Sunday, 24 April 2011

Hk Drama

So I have finish one whole series of HK Drama in just 2 days time.
Which I'm quite impressed and proud of it.
This will be my latest record, lol!

So let me briefly introduce about the HK Drama I watched in this two days.
It is call...


English is named as The Rippling Blossom

This show is talk about making Sushi...
Is about two good brother initially having a Sushi shop doing Sushi business together.
Their Father was a Director of a very famous company/organization that in charge of foods and beverage but is now dead. Their mothers was the second wife and third wife. The third wife was also dead so the child live with the second wife since young, so they are the two brothers. (Such a complicated relationship, sorry if my explanation is very confusing)

After their father was dead, the first wife always went to disturb and give troubles of the second wife and the two brother. Always wanted to make their only Sushi shop closed down which is given by their father. Eventually they lost the Sushi shop because the big brother lost in a competition which betting using the shop. After that they had another chance to open a new Sushi Restaurant if they participate and won a competition organize by a big Japan Sushi company. In the middle of competition the big brother injured his hand so the younger brother which initially not good in Sushi trained hard in a few days time so that able to participate the competition for his brother. With the support of a girl and his new "Sifu", he eventually won and get the new restaurant. 

The big brother was jealous and wanted to take back everything so they became enemy after that. The big brother envy that the younger brother taken his place and became a famous Sushi Master because he won the competition and get the Restaurant. The big brother than start his evil plan to get back everything he wants. Also in between there are a few relationship stories that are quite touching. Want to know how the story ends? Hehe go watch the show if you are interested in this.

(It's my first time introducing Hk drama, please give some comments, lol)

My Rating on this Drama: 7/10

Simple but interesting stories and also can gain some knowledge about Sushi and Japanese food. Also some touching stories that teaches us some moral value of life and relationship in love and family.

So why do I choose this drama to watch?
No special reason actually, because the previous day I went to my dear's house to visit her and they were following this series. I at there watched a few episodes so I have the feeling to continue finish watching it. =.="
Also because I'm very boring and lonely this two days as she already went Taiwan for travelling. I wish she is enjoying and having fun over there. Hope she wont forget about me too. Lol!!
Her Birthday is coming soon too, hope I have the change to celebrate with her as she will be just came back from Taiwan by that time, dont even know she free or not.. =(

So the next drama I might be starting to watch is "Only You"
Also introduced by my dear.
But maybe not so fast, I still need some time to digest this drama and my final exam is coming soon! O.O
Gambateh!!! haha



Friday, 22 April 2011


I have not been updating this blog for very very long time already.
Thanks to my dear for still updating this blog once for a while.
Sorry to all my blog fans! Haha
I will keep this blog alive and active again from now on! =)

Anyway, this semester is really a Terrible one!
Starting of the sem we were complaining that they change from 14 weeks per sem to 17 weeks per sem for long semester.
Who know even the 17 weeks of study weeks is not really that enough. Perhaps the first few semester we take it too easy, and also lots of holidays. Therefore during the last semester, rush assignments and projects like Robots and Machine! Always cant get enough sleep just to complete the assignments.

Yeah, sometimes really can sleep in front of the laptop! Lol

Plus the assignments and projects in this semester is really a disaster.
Many of them are really out of our knowledge and capability. Such like creating/design a program, software, applications, website program and so on. Which the lecturer dint even give us any proper training or information about it.

Well, forget about it, at least the worst is over, for now...
We still able to complete it, although some is through copying other people's idea or take most of the resources for internet. So Google has became our Best Friend throughout this semester, haha!

Try Epic Google!! Lol

The 17 weeks of Nightmare is now Over!!!
For now it's just left the Final exams which cost 40% overall, and it will be another week more left until that.
I hope the 60% of coursework won't be too bad.

I cant imagine what else will be coming in the next coming semester.. >.<

Now let me show you some of the Disaster Projects/Assignments that I've been through this semester, LOL!

Figure 1: Calendar program for Network Programming

Figure 2: Chatting Program for Network Programming
(Tis sub sucks! >.<)

Figure 3: Database System Project 

Figure 4: Symbian apps for Mobile Operating System

After showing these up here, I'm so gonna delete all these and all the software as well!!! =.="
Just kidding, but probably I will, lol!

So that's all for now...
I will be updating another post soon...

And my dear is going to left Malaysia to Taiwan for Travelling.
This the first time she ever left me so far. Our distance is like more than 18000KM away...
But I will miss her very much, wish she enjoy the trip for the whole week and come back with lots of memories and gifts to share... lol!

Good Bye my dear~~ T_T


Monday, 18 April 2011


My holidays officially start since 12th of April!! ^^ YEAH ~~~
Next semester will be started on 9th of May.. MY LAST SEM!!!
Time passed so fast and quickly,
I cant even imagine I have driven to college for, let me assume it as 600 days (excluding holidays), 
GO-AND-BACK for 1200 times!!! 
Since I will be pursue further of my studies, the number of TIMES will be getting more ...

Year of 2011 , I'M LOVING IT!!!
Many things I have done and experienced...^_^
Learn to be more independent..
Recently, I started to be a Home Tuition Teacher,  1 to 1 teaching, try to getting some income for myself..
Also received nuffnang cheque for the FIRST TIME ^.^
And I have set up a few wishlists I gonna to achieve by this year^^
Beside that, I was always being told and asked to save more money instead of spending ... 

Just to let know:
"I have grown up, daddy and mummy.. I know these years might still need ur financial support for my studies and other things...
"I know how to spend wisely; I will keep partial for savings; at least now I not gonna ask money from You for my outing, gifts, entertainment, shoppings.. "
"Thanks for being with my all the time! ^.^" 

Gonna have a vacation soon~~~
Ohya!! My birthday SOON too!!! *Happy*
Will be blogging about my vacation trip after back^^
- Stay tuned - 


Sunday, 10 April 2011

0904-2011, Outing @ Bukit Bintang

Here's come SATURDAY!
It is our OUTING DAY...
NO MORE GYM FOR US anymore... Unless we subscribe for it.. 
Last month, he bought Promotion Voucher for us..
Instead of SHOPPING, we choose to have some healthy life styles for one month!!! HAHAHA!!! 

It is CHI FITNESS and located at PJ TRADE CENTER
Initially was RM265, while NOW just costs you RM265 RM29 after 89% discounts!!!!!
The promotion is currently ended, but you all can visit this website to get great discounts on all kinds of activities! ^^

Wondering is my weight reduced within this period???
OKOK la...Got Sweat la...Got a little bit muscles...Weight + 2 la^^ 

At least we do enjoy the moment we exercising^^


Let's get into topic of today~~
Since HE wanted to buy a external hard disk, we decided to go Low Yat for his thing.

Have lunch at Madam Kwan's in Pavillion~

Cendol !!!

Mine: Chicken Chop with Mushroom Sauce

His: Nasi Bojari (THUMBS UP)

Chatime @ Pavillion!!!! Favourite of the most people!!!

Time to  CAMWHORE!!!

I wish to have more HAIR ~~~

 A cool GUY huh... A new Hair Style he has^^


- Here's the end of the day -


Saturday, 2 April 2011

The Apartment @ The Curve - 25 March 2011

After Gym at PJ Trade Center, 
Have our lunch at the Curve ,"The Apartment"
Not sure since when THE APARTMENT has such BUFFET STYLE service as I did not try it before.
But it was pretty attractive as we just passed by and being introduced by the waiter there. ^_^

Let me explain the descriptions:
- This is for LUNCH only, (Available on Mon-Fri, 11.30am-2.30pm)
- Endless bowls of soups, different selections of main course will be served to YOU!!!
 (Different Soups and Main Course Everyday)
- Complimentary Ice Lemon Tea!!!
- Fruit Platter will be served as your DESSERT too!!!

IT COSTS YOU RM18.80*!!!!
(Worthy??? depends on how u perceive the food)

On that day, Our soups have 2 selections : Cream of Vegetables and Thai Fish Broth
Next, the 3 main course are:
- Spaghetti Mediterranean, 
- Nasi Goreng Kampung, and
- Stuffed Chicken with Cream Sauce


See, what we took for our appetizers:

Ohya, these BREAD with topping up there are nice!! ^^ 

Soup of the day~

Firstly, Spaghetti Mediterranean


*Photo unavailable* 

Thirdly, Nasi Goreng Kampung

Lastly, Fruit Platter^^

We like their service provided!^_^

Some photos of US:

Ohya, HE bought a sport shoes for himself too!!!!

- - THE END - - 


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