Sunday, 27 March 2011

Premier Screening - Sucker Punch @ One Utama

Last Tuesday...
Me and my darling went One Utama to watch a movie.
Why is it on Tuesday?
Because previously I've been participated in a Premier Screening Contest of a Movie by Nuffnang. The Movie is called
Sucker Punch (Funny Name) 

This is the post that I won from the Contest..

This is the second time we went for the Premier Screening. The first one was Skyline which we are not so satisfied with it.
This time it was 2 days before the Official Date launching date of the movie in Malaysia. And surprisingly it was at One Utama, our all time favorite place for dating, haha!

What can I say about this Movie? 
It is pure Fantasy and Animation! And the Action Animation are really Cool!
More like a Game Animation or something...

One more cool thing about this movie is as you can see,
there are a lot of Sexy and Pretty girls in Action..
Phew Fit!

However the story line of the movie is quite lame and confused a bit.
Even until the end, we don't really understand or know what are they doing, lol!
Or maybe the best part of this movie is to let you confused? My dear is impressed with the story because it was "Unpredictable!" Haha. 

If the story could be better and clearer, I would have give it 5 Stars.
Overall it's still a Great Movie! 

This is the Movie Ticket of the Screening, Cool right? 

Can't stop taking picture of it! Haha.

Thank you Nuffnang! ^^

The Movie is at 9pm.
We collected the tickets at 8pm.
Before the movie, we went for a walk and A&W to have some drinks..
N take Pictures! 

: What are you eating?
: Ohh, it's my favorite Curly Fries~~ Yummy!!! 

I'm so fat... and my hair is long~ =(

Nice one!

: Why I'm so happy?
: I'm not, she forced me to SMILE! 
LoL Just kidding~ 

Ok !! a nice picture before we go for Movie!

Yeah, Happy day with my beloved! <3 

-The End-


Monday, 21 March 2011

Trip to Kuantan - Swiss Garden Resort

12nd and 13rd of March...
Off to KUANTAN with family to RELAX^^ 

The Lobby~~

It is actually a nice place for u to LOCAL TRAVEL^^

A view of the room ~
The Parrot Bar located at the seaside^^ A nice environment huh!

Having Tea time in a room provided for us - Playing Snooker, Dart game, and Keyboard too!!

My Youngest Hui Hui who likes to swim so MUCH~~~

Four of US! < Me, Hui, Qi, Yan>

Feeling the Power of the Wind and Waves~

We went to Cherating to visit Pusat Penjagaan "TURTLE"

A specimen of a turtle~

During night time, accompany my grandpa sitting at lobby enjoying people playing piano for us^^ grandpa is so concentrating listening to Piano~~

Some souvenirs bought at here~~

= The End =


Wednesday, 16 March 2011

I’ve Got the Power with Sucker Punch

Oh Yeah! Sucker Punch is coming soon in the Cinema
In order to Win a ticket to Watch this Awesome movie!
First I have to prove that I have the Power to Sucker Punch as like in the Movie!

In the movie, Babydoll and her friends were trapped in a super Scary "Prison" by many Evil person. 
In order to get out, she has to went into a Fantasy World to complete a mission! 
She might needs some help...

So Here I Am!

I’ve Got the Power with Sucker Punch

Me, Babydoll and her team, we are ready to Rumble!
And will Kill all the enemies that are in our ways~

To make our Power Stronger!
We will gather many Powerful Weapons, and Materials...

Poweful Machine Guns!

Powerful Snipers!

And Powerful Air-Force of course! 

The Last thing we need is a Powerful Armor and Suit!

And That it!

We are now Unbeatable!!! 

Bring it on Suckers!

Cause we will give you Evil People a Nice Punch with our

Sucker Punch Power!!!

Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch Will be in Cinema On March 24th! Make sure you Don't Miss it!



Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Nilai Day - 5th March 2011

Today's gonna be our special day... No Shopping and No Movie as our dating!
Off to NILAI just enjoy sitting in the car EATING !!!! Brought by Him^^
Take about 1 hour to reach there...
First Destination:  Have our Breakfast + Lunch together at 
Where I have eaten for a few times with my family actually..

There are some reasons u must try this when u come to NILAI :
1. Here dont have much DIM SUM shops..
2. Extremely CHEAP compared to the pricing at KL... (The most expensive also just costs abt RM3)
3. The ingredients are great! 
4. Something that u must try here is 荷叶饭 (u may see the photos at bottom)

This is the best recommended - 荷叶饭

What are these inside? Got Mushroom, Chicken Meat, 糯米饭..packing with  荷叶(leaves)

 猪肠粉 with 叉烧

Looks fat! haha!^^
Enjoy eating yo!

Why no ppl?? look at the timing... already NOON!!

Next, Having some desserts at here...ICE ROOM before going back

The menu

The surroundings environment is nice and clean^^
Ohya, their main color would be GREEN..They love GREEN so much..haha

Mine - Mango Pomelo Snow Ice

Forgot what the name..But it is a kind of PAO, hot, with the Yam inside..

Him - Blueberry Snow Ice 

A Happy Journey - The End


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