Tuesday, 31 January 2012

A Brand New Camera in Year 2012 - Lumix GF 3

In a brand new year, I have got a BRAND NEW CAMERA for myself :)
Is Lumix GF 3!!!!

Planned to have my own camera for a period of time..
Now I have got it!
Thanks to my daddy:)

I gonna learnt up the skills to take HIGH QUALITY PHOTOS!:)
Im looking forward to date with my dear and explore photographic activities with Dear too! <3

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Friday, 20 January 2012

Barlicious @ Solaris Hartamas & Happy CNY!

The First Post in Year 2012, incredible fast it is already coming at the end of the Month January. Meaning that for Chinese people, Chinese New Year is coming, all getting ready and happily to receives many Ang Pao, Yeah~

We had been really seldom updating this blog anymore, one of the reason is lazy, another is busy, haha. After my girl girl finished her Final Exams, she straight away went to work as CNY Biscuit seller in The Curve, is the same brand that she worked last year too. Anyone nearby can go visit her a bit. =P

Just a short update of what are the places we went for this Month.
Firstly, is on the day she finish her last paper, I promised to treat her eat a good meal. Therefore I booked a table in Solaris Hartamas, Barlicious.

Actually I bought the deal from Groupon a while ago. It is a Set of Western Meal with 3 Course Meal and 1 Bottomless drink. I bought 2 set for us.

It took us a while to found the place because we thought is at another area of Solaris Mont Kiara, make us turn many rounds to get to the right place.

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Saturday, 7 January 2012

Count Down for 2012

It is already been one week since the count down or should I say the last day of last year, 2011. How's your first week of 2012 people? ^^

Here is a little update of the count down activities for the count down during last day of 2011. This time the venue was at Desa Park City because here is much peaceful and calm environment compare to The Curve, Sungai Wang and so on, the insane and crazy environment we had last year, lol~

And surprisingly this time my dear able to come out and count down with us too, so happy. It is our first time count down for new year, gonna give her a first kiss when the fireworks start flying to the shy at 12.00am, haha!

Arrived in Desa Park City, 5 of us! =)

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Maxwell Hill, Taiping - Part 2

As a continuous post from this blog post:

This is about the second day we had in Maxwell Hill, Taiping.

Before proceeding to the second day, these are some of the foods we cooked and had in the bungalow, as there are no restaurant or any shops on top of the hill.

Getting ready for dinner, looks at all the foods we prepare.
Some are for tomorrow's morning breakfast as well.
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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Maxwell Hill, Taiping - Family Trip

Happy 2012!!!
This will be the first blog post for this year. Nothing very special, but also consider a memorable and amazing journey for the ending of 2011 with my family.

Already been a long time we did not have such a family vacation. This time before the year ends, at 29th of December 2011, we had a trip to Maxwell hill, Taiping. We had a 2 days 1 night stay there. To be honest there is really not much entertainment over there, as it is located at high hill in the natural habitat. So you'll just able to enjoy the view and fresh air up there.

After the driving journey of more than 3 hours, we arrived at the bottom hill Maxwell hill, did some check in registration and proceed....

Maxwell hill = Bukit larut in Malay
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