Saturday, 30 October 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

It is Saturday again and it is the official ''Pak Tor'' day for me and my dear! Happy~
And it's Halloween, I initially suggested before that we should dress a bit special for today's date so that can have some fun and some halloween mood, like wearing a mask or something.

Again we went to One Utama because that is the nearest place we can go as dear need to back home early. And as we know there will be some Halloween event over there so we would be interested to go have a look there!

As usual when we reach there we bought our movie tickets first. Today we planned to watch "Life as we know it"  It is a love and comedy movie which is about 2 dumb dumb fellows been requested to take care of a baby and all the funny things and challenges they faces~
It is a nice movie, quite touching in some parts and in the ending.
Here's the trailer of the movie.

Life as we know it ^^
*Ohya, this movie is not recommended to kids although it's a kid movie ya, so if u're underage, hmmm~ 

Before the movie start, we went to the Halloween event place.
There are a lot of shops there selling all the Halloween costumes, masks, some freaky things and so on. We should really buy some, hehe!

There will be schedule for the event where people will dress nicely in Halloween cloth and you can take pic with them, sadly our timing not match with the schedule.
Tomorrow (31th October Sunday) is the real date and last of Halloween, so get your chance to celebrate Halloween~ ^^

We are just taking pictures with it instead of buying because it is not cheap also~ =P

Ghost with a peace~ ^^

The stage for the event.

All the Halloween Mask

Which one will you choose?

Yeah~ xD

I'm the king! Who want fight me?!! xD

Choosing what to buy~ Hmmm

Yeah we bought this two things~

R.I.P for ks... T.T

R.I.P for xy too... T.T

Our new nails~ nice pic! 

My hand is on you~ 

Our hand is done! We are going to wear it for the rest of the day~ Seriously! Haha

Nice post from the scary dear~ 

People are looking at us actually~ Haha!

Holding hands~ ♥ 
 Sweet or not? 

Will they scared or feel surprise?
Seems like not, maybe they thought we are lame~ Haha

It actually glowed it dark, but cant see it clearly here~
(We are inside the cinema waiting to watch our movie)

After movie, 
 We went for lunch in MyNewsCafe...
What's special about there is there are a lot free magazines to let you see.
(But who will really see magazine when they sit down n waiting for food? haha)

Maybe I will... haha

Dear's Cantonese Yee Mee *taste ma ma dei nia..Outside nicer!!!*

Cream of Mushroom (quite big bowl, taste not bad too)

MyNews Friend Rice

Black Pepper Sausage Bun (I was very hungry actually)

On the way back home.

Yeah, trying the pirate eye, haha

Do I look sexy?

Dear eye pain arr? Lol

Camwhore a bit when reach home lor, haha! =P

I'm watching you!!!!

Happy Halloween to all of you~ ^^


Friday, 29 October 2010

:: Blood Donation , 29-10-10 ::

My college was organizing a Blood Donation Campaign..
Today will be the last day!
Since the Semester 1, I already kept on saying that "I want to donate blood!!! "
But so sad to say that ALMOST EVERY SEMESTER the campaign was held, I was unable to donate!
It is all due to GIRL's Period!
SHE has blocked me from doing something meaningful in my life.
But this time! Semester 5! I finally makde it^^

Before the donation, u make sure u already had ur breakfast!
and ensure that u are in well-condition (No cough, No sick, No injection, No Sexual, No Vaccine, etc)!

Btw, do u knw that blood donation can actually burns the extra calories & reduce ur cholesterol level in ur body!
And after ur donation, our red blood cells will be decreased,
then our bone marrow will produce new red blood cells in order to replace or recover back the loss.
Therefore, it will stimulate our production of new blood cells ^.^     *How good is it har*

Actually v tgther got 4 persons go along togther to donate..But only 2 persons are allowed to donate..
One got flu a little bit, and the another has taken injection last week... *Argh*

Here are some photos v take inside the college hall:
haha!!! AMY!! this is her 4th times donating blood!!! " *Clap Clap*

It's me! My FIrst time!!! *Proud of myself*

The nurses are friendly !

Take a picture while donating^^

My blood is flowing out..   *say to my RED BLOOD CELLS: U should go somewhere else to widen ur experience, ur existence will save alot of people in future. Mummy will miss u~~*

Amy's blood ~

This is mine! Feel so warm when it puts on my legs..Feel amazing!

♥♥  Amy & I  ♥♥

Small gifts received after donation , including A Certificate, a drink, A on9 games CD, pen, Medicine, Key Chain, Sunsilk Shampoo, Mineral Water, ELIANTO 20% Voucher, and Shokubutsu

 ~ It was a wonderful and meaningful ending of my day ~


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