Saturday, 30 July 2011

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow Part 2 - The Curve

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 Has Been WATCHED!!! 
One of my WISHLIST has been CLEARED ^_^
There would have no more Harry Potter Movies...
I admire the 3 main characters so much... & one more!
He is Tom Felton who play the character of Dracon Malfoy in the movie! 
He is actually quite smart! Just his role playing very least..

3 of them :) 

Dracon Malfoy by Tom Felton! 

Smart Huh, right??? :)
His name is Tom Felton!!!

Hotdog for our Lunch: 

♥ Love this SHOT!!!! 
- Living in the mirror - 

Ignore my ugly face emotion...

A slice of  Chocolate Tuxedo 
With a cup of Ice Blended Mocha

Hey, better go cut hair lor...Hair is getting longer and longer jor~~~

Smile so fake...Haha~~

Using HIGH KEY setting to capture! Haha!! so bright-nya !!

Effect of HIGH KEY... 

Camwhore myself...=.= *Nth to do ma...Just keng gai and take photos lor*

Trying different Light Setting...


I've got BIG +  Abit yellow TEETH!!! Tadaaa~~~
 He got SMALL and WHITE TEETH~~~

Someone's Chin seems like combining with Neck together ...XD hahahahaahah!!!!

I know u want to say : Thank You! ^_^
♥ U are welcome !!! 

Finished our date!!!! with a BIG SMILE!!!!


Monday, 25 July 2011

Shopping @ Kota Damansara

Its Sunday !!
Today is Me, My sister & Mum , 3 of us went to Kota Damansara Shopping...

We are being told that there got a boutique shop called "F-Block" WITH  ...VERY...

May click here to visit their WEBSITE. Or Click here to LIKE their FANS PAGE

Is just located beside the Maybank where the Maybank is just behind the Sunway Giza... 
Obviously, there are quite many Boutiques . but mostly are situated at the 2nd floor... 
If u are not a Brand-Conscious, This probably would suitable for u to shop at here...^_^
-Fashionable & Quality &  Plenty of CHOICES for u to PICK!!!-

F-Block is not just retail Clothing, but also the others such as: 
Accessories, Shoes, Bags, Beauty Stuffs!!!
 (U gonna believe it because I have snapped some photos to show to U!!!)

F-Block is now opening branches by branches...
As I know, Sunway Pyramid, Bangsar, Cheras Leisure Mall and Sunway Giza have this outlet! ^_^
It can be considered quite big , Why??
Because the shop at beside is combining together.. Which the shop beside is actually selling PLENTY of ACCESSORIES!!! ESPECIALLY BELTS!!!
U gonna GRAB it if u are BELT-LOVER!!! *with a shocking Price Tag*
There are some dresses with just very low prices!!!  Me and My sister have grabbed some for Dinner coming soon ^^
Here's the another side of F-Block - "This & That"
Mainly are Bags, Shoes, Accessories !!! 

< Bags & Shoes > by F-Block!

*Sorry for taking blur.. *
Belts are not just as much as in this photos..There are MORE actually...
The BELTS that are hanging on the wall are sequenced in COLOUR categories -
Brown, Black, Red, White!! I think the price is RM19 onwards!!!

The light made me looks fair..Haha!! In fact, im not as fair as the photo la..XD

 - NEXT -
 " Bagaholic Boutique "
Just Located opposite of Chatime / 甜品哥哥....
One of the boutiques that We Love The Most!

We were bring told by the boss that these stuffs are actually designed by her friend with
The designer get the ideas from Pirate Of Carribean , Twilight, Harry Potter...
Is true, really got that feel !!! ^_^

 ♥ Daughters with MUM! 

♥ Me & sister with the Boss! 
Thanks for ur kind services that U provided!!!
Love ur service, Ting Ting
Will back to u next time :) 

`The End`


Sunday, 24 July 2011

Birthday Celebration @ Pizza Hut Kepong & OverTime

Continue from the previous post...

After came back dating in KL, we went back to take a rest.
We had another activity at night time, is to celebrate a friend's Birthday at Kepong Pizza Hut

Started at 8.30PM, about more than 10 people joining, so it is a big table we having there. We called all single pizza for each and everyone so there is like 10 pans of pizza on the table with different flavors and we all share the eating~ ^^

All the pizza's!!!! Yummmy~~~ 


This is Mine!!! yeah~~

The Birthday Boy, Happy Birthday Kek Meng Hui!!!

Strawberry Sessami Based Cake, Nice!!! ^^

Birthday Boy is cutting cake and serve to all of us, haha

There, it is our present there, my dear wrap it so nicely and wrote a note for him, lol...

Our Us Dollar Toilet Paper
We told him that we gave him money to wipe his butt, 
it is the most expensive present ever lor, haha

Since the time is still early...
We planned to have something more fun after this...
An brilliant and crazy idea come by, is to go Drink!!!
Clubbing? No la, we went to a bar cafe call OverTime in Kepong here.
It has a few branches over Malaysia, can go their website to check it out if interested. 

Early early start to "Yam Seng" alrd lo!! haha

Starker Fresh Beer

The Girl Gang~ 

First time??? Haha

We had the whole bucket of this! Haha, quite special, first time see.

Gao DIm! Easy job nia~ xD

Actually the alcohol percentage is not high, less than can carlsberg I can say, so it is ok to drink with friends, chilling and have fun, wont get drunk so easily except for somebody that is really bad in having alcohol drinks, n we do have some in our group, haha

All so Happy, I like this!! ^^

The Birthday boy is complaining something?

Group Photo~~ Like like!!!

It was a wonderful night we had.
Few of them drunk and vomit in the toilet in petrol station while on the way back, including the Birthday Boy, haha. These are the people that cannot drink wan..
It is really a good place to hang out at night.

That's all for now, Good Night Everyone!


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