Monday, 30 May 2011

♥ Happy 4th Year Anniversary ♥

30th of May is a very special memorable date for our love and relationship.
Is the Anniversary of our love.
And this year is the 4th year.

Happy 4th year anniversary to my darling. 

This 4 years time we have been through a lot.
Sad, Happy, Sour, Sweet, or even more. 
Most importantly is we have trust on each other.
And of course the unbreakable feelings of love.

We are not a perfect couple,
I am not a perfect man.
I am not a perfect boyfriend,
You may not be the perfect girlfriend either,
Although you are already perfect in my heart.

What I'm trying to say here is,
We are serious in our love,
We will keep improving ourselves,
Not only for each other for also but our own self too.
And we will be a better person and better couple in the future.

Give me a chance, let me prove to you,
I will be a Better Man.

I Love You!
Happy 4th Year Anniversary. 

I Will Love You 4EVER!!! 


Sunday, 29 May 2011

☀ Restaurant Chinese Cuisine @ Bandar Menjalara ☀

Someday in the month of May i think...
Having lunch with KS @ Bandar Menjalara - Restaurant Chinese Cuisine as he recommended to me..

It is just located beside Restaurant Niji Sushi ^_^

Smile face but actually suffering with HUNGER >.<

*This time DO NOT HAVE KS's photo...Haha!!! Forgotten to take XD*

A plate of snack  called 美人鱼 as the people recommended to us..
Is actually Ikan Bilis with Marmite .



Next time if got the chance might try their 大炒 which looks not bad too!!! ^_^

~ The End ~


Wednesday, 25 May 2011

❤ Kenny Rogers Roasters Chicken Run 2011 ❤

Kindly for your information,
Kenny Rogers Roasters has organized an event called "Chicken Run 2011" for Charity Purpose..
In order to aid of National Kidney Foundation...

KS , Me, My sister and a gang of her friends are partial of this event^_^ *SUPPORT SUPPORT*

For this chicken run, we are required to run a designated route with
If the egg drops, the participants will be disqualified.

How far is our route?? Ok, let's see the map...The BLUE HIGHLIGHTED is the ROUTE I have RUN WALKED ...
Since I was in the Category D, so I was entitled to run for 4.8km!!!
My dear and I were in different groups. THerefore we run at different timing.

HE, obviously, won't wait for me...
He will be running hard while i'm the one who will be running at the starting point,
 and not even reached 1km, WALKING will be my style!!! 
I admit it because i'm not the only one *who cares...XD*

These are what we got when v registered...

Up to RM300 vouchers and discounts coupons..

- The Stage -

Sisters' Friends

Cone with Egg
Left: My sister
Middle: Mine
Right: KS


Here I am^_^

Here You go~~
This is my group! GROUP D!

Is blur...>.<
KS belongs to this group... GROUP C ^_^

The scene with ALL REDS!!! All are RUNNERS!!!! 

CO204, are u ready kids??? ^_^
: Aiiyaa, Captain^_^

- Egg and Cone Distribution `

Lucky Draw Purpose..

Kids Category...How energetic are they huh...LOLX!!

Sisters' Friend ..including the 2 boys behind...XD

Taking picture with Kenny Rogers Roasters

The 8 of us~ excluding Guys

Tickets for entering Sunway Lagoon ^_^
Available for 3 Parks : Water, Amusement, and Wild Life Park

Warm Up exercise !! Girls of Group D are extremely HIGH!!! 

1 km...Still Easy...
But I already started exhaust..>>.<< how weak am I.....

Middle of the pathway, I found that the my cone is already OUT OF SHAPE =.=
Lucky not my egg....XD

HOT!!!! TIRED!!!!! 

Just 1.5km only!!! At that time I was calculating 4.8kn-1.5km=3.3km!!!! =.= still so far to go~~

2.5km jor... By the time, I received My dear's sms that he already reached 3.5km =.=
How can I chase ........

Finally!!! 4.5km!! left 0.3km!!!!

Finish Line... although no being selected, BUT I NEVER GIVE UP and WALKED FINISH THE JOURNEY..


Free MILO...

After that, queuing up to enter Sunway Lagoon to PLAY!!!!

Lunch at 3pm @ Kenny Rogers Roaster as we got a free meal Kenny Rogers Roaster for each participants.
Spring and Winter Drinks

This's MINE! with 3 and 1 extra RICE TOPPINGS!!!! 

My Original Roaster Chicken.

Ks's 3 toppings with 1 extra potato salad!!! ^_^

KS's BBQ sauce Chicken Roaster!!



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