Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Power of Arts

Actually I was thinking what to update for this blog then suddenly this idea came by, I wanted to share this and post about this since long time already but just don't have to mood to do so. This is really an interested topic and post which I'm very interested in and very amazed with it.

First of all, what do you understand about art?

If you think arts is just about drawing, if you think drawing is just about pencils and colors,
then you are wrong, super super wrong!!!

This post is going to be full of videos about arts and drawings from various and special ways from all the "Masters" around the world.
Videos below are take from

Watch properly and carefully each and every video, it might give you a special feelings that you not expected...

This is the most original and traditional type of art, pencil sketching / drawing

Then we have "Sand Drawings"
Drawing with sand, Chinese call as 沙画,
I'm not good at explaining it, so lets just watch the video.

This one is a longer version...
What can I say? It's just beautiful~
What do you think?

Next we have drawing in water!!!
How to draw on a water? 
It's impossible!!!
Nothing is impossible, once you have the innovation and creativity with a thousand times of trying, you can make anything possible...
This water drawing is drawn by the first person who invented water drawing in China.

We have more!!!

Next we are about to watch drawing with lights!
How to draw with lights?
Again anything is possible,
this light drawing is drawn by the first person who created light drawings in Japan!
Bravo to them!!!

It still not done yet...
Heard about Spray Drawing?
Those Spray which we use to spray colors for our furniture and so on, I'm sure you know what is it...
Can you ever thought of drawing a picture with these thing?
I bet you didn't, but these people does, therefore they became great artist that people would admire for them...

This is really unbelievable!!!

Next I'm going to show you a piece of art too, it is not that hard, it is just some people who really smart and creative enough to think of the idea...

The last video I'm going to show it's not a drawing,
It is a crafting, 
on a Watermelon...
How? Let's find out!

That's all, as you can see, arts is all about innovation and creativity, everything can be an art, even just a normal coffee, it also thought us one lesson, that is no matter who you are, when you are creative and skillful enough to create something new that is nice, then people will start look at you, life is full of hopes!!!
Maybe the next ''drawing in the air'' could be you! 

There are more arts videos of there which is really amazing, feel free to search for yourself~ 
This, is the power of arts!!! =) 


admin said...

Dear Power of Arts,

I like you blog and both of us share the same interest.

However, pls bear in mind that we have to be honest and respect each other in doing what we love.

I noticed that you've using my rose pencil drawing artwork without my permission on this post.

The image link is:

You can still use my artwork, but pls using the correct link:

Once you've change the link, pls notify me regarding the use of the image and I will acknowledge it.

If you don't want to change, simply remove the image and I will never bother you again.

It's just a simple process to avoid any legal action against what you did.

That's all.

Hope to receive your feedback soon.


Raymond said...

I often use random picture from the internet for my blog post, I didn't know it would offend you.

I have change the link of the picture that what you've requested. Please review it and if anything you are not satisfied yet, please let me know again, thank you.

admin said...

Hi Raymond,

Thank you and your prompt action is acknowledged.

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