Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Mickey Mouse Exhibition @ Mid Valley Megamall

Hey boys and girls...
There are a lot of events happening in the TOWN!!! 
Most attractive is that there is an MICKEY MOUSE Exhibition @ Mid Valley..
Those mickey and minnies are designed differently by each of the shoplets in Mid Valley..
Some even designed by famous artist and model...
U should not be missed out this opportunity to get a closer look with those mickeys and minnies!!!
You might get shock or surprise or even feel amazed with their creativity !!
This event will be held until 10 June 2012...

*Avoid the traffic congestion by arriving early especially during weekends...Moreover, now we are having school holidays for primary and secondary school...
Because I have suffered the Traffic Congestion in the way leading to the PARKING of the MALL at about 10.15am where i thought is  pretty early already...IN FACT IS NOT  =.=*

Everyone is taking turns to take photo with Mickeys!!!

I found sth pretty funny.. This is designed by an unknown ..Instead of not showing up his name, he is putting MOU TAK DING which means INCREDIBLE in Cantonese Language! Haha!!! 

By Burberry!!!! 

So gardening Feeeel~~~:)

By Amber Chia!!! One of Famous Model of Malaysia

Punk Look~~~

I was wondering and curious! Is it purposely made him to lying down??? I think is not..
U can imagine how crowded of people are there until can shake down the mickey who is actually standing and holding the flag..

Handsome Mickey and Arrogant Minnie!<3 

Spring Kawaii Minnie by Shu Uemura!!! <3 It is so flowerish!!!! :)

By Padini!!! 

Is G2000 i think:)

Rock Stars!!  

If not mistaken , they are designed by Quicksilver and Roxy! So Kawaiii neh~~~

Obviously...is JUSCO!!  

Is FOS !!! Looks alike!!!<3 

Closer Look of FOS! 

By YTL !!! It makes me think of YES!!! 

He is KUAN YU!!!! :) What a Fierce Smile!! hahah!! 

Half Angel & Half Evil!!! 

Thats me!:) 

What are u waiting for???

This is a precious opportunity for u guyz to bring up ur kids...family or beloved to photo with MICKEYS and MINNIES!  :)


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