Saturday, 24 November 2012

Or Hwu @ Yong Peng , Johor

Few weeks ago.. Family and I went to DESARU - Johor  for our holidays TRIP for 2D 1N !
What I can say about this trip was that AWESOME.. SATISFYING.. & AWESOME! Hahaha!
DESARU TRIP will be in another long post.

I will be introduce a short post about one of the RESTAURANT that WE HAVE PLANNED TO TRY IT at YONG PENG 
YONG PENG is a small regional town in the state of Johor.
All the way we heading back from Johor to KL, we dropped by Yong Peng just for this
Or Hwu RESTAURANT / 五湖餐馆
We have been knowing this restaurant through the ASTRO AEC CHANNEL - AH XIAN REN QIN WEI

It is just located opposite the ECONSAVE ..:)
it should be easily recognised as it has such a large banner outside the shop.

THeir Menu Lists !
With their FU ZHOU name in front of their every dishes would be their SIGNATUREs. DISH that YOU SHALL TRY! 

These are amazingly awesome. THis plate of dishes are so called - Fu Zhou Pork Meatballs.

I think this is called Dan Hua Tang..
Its some sort like the soup for Loh Mee..
It is so appetizing <3 <3 <3

Fu Zhou Taufu :) 

This is one of their SIGNATURE DISHES that is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !
This is as called  - Fu Zhou Red Yeast Rice Wine Chicken!!! 

Stay Tuned to my NEXT DESARU TRIP's POST ! 


Monday, 12 November 2012

Pipit Wonderful Market 9 - 101112

 This was my FIRST TIME been to Pipit Wonderful Market Exhibition...
As well as it was eventually my FIRST TIME been to Central Market =.=  I was brought by my friend:)
Fortunately, my Friend and I planned to go together by train. She leads me all the way to the destination while pointing here and there just to introduce me those places..
*Well, she is said to be familiar with such places in KL very well! :)*

By the time we reached, it was already occupied with crowded people!
The place of Pipit Exhibition, was not that big as u thought.

It was just a Mini Exhibition but fulled of many PRECIOUS , CUTE, & WONDERFUL stuffs that u MIGHT NOT EVER SEEN IN YOUR LIFE.
Every stuffs they made are came from their Creativity, Imagination & Hearts <3

They will decorate for their own name banner behind their stalls.
They really put effort on it!
Some of their name banners really impressed me a lot thru their wonderful decorations! :)

Preview for their Handmade Stuffs - Wallet, Purse, Bags, Card holders....

Love this purse so much!
Its quality was good!
The materials mostly are imported from Korea.

Moreover, they are selling plenty of patterns of Cloth for you to sew or knit something for your ownself with ur bare hands:)

Note Books with their Unique Designs! Definitely u will find one that u like! 

Finally i grabbed one of this for myself!! <3

My friend did bought me One of this too!!:)


Don't u realized that these unique Cards are made up of many of small rolling papers! I guess this is a very complicated process and very time consuming too!
This is what so called ART:)

This is so Awesome! <3
Was seriously taking photos...

RM 10 for each ring :)

 - The Second Floor -

Their bravo innovation and creativity:)

I was so LOVED with these EARRINGS

Their Names are so called WHY:)

This is a RING !
They made it with a small people sitting on the grass...
Most amazingly and surprisingly was that the grass.
U should have touched the green they are trying to make it to be more lively.
 - Teddysss -

Daily motivational quote

Made up of the Eggs Basket
They re-use, re-made and re-design and came out with such awrsome BLACK and WHITE designs!

Card Holder with RM10 each
 The creator said that She will never design something she has designed previously.
All of her products are new:)
I liked that Duckling & the OWL<3


- Stickers -


Before leaving, you can drop a message to Pipit as a support for them:)

*A very successful event that has been organized. If I can, I will join such events every month or every year, Pipit Zakka Wonderful Market 9!


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