Wednesday, 31 August 2011

♥ Skin Care to the Rescue - Clinique ♥

During this holidays,
I'm gonna to take care and improve my skin condition, especially the FACE PART !!
Gonna “Shoo Shoo..." my pimples and those little blemish that make me feel frustrated with for so long!!!

Went to Jusco Maluri with family and finally GRABBED THESE products!
Clinique is having ONCE IN A YEAR PROMOTION! 
* While Stock Last *

What I have Grab for myself???

I have grabbed 2 sets for me and my sister -
 One is for BLEMISH SOLUTIONS , the another one is Hydrating Solutions
*She told us that Blue colour that sets is can cure those pimples while the pink sets is moisturizer :)

Blemish Solution Set - include Cleanser, Toner & moisturizer :)

These are all for MOISTURIZING :)
Highly Recommended its Moisturizer!
Kinda nice to use:)

 - THE END -


Sunday, 28 August 2011

The New 1Utama Outing and Chatime

Hello, it's been a while~~
This will be a short post about a short outing we had in the last Saturday at 1 Utama. Suppose the 'New 1Utama' now. Since few months ago it has been renovating at the Old Wing side, almost the whole part section of Old Wing was closed down for renovation. It is now Re-Opened with New Jusco, New Shops, New Service, New Design, it will definitely going to be crowded here for the next many many years because the New 1 Utama is just Magnificent, Awesome Rebuilt.

Many New shops have opened and opening soon, some have upgraded their shop from the existing shop to better look and service. The new Jusco is going to be another successful story of 1 Utama. It has everything inside, especially for the food section, it improved so much that is out of my expectation, wow! 

Sadly I did not really taken a lot pictures of the New 1 Utama because was enjoying my dating with my dear, so it is just mostly portrait pictures and foods pictures as usual, haha. Will be back next time to take more pictures of the New 1Utama

Lets go, the Journey starts like that....

Event Hall Design for Hari Raya...

Lunch Time...

Ice Lemon Tea

We order one Fettuccine Alfrado and one Fettuccine Carbonara, End up it looks and taste exactly the same!!! =.= Sweat, even the picture I cant differentiate which one is which one... haha

The two picture is two different food, can you see the difference? Lol

Improved Version~

Still got one more Pizza, we are such big Eater!! >.<

Stomach so Full full jor~~ ^^

So cute~ =P  =3





Super Zoomed in Version, want to see whether I have pimples or wrinkles ar? haha
I had a version of hers too, but she might kill me if I upload that... =P 

Scary Teeth~~ Haha


The Place is Pizza Milano
It is a very economic western food restaurant, used to be just a small shop at Old Wing last time but now upgraded to a bigger and better one. Good thing is the price did not change. Famous for their Pasta, Pizza, Lagsana and Waffer. Each of them will not exceed RM10. The quality is standard, so still consider a good place to eat.. ^^

 Next Destination,
Sunway Giza, Kota Damansara.

We did not really went inside the Sunway Giza Mall actually, just outside some shops since my girl wanted to buy something there...

After that we went for the Chatime over there... ^^

Pearl Milk Tea and Choc Hazelnut Milk Tea

Look at the crowd queuing waiting for the drinks to be ready... 
We are lucky to found a sit inside here..

Very Good! ^^

Had a nice time drinking, chatting and seeing magazine (ifeel that just bought today), speaking our "sam si" to each other as well, haha.

High Key effects~~ 

Super super High Key~~ 

That's all for today...

Bye bye~ <3


Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Souled Out, Birthday Celebration

Celebration of friend's Birthday Toh Boon Yang and a Small celebration for me at Souled Out Sri Hatamas. First time visiting that place, it was a pretty nice place to have dinner or any event. It is consider a middle-high range class of restaurant. Price range is about RM20-60 depends on the foods you ordered.
This is their official website, and you can see its menu over HERE too.
So have a rough idea what foods you are interested first from the menu before you visiting, cause there are lots of variety of foods available~ ^^

On the Way~~

Arrived at Souled Out, Sri Hatamas.


Everybody writing bday card for Boon Yang~

Appetizer for everyone~ Very nice!!! I forgot what this call, anybody remind me? Lol

Buffer Dinner for one person~~ RM45

Opening our Gift~~ haha

It is his Big Name with a big Handsome infront~ xD

Lamb Chop

Fish Fillet with Spaghetti 

Salmon with Rice

Fettuccine with Salmon Fillet

Bday boy with beer~


Birthday Celebration Started!!! ^^

I was not in the Plan initially, thanks for sub in a celebration for me too! It is a surprise for me! haha ^^

Group Photo 1

Group Photo 2

Had to do 8 Facial Expression according to what they said...
Happy, Sad, Sexy, Crazy, Blur, and so on... LOL!

Had a Picture with them ^^

Present from them~ ^^

Another present from them taken with their camera, me and by have it. 
Pretty nice~ ^^

Instant photo camera by Jessica~ 

"Face in the Cake" Time...

Nooo!!! Not me please~~

First round, they still not satisfied! =.=

Second round...
Cant believe i have this day too... haiz~

He so happy about it! haha

"Bao QIng Tian" And the "Clown"

That is my face there... 

This is BY's face, haha

Lucky Boy~ Haha


They like to eat fire very much, seriously!!! Lol

It was very Amazing, really!!!

Another lucky man~~ Haha!

Are u ok? Drunk? Lol~

What so interesting with the light there? =.=

Romance... Lol~

When will this be my car??? Lol~~

Second Round, Desa Park City with with Boon Yang Wet with Cream~~ Haha!

It is 12am, Boon Yang's real Birthday!!! ^^

Boon Yang Danced!!! Everyday I'm Shuffling~~ Yeah!!!

Happy Birthday Boon Yang!!!
You really Talented in Shuffling, do it more next time ya, Haha~~~

Great Day with Great People and Great Birthday~~ 


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