Saturday, 29 August 2009

Trip to Pulao Pangkor(before going)...

My Today, 29th August, I will be having a trip to Pulao Pangkok with my family as we have 3 days holidays including the merdeka public holiday. Initially I thought it was just a family trip, but finally I know it was a company trip, we are going with the all the workers of the company. My interest of going had suddenly went down by quite a lot because I don’t really like to travel with so many people with so many voice along the journey. This nothing but just my personal likes and dislikes.

But anyway, I will be at pulao pangkok here from Saturday until Monday. Hope it won’t be too sien la. And I will be very missing my dear…lao po, don’t huai dan when I’m not around oo…I will buy many many ‘shou xing’ for you de… ^^ if anyone want can leave a comment to me…hehe~

Bye Bye Kuala Lumpur~~


Sunday, 2 August 2009

1st laptop...

Few days ago I've planned to ask my dad to get me a laptop since this Friday to Sunday was Pc fair at KLCC Convention centre...
Today, Saturday...I went to play badminton with my friends in Maluri Starplus in the morning...We talked a bit about Pc fair...they are going there tomorrow so I was thinking maybe I could join them.

I went back home and ask my dad about it. My dad decide to bring us there in the evening.

So about 6pm in the evening, we start the car engine and heading to the convention centre. It was a terrible jam when we are half way from the destination. And in the car I had a little quarrel with my dad even said don't want to buy it anymore...don't want to talk about it la...spoil the mood only... :p but at last off course we still went there and bought one.

It was so crowded there. we took some brochures and saw some laptops and asked for details. After a long scratching head of thinking, finally my dad decided to buy from Lenovo. I don't really know much about laptops, so my dad say buy that one then buy that one lor...

After that only we went for dinner late alrd, many shops there close already, so we just went starbucks to have a drink and have some snacks lor...

After that only we went back and have maggy mee as dinner but not me la...I don't want eat already cause want keep fit ma...blek!

And I'm using my laptop now and I think I'm quite satisfied with it la... ^^

K la, I think I'm going to sleep already... Good night everyone! ^^
Good Night Lao po... Muacks!


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