Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Such a long time did not update our blog!

But I have my plan and photo shooting after I finish up my loads of coursework:) 
Im so Looking forward for that moment! :)

The photos of ME! 


Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentine 2012 @ Sunway Pyramid & Bumbu Bali

Firstly Wishing all Lovers in the World Happy Valentine!

This year 2012 will be our Fifth Year celebrating Valentine on February, if I'm not Mistaken. To Celebrate our five years of Valentine Anniversary, I wish to give my darling a very good and sweet memories to be remembered.

We celebrate it earlier at 11 Feb because it is on Saturday and that is the most Suitable day for both of us for outings.

I have prepared a few things earlier before that day, A Heart Shape cake and a bouquet of Flower with Ferrero Rocher Chocolates.

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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

A date to Midvalley, The Garden, G-3.

On a Friday during Chinese New Year. Me and dear planned to go Midvalley and The Garden to shopping, have a walk and buy some books in Borders Bookshop because of the promotion of Free Membership if spending RM100 with 1Malaysia Voucher.

Before reaching there, we went to have Lunch in a Restaurant near to Bangsar Village as it is only nearby to Midvalley as well. It is called G-3, first time been to there.

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End of CNY~~

One of the big event for Chinese, The Chinese New Year for this year is finally Over.
In this two weeks everyone sure had a good time visiting relatives, eating good food, taking ang pao's, having a good time gambling, winning money and so on. 

After having so many days of holidays from Chinese New Year, and 2 days bonus holidays for Nabi Muhammad day, Thaipusam, it is time for many people to back to their work and studies. After this holidays, there are no more holidays for me and have to rush through the semester with full speed. 

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