Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Otak-Otak!!!! curious!!!

Otak-otak! what does it means? what It should be named like that? 
Last Friday, (Due to my laziness, after a few days only force myself to update)=p
Went to 1u again...
nth much v do also..
No watching and no shopping...LOL!

Have our lunch In Otak-otak Place which located at Lower Ground Floor in New Wing.
It's good to say that they offer alot extensive offerings.
Eg: Breakfast Set= Just FOr RM5+
       Lunch Set = RM 9.90+ (include Drinks+2 pieces of Otak-otak

The price has attracted me but just me only...
My dear seems like dont care of the promotion and keep on finding other meals in the menu book.

Okay...I ordered a value set Called Special Fried With Chicken Wing for myself.
My dear ordered a Otak-Otak Char Kuey Teow Mee
Dear ordered a Cincau FOr us...(share)

My drinks..That free drinks...I shouldn't expect too much>.<
It's orange juice...
Sounds good, but when it served on my table, It is Warm Orange Juice....O.O OMG...No iceT_T
I cant survive without ICE! haha!
I knw dear think the same v me too!

BLUR! Hope Dear and I can own a camera which belongs to us and taking down the photos and FOODs in every outing~

Why dear looks so sad and moodless?
Because He Is HUNGRY! 
Super Hungry!
(is not my fault taking u like this =p, i swear^^)

Our drinks!!! CINCAU CINCAU! 

I love SoYa^^
Dear Love CIncaU!

is blur agaiN~>.<
My food!
For me, It is normal only. Nth taste special~ 
The otak-otak all GIVE to my dear eat^^ 
I  DisLike iT~

dear's one nt bad...
Mayb due to the Price.
Different Prices Serve Different Food! T_T

~The End~


Monday, 14 June 2010

A day With Karate and Shopping

Today is not just our outing but also Wen's and her beloved's date^^
About 10am, before fetching Wen,
V went to da bao Pao for us to have our breakfast in the car.
We two are

V went to fetched Paul at Ktm station then go 1u
Initially planned to go sunway pyramid,
due to that day is my gu ma's bday and have to back early to celebrate,
So, just can go to near near...Sorry Wen and Paul .

Reach there about 11am.
Dear and I go buy the ticket in a fast speed..
Cz v planned to watch 11am , Karate Kids
It would be many ppl as it is just released.

V Sit the front third and fourth rowT_T
No Choice...I cant make it for the next timing which is at 12.30pm.
Wai Wat abit la^^
Since I also never tried before..haha!^^

 This movie is not bad^^
Rate it 4/5 la^^

Our Next move target is TOY STORY 3.

Next, v went to Wong Kok eat as our lunch.

 Choc Milk Shakes and Yam Milk Shakes 
With A scoop of Ice cream Each! 

Seafood Spagetti ( Normal, Feel got abit Bu ZHi De..) >.<

Dunno what noodles...also ok la..
I feel outside mamak dong is tastier than this! =p

Lol! i love this pic! Muacks!!!

After wong kok we still complain hungry, 
so we went shih ling ordered "mishua" and "tian bu la" eat together.
We ate so much today ooo, feel so unbelievable, haha!
I da bao 2 "mishua" back for my family too ^^

After finish eating it's time to shopping!!! hehe...
First we passed by watson and went it buy something.
Bought a packet of tissue papers and a hair spray for dear, nothing for me! >.<

Then we went in F.O.S to look for my dear's pant...
We saw a few nice short pant there,
I faster ask dear go try it!
dear like it!
Bought 2 short pants for Rm63!
Finally dear u hav ur short pant le, i knw dear sure vry happy de, hoho! ^^

Time to go back le oo... 
So happy go dating wif u ar, i enjoyed it!
see u again in nxt outing.
I love u dear,
Muacksss~ ^^


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