Monday, 18 June 2012

Nadeja @ Mahkota Parade, Melaka

There is something that u must try out when u travel to Melaka!


The shop's name is Nadeja
It has been opened branches and branches all around in Melaka!
This is all because their CAKES are definitely TASTES GOOD! *but off course some of it la..Not every flavours suits everyone..:)*

But their SIGNATURE would be thier ORIGINAL LAYER CAKES! !
It is so sad that by the time we visited, there's not much left...
Only a limited flavours and choices for us to dine in :(

Nadeja's Menu!! 

There are so many people queue-ing up outside there!!! 

See... Almost SOLD OUT! 

We ordered each slice for 3 of us:)

Love this... Forget what is name called~_~

Sth called Berry Berry ...

My Carbonara Spagetti!!! <3 Taste not bad!
Feel abit weird when it comes with a bowl of SEAWEED SOUP  ~

Nice environment with SOFA outside the shop! :)


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