Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Rapunzel : A Tangled Tale @ 1 Utama

Since the day this movie released, I have been planning to watch it..
Many ppl have highly recommended and rating for this movie..
Even the tickets sold rate are as high as Harry Potter..
Therefore, if u have no chance to watch it, better get one DVD for urself and ur family too.. ^_^

We watched 3D for this..cost Rm18 each person..Well, *This is just ONE TIME A PERIOD..>.<*
Moreever, the 3D effect might not as intense as I expected..
Since there is no timing for 2D that suit us..have no choice to take a try on 3D^^

It's hard to have such long smooth hair like Rapunzel...Because v live at Malaysia...
Hoho! Love this cutie small frog so much! He is Pascal (Rapunzel's pet)
He's actually abit similar to Chameleon, because he will change his skin colour according to his emotions..Cool, right?^^

He is Maximus..He has stimulated the whole story much more interesting and Funny! Haha!!
We were at the cinema...Looks the surrounding..There were crowded with PEOPLE!

Love this shot! ^^

We were queing up for buying soft drinks ..MANY PPL!!! Almost 10-15 minutes at here=.= 

Therefore, camwhore for ourselves ^_^

Having lunch at JACK'S PLACE:

A little bit dark..

 We are ordering sets lunch , including bread, Coffee or tea (u may top up to switch to soft drinks or juice) , Soup of the day, the course meal, lastly with Jelly ^_^
Price REASONABLE too^^ 

The day of the soup~~

Mango Juice & Ice Lemon Tea

Smile dao Not enough "Sunshine" La dear...LOLX!!! *Like im forcing u like that>.<*

Mine : Grilled Boneless Chicken with Black Pepper Sauce

His: Chicken & Mushroom Spagetti

Is like the xmas tree falling down...Lolx!!!

Playing Ipad tgther~~^^

GUess who are them? They are MyFM DJ and Host...I adore and admire them ^_^
I think they are talking abt a book that they published, called "Tian Tian Hao Tian"

Going back Home^^ *Thanks Ah dear*

~The End~


Anonymous said...

hi, just happened to chance upon this blog article..
pascal is a chameleon.. he's not a frog..
just letting you know =)

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