Saturday, 31 March 2012

Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2012 @ Putrajaya

This post arrived kinda late, is very late actually, but here it is, the highlights of our days at the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta is Putrajaya. It is the 4th year of Malaysia in Putrajaya having such event where by there are more than 40 countries of Hot Air Balloon is participating.

We went in the afternoon after our lunch, we reached kinda early because the hot air balloon show only starts at 6pm in the evening. There are only 2 session where another one will be at the early morning 6am. From our location to reach putrajaya took us about 1 and half hour or more including searching the event place and so on. It is our first time been to this place and this event as well.

Already full of cars in the afternoon.

There are lots of shops and sport games can be played here. 

A big screen showing the Air Balloon show in the morning i guess...

Archery game with an affordable price.. =)

Something really surprised me, there is a Starbucks Lorry over here!!!
It is the real starbucks, however the price is a bit more expensive then the usual one. 

Helicopter ride with an Unaffordable price, Lol!

We came to visit our PM Najib gorr~~ Lol!

Here goes all our money come to here? Hmmm.. 

A very long corridor of Putrajaya here..

Taken from Dear's Lumix GF3!

Using my DLSR for "Zi Pai"
Girls most pro technique~ haha

More Photos at the Balloon Fiesta~~~

Posing like model~~ Wew~~

2 Innocent brother here, lol.

Who this serious photographer? xD

The Process of Heating up the Air Balloon~~!!!

Me Hugging the Balloon~~

This seems like fun, can play? =P

Colourful Balloon~~

OMG this seems very fun too~ >.< Too bad we never get the chance to play any of these..

This is crazy~~


2 Cute kids with a Mermaid Balloon~~


Evening session, even more cars, already parked inside the corridor, OMG! 

We did not stayed until the night because it is very hot and tiring.

The End, hope you enjoy the photos~ =)


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