Sunday, 26 June 2011

Mid-term break & FRIM Outing

It's the Mid term break to let us really have some break of our insane, crazy, freaking and super tiring semester. We had a really tough subject for this short semester and it is a programming subject which I do not really always been doing well in programming subjects.
So it is a tough challenge for all of us this semester, also we have to do a group project to design a  full working system website for a real client from the real company outside, really stress up and did not sleep well every night.
Plus another boring subject with a boring teacher, I have nothing to say about that. And another Technical English subject which is still acceptable.

It is not over yet anyway...
This is just a short one week of Mid term break... And we have a lot of works to do for this holidays, not really have much time to enjoy but one very important thing is have to really get enough of sleeps before going back to class next week.

It is Saturday today...
Me and my dear had a plan before that is planning to go Taman Pertanian Malaysia at Seri Alam, to cycling and take some nice photos there. But seems like it was a little too far and we don't really know the way, so have to cancel it. Anyone knows any place nearby can rent bike for cycling? haha

So we decided to go FRIM.
FRIM stands for Forest Research Institute Malaysia.
I think most of Malaysian know this place, so no need explain much la.

Should never tell the entrance security that you bring any camera in next time.
It cost us 5 ringgit for that! >.<
Fee for one car going in is RM4 and each person charge RM1, so for us total is RM11, pain arrr~

And so our journey starts...

Starting with Happiness...
End with... 
Later u will see, haha

Our long long journey of the day~

Everywhere seems like the same, nothing much to take... haha 

Miniture effects ^^ 

 What also take... >.<

Make me blur... so sad~ 

This one... hmmm, nt bad gua, haha

Canopy? No!!! =( 

Tired? Regret? Emo? Hahah, no idea!  

Ready for some jumping actions? Haha

Take 2...

So cute my dear~~~ hahaha

 It's time to go back... Lol

Yes madam? What do you want? 

Haha... and so...
We end our jounry Happily? Sadly? Tiring? Wonderfully?
Well can you guess from her expression? lol ^^

The End 



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