to Our Adventurous Life in Year 2013!!!-


Friday, 21 December 2012

LIFE OF PI 3D, Premier Screening @ GSC 1Utama

Few Weeks ago we Got Invitation from Nuffnang for an Amazing Movie called LIFE OF PI. 
The movie was directed by Li Ann, I was a bit shocked that he is capable of shooting such great movie, I was impressed. 

The movie is about the person "PI" had an accident in a big travelling ship, he is the only survival. His survival story with a boat, few survived animals together on the boat, a Tiger, bunch of can foods and some survival guide books, for 227 days on the ocean!

This was the contest I participate and won the ticket from Nuffnang. =)

It is Premier Screening which means we got to watch it earlier than the Official Release in Malaysia. It was in 3D, Nuffnang is really Generous giving free 3D tickets for the contestants! Haha. And it was in 1Utama, Our usual hang out place, which make it really easy for us. 

Here's some amazing Screens Shot of the Movie.

The Tiger is one the the Main Character on this Movie. His name was Richard Parker, the name was actually mixed up with the hunter that caught this Tiger, so the Tiger name remains as Richard Parker. The tiger is the only Partner of PI on the sea for 227 days. From a Wild Beast from the beginning that always tried to kill PI, he got tamed by PI finally and becoming friend with PI. 

PI had to get off the Boat as The Richard Parker is On the Boat and trying to Eat Him. This is the reason and purpose to keep him alive for the 227 Days. The fear to the Tiger gave him the purpose to stay alive. 

The Movie added a lot Beautiful Visual Effects, about the amazing and unbelievable Natural Scenery that PI been through on the Ocean. Such as Glowing FIsh, Neon Whale, Glowing Island, and most of it related to amazing Lighting effects, not really know how to describe, look at the screen shot below. 

Watched in on 3D and the effects was Awesome and Stunning!!!

One of My Favorite Scene, when the Glowing Neon Whale just fly over PI and his Reaction and Excitement when looking at it. He was Enjoying and Thank GOD for letting him to see that. 

PI arrived at a Mysterious Island where he Finally taught he had a safe place to rest and live. But he found a human teeth at the night time when he is trying to sleep, and found out that was an Island of Corrosion. The land of the Island will becoming an Acid Materials and Corrode anything that is in contact. He decided to leave in the morning and Thank God again for letting him to realized it. 

This is Where PI trying to Tamed the Tiger as he cannot take it Anymore. He knows that In Order to continue surviving, he and the Tiger must depends on Each other and not Against each other. Interesting and Exciting moment during this scene. 

Then Finally, PI arrived at a beach and rescued by a few humans, after 227 days have passed on the Ocean. His sad face is because his Partner, Richard Parker the Tiger just left him without saying any goodbye to him. 

Then he said the most regretful things in his life was not able to properly say goodbye and thank you to the person that is really important in his life. This including his Parent, his brother, that is killed from the accident, his first Girlfriend in India which they had to break up because of travelling, and finally Richard Parker that left him without saying Goodbye

Here comes the thinking and imaginary parts of the Movie. When he was saved by humans, the reporters asked him what happened during and after the accidents. He told them what he had been through all this while and the reporters did not believe, and ask him to tell another one. 
He did told another story, it was actually the same story but replaced all the animals characters with real humans, and those amazing scene to blood scene and killing each other scene happening in the boat. 

Some said the Second Story was the real one, he just told it in the Modified version to those beautiful phenomena because he wants made himself believe in that way. I'm not so sure. Again it is up to the Imagination of the audiences. Or many he wants us to watch the movie all over again to analyze yourself, haha. 

Anyway whichever it is, it is a really great movie, with great effects, great shootings, great stories, great acting, and great sense that make you realized the value of Life. 


Sunday, 9 December 2012

The trip to Lotus Desaru Beach Resort 2D1N

It was a very sudden plan for my family to decide to have a 2 days 1 night trip at Desaru!
We have been struggling in discussing where to have a local trip during the Deepavali holidays..
Finally , DESARU as recommended by relatives.

Well, it was an utilizing trip as we almost traveled around the WHOLE JOHOR.. HAHA!
My dad has planned so well on the schedule and have been searching online on WHAT TO EAT & WHERE TO EAT...
WE have been to Muar, Johor Bharu, Yong Peng, Sungai Rengit (A small town).. 

Lotus DEsary Beach Reach - The main entrance 

Free Shuttle Van is provided!
It is so convenient as u may need walk a distance from ur accomodation to the dining room or the beach.
Moreover, their service is good. U need not to wait for so long as there are a few shuttle vans take turn..:) 

Check In Lobby - The day is considered as peak season because of DEEPAVALI..
So, resorts is almost fully booked.
Luckily we managed get ourselves a FAMILY SUITE ROOMS!
Gonna show you the photos of how's big is it at below!! 

Our resort is at L Block.. Just beside the lobby hall...
The directory board 

Family Suit Resort is much more than enough for more than 6 persons..
There are 1 master room - with bathroom
1 normal room - KING / QUEEN SIZE BED & small Balcony
1 Normal room - 2 single beds
+ another one more bathroom
+ living room , balcony
+ small dining and kitchen facilties 

The view from our balcony
Swimming pool~~ 

Cant swim with sisters and daddy together :(

Daddy & Sisters - They looked like JELLY FISH!! OMG!!! 

Heading to the BEACH in the Evening.. THe beach is behind this building. 

- Cycling -

Another swimming pool. This would be the main pool and slightly bigger than the other pools

THere are so many Water Adventurous Activities!!! 

- Check the prices -

Well.. the beach is clean...
Is just that its Sea Water is slightly getting polluted..
There is some smell of petrol maybe due to the Jet Ski activity..

 <3 The Four Sisters <3

Blue Sky with White Clouds..
Pretty Awesome weather out here. 

Left - My 3rd Sister , Right - That's me! 

CHok Face 

Doing a Mermaid Suit for my youngest sister!! Wahahaha!!
THe Mermaid Hui Hui is done!! So sexy -nya~~ XD

Next : Water Theme Park

This thing as so called - LAZY RIVER
THe most interesting thing that you can played with it only this..

Dinner and Breakfast in Buffet Style : 
We were having Dinner + the Next day breakfast at here -THe Dining Hall

Oppa Gangnam Style Performance by the Kids 



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