Wednesday, 28 April 2010

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SOmetimes I like u, But sometimes not.
Please Aware Of Your Saying.
And try to think back what u have said to people and apologize for forgiveness.
It may just leave a negative thinking about u.

From:  ~Anger~

P/S : thanks dear for giving valuable advices^^


Tuesday, 27 April 2010

♥ Me + Dear = Love ♥

Went to the curve few days ago with my beloved...
Firstly I went to fetch  her and her sister frm her house, happy can fetch her frm her house again...haha!
Her sis was having a high tea at the curve so we went to the curve too...

We bought a recycle bag...then we went ikea and have hotdog bread and curry puff and our brunch...
dear love the hotdog bread so much! it was really nice actually...haha!

Then we went to watch movie...again we failed to watch Ice Kacang Puppy Love because the timing was not right...dear have to go back b4 4pm...
So we choose When In Rome which bb said it is nice(whch herself havent watch it yet, haha! =P)...
Got couple seat! yeah~ 
The movie was funny n's a love story movie... ^^
N tis is the first time we watch movie dont drink coke or pepsi...we drink 7up revive! because dear say drink too much coke will, ahem...lolx!

After the movie dear wanted to go eat the hotdog again! Wah, she really love that so we had a hotdog bread again each before we went back...
We also bought shirts for each of us, at Padini Orange was cheap, Rm20 per piece... ^^

It was a really sweet and meaningful outing wif dear again...I love going out wif my dear...I love her so much!!! 

Another news I heard frm her yesterday was her family already know and approved that she is having a relationship...I waited this for so long...I will work hard and try my best to be someone useful, nw i have a bigger responsibilty, i wont let anyone look down on us...

2 days later we are having a trip to Genting, n dear is able to join tis time, i waited this for so long as well, finally we can go for a trip together! yeah~
N dear our 2 years aniversary is coming...I feel great to see our love growing stronger and sweeter each day, I love you! Muacks~

Bought Superman and Superwoman T-shirt for both of us as a bday gift for my dear...
Rmb wear to genting ya, Muacks~ ^^


Thursday, 22 April 2010

It's Wednesday!!!

Yesterday is Wednesday, which is the first day after my dear's final exam...
So happy becoz she finally finish her exam and now we have more time to spend on each other...
And yes, we had a dating...we went to a few places, at first we went to Tarc college to get her car sticker. Then after that dear suggested to eat at SS2, we ate Wanton Mee at a Mee store, the wanton mee there is very special and different from the normal, it's vry nice... ^^

Our drinks is here... ^^

Our foods is here...hoho!

Dear's Cha Siew wanton mee...

My Siu Yuk wanton mee... ^@^

This is the store, nxt time rmb come n try oo! ^^

Then after that we were heading to 1 Utama to watch movie and spend our sweet day there...
Oh ya, I was driving with her car, we both seems so nervous and worried but after that i pro with her car alrd, she alrd not so worried alrd...haha!

See, I was so serious! O.O

Dear keep warn me to bkful!!! slowly!!! lolx~

while she is enjoying taking pics there... ^^

We depart safely at 1u... ^^
First we went to GSC(so happy that no people there) and wanted to watch ice kacang puppy love...but stupid 1u the gsc dont hav the show, when we asked they said Only here dont have!!! O.O!!!
No choice lor we changed our choice and watch the clash of titans since we havent watch it yet...

B4 the movie we went to walk and shopping a bit first...we went to Mph, bought a book that dear wanted for so long alrd and a piano teaching book with dvd, we want to learn piano!!! haha...

"Chicken soup for the Couple's Soul"
Dear muz read fin it oo, Muacks~
p/s: it's not a book whch teach how to make chicken soup but a book that tell u and stories on how to face and solve problems related to the title... ^^

The piano book, dear ask me to learn everythng frm here and teach her nxt time coz she lazy to read! O.O

After that we continue walking and been through many shops, got so many things that we are interested it, like  camera, cloths and so on...

Yes, it's time for our movie, the Cinema wasnt full becoz it's Wednesday and the show is quite some time alrd, good good! ^^
The story is about all the legendary god with all the weird names like Zeus, Persiden, Hades and so on make dear so confuse, luckly she got me to explain all these to her, lolx!
Erm, the movie was ok lar, not so bad but cant say very good also...

We rate it 4/5...

Oh ya and dear is interested in the main character in the movie, whch is also the main character on Avatar, dear I found out for u ler, his name is Sam Worthington! >.<

After the movie we continue our shopping, we bought some sweets and chocolate for gifting somebody...

After a while more, then we have to go back alrd...we keep cant find our car at the parking area, keep turn n turn until kepala also pening alrd...den finally we realised we are on the wrong floor!!! argh, sorry ya dear, I aso mong cha cha le make u kepala pening and turn for so many rounds... T_T

Then we went to our meeting place and get my car back...
Today is an interesting dear that spend tgr wif my dear, so happy to have a date wif u...
I love u so much so much...

Also dear gave me the wallet she bought last time that planned to gave me on our aniversary but I cant wait so she gave it to me 1st... ^^
It's a Polo wallet we choose very long that time...

Wah I love this wallet!
Thank you dear~ ♥

Oh ya dear, today is Earth day...let us love the earth and love each other much much k?
Muacks muacks muacks~


Monday, 19 April 2010


Refers to Planning, Preparing, Learning and Performing

During these days, I have planned something for dear..
Its for our anniversary!
I'm learning it right now...
I will try my BEST to not using ONE HAND BUT BOTH HAND DE!
Wont be like last time let u say, and zat! LOL!
JUst watch out la! haha!

" I love u dear^^ "


Wednesday, 14 April 2010

* End of 1st Sem *

Finally!!! I have sucessfully completed my first sem in my Uni life...
So much had happened in these 4 months time...

I went there alone myself with no friends and no experience of the programme as I choose this programme in a very last minute. And I think this will be a right decision that been made...

During the first few weeks i was lonely and sibeh beh tahan with the life there, until joined a gang of friends(also is some 38 and crazy de friends...haha!) and started to get used to the environment there...

For those who still dont know what programme I took, it is call Bechalor in Network and Mobile Computing, it belongs to the IT feild...
This sem I have 5 subjects including Language study French and Soft skill Financial planning skill...
This time Final will have 3 subjects, the language and soft skill is 100% coursework...
The 3 subjects is Programming, New Technology and HCI(teories) and Mathematics for Computing. And it is one shot to be done in 2 days!!! Really stuggled and suffer these days for that...Slept less then 3 hours everyday for revsion, almost ki siao liao!!!

But at least all the effords and suffers pay back my satisfaction on my final. Although there are some that I have mistake, esspecially for my first exam I did all the 6 questions while it only suppose to choose 4 out of 6!!!!! I will nvr forget tis!!! >.< but overall this time Final is consider satisfied than what I expected, consider a good start for my path ba...

Now I'm free until next sem start on May...
and now is my dear's turn to suffer and struggle for her coz I wont just sit and watch u suffer lar dear, I will be there with you and keng gai wif u whnever u need me and give u all the supports and love hope to help you reduce a bit stress and suffers...
Dear, I have confident on you, I know u can do it well...good luck oo dear! I love you...

Here are some pictures taken for release stress during the revision period, haha!!!

  * INTI *

So Many to Study Aaaa!!!

Headache liao!!!

Beh ta han le... >.<

Have a rest 1st...with all the notes!!! LOL!

Finally, it's today Im waited for so long!!! time to pack thngs go back home!!! haha...

Left almost nothing at my hostel... =P

Bye bye my block...

Bye bye Inti!

At home lastly... =)

Facebook! Game! Dota! Everthing! Here I comes!!! wahaha!!!


Dear, lao gong will wait u finish you exam then we can enjoy tgr can go dating le...Muacks!!!
Jia you oo dear, u can do it de!!!
I love you~


Monday, 12 April 2010


9th of April, Friday
Destination : MIDVALLEY
V out at about 9.30am then reach at there about 10am^^
once v reached, v went to buy ticket first
V planned to watch "Date Night"
Last time v watch the trailer looks not bad and quite interesting...
Its about a BORED couple want to have a special date night v each other..
because of wan to try something different lead to a BIG PROBLEM to them..
They have tried a lot incredible stuff in their life.
Its a comedy movie..
the movie Still ok la. I rate it 3 out of 5 stars

Then v have a long walk in the shopping centre.
I have bought a wallet for dear.
and eat at the top roof there ...
A lot different kind of food..
Chit chat, eat, and drink...
I felt REGRET THAT did not go  THE GARDEN there 
Nvm la..still got chance^^
There got a BARBIE fashion Show started at 3pm
V decided to watch it but the show keep delaying and delaying...and not yet started
V went backT_T
thinking where to go for nxt outing~
feel like want to watch many nice movie that coming soon.

V have participated an event organized by Watson
dear have bought a gel from there, and asked by ppl at there to participate an event. 
So Do I
It is something like take photo of u and Depends on which category u wan compete
there got a few choices for male and female:
Male - friendly face looking, muscles, hairstyles
Female - Hairstyles, eyes, shape of body, friendly face looking
Each have to choose 2 categories
get free gifts for each of us
Join For FUn

Im not so sure what the reward is...
If im not mistaken, got RM3k...
thats all^^

Dear is having exam these two days...
All the best to My dear~
I miss U all the time~


Saturday, 3 April 2010

^^ This is our Love ^^

Today actually we din plan much de...
We just planned to go have a simple breakfast and go One-U shopping, see cloths, and play soft ball if got time...

We went McDonald to have the breakfast's a muffin burger + 1 hash brown + Coffee/tee. We order Ham burger and Sausage burger and both with tea...< dint take dao pic leh dear~ >

After that we wanted to go ''da bao'' "Tie Ban Pao' at old Sungai Buloh near my house de...we find quite long finally found that shop...but who knows...close le! @_@
Then we took some time for us to go out from there too... disappointed a bit lor~ =P

Then we went to One-U...
Firstly dear bring me to a Japanese shop where inside all selling Japanese stuff for RM5. But we end up din buy anythng there... =P
We went in some clothing shop, tried some shirts, pants and dresses but end up dint buy any too...haha! Dear go pay for the bag she alrd reserved few days ago at's a gift for wen as her coming bday present...

We keep finding short pants for me as I alrd wanted to buy it long time alrd but keep cannot find a suitable one...Today we went to many cloth shops, Jusco and F.O.S...End up still cannot find a suitable pant but bought 2 "Mah Yin Tong"(Boxer) instead of pants...lolx!

Next we planned to go play the soft ball which is at the UR floor, but end up we went in a Secret Garden...
Really is a Secret Garden, we never know this garden exist and there was no people there...and it really is called The Secret Garden..haha!
We took a few pics there den went down...we asked and found out we took the wrong lift...we have to take another lift to UR to reach the soft ball place...but the garden was not bad actually... ^^

After that, we passed by and went in to a chocolate shop. Bought some chocolates and applied for the member card! O.O
Then we went to Guardian to buy cosmetic for my dear...dear want to make up beautiful dunno let who see leh...haha! =P

After that we finding place to eat lunch...but we both are not so hungry so end up went to eat desserts at Honeymoon...while eating dear talk and calculate some money issue with me...haha! She want me to save money and dont spend so much wor...So I told her I will go back and think of a good know lor, it's not that easy... =P

Then it's time for dear to go back alrd...she got another activity with family at 5pm later...
Yerrrr, i bu she de dear wor~ T_T

But got 1 thing I'm happy is her parent finally accept me as her bf...although they still dont really like me yet but at least they wont keep " fan dui " her from being in a relationship anymore... ^^

Dear I love u so much....
Muacks~~~ ^^

We took a lot pictures today....
Here is it... ^^

Nice Shot yeng! Haha!

(i drive so scary meh dear? xD)

Dont kiss the camera, kiss me ma... Muacks~ ^^

I like ur smile... =)

Wah dear wan becum Model le oo? Nice post! ^^

38 dear... =P

Sweet sweet together...

Nice ar! ^^

Like tis...^^

Dear 1st time we took so much pics with greeneries oo...vry nice rite... ^^

Wah dear I have a feeling that we are travelling in outstation when seeing these pics la...haha!

Yeah~ ^^

< Ice-cream world >

Dunno wat is tis liao... =P

Sweet ball with kacang...

Dear I love you and we will be always together...


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