Thursday, 30 December 2010

Dragon-i @ One Utama - Our Christmas Outing

This is about our Christmas eve outing which of course happened on the 24th Dec 2010.
Due to my dear still had class on that day, our outing can't be long. 
Initially we planned to find a good steamboat for lunch and enjoy it together. 
Unfortunately last minute we realized the steamboat place we planned to go is closed, not closed it is actually open at night only. 

But luckily we knew it before we actually went to that place, else it would be terrible, lol! 
So at last we decide to go One Utama, go find some good foods there and do some shoppings.

A very disaster incident when we reach there is...  Parking!!! 
Omg, didnt expect it will be such a lot of people even on the Christmas Eve. We are queueing into the parking area starts from outside. Terrible!
We used more than half an hour to find a parking, after so many rounds of turning, head also big already! 

After turning so many rounds out stomach also hungry already. 
We started to choose and vote for a place to eat! ^^
So we decided to eat Dragon-I 龙的传人
It is a Traditional Classic Chinese Restaurants, and it's favorite main dishes and mostly different kinds of Ramen and Xiao Long Pao! 
It is located at second floor near to the New Wing Cinema elevator and near to MPH Bookstore.  

Xiao Long Pao, aka Small Dragon Bun? Lol
 It is a "Must" order dish if you are first time eating here. 

My 炸酱拉面, forgot what it called in English. 

Dear's Pork Chop!

No la, there is no Western Food (Pork Chop) at here.

It's a Pork Chop Ramen, lol~ 

Another Side Dish that we ordered, forgot it's full name but it is fried ball with steamed prawns and shrimps inside. Quite nice! ^^

Tata, Christmas Gift from my beloved darling.

I'm so surprise after knowing the contents inside.

One of it is...

The Shirt that I tried in Farenheit 88 Uniqlo during an outing quite some time ago. 
It is nice but didnt buy it that time due to some money issue? Haha
(you can looks at my profile picture in FB, it is the shirt that I tried in Uniqlo that time ^^)

Thank you dear so much!!! 
Love you~~ 


Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

Year 2010 is finally going to come to an end! And the last celebration event before the year ends every year will be Christmas and New Year Countdown definitely.
This year my Christmas will be a "Special" one!

Firstly, we have a plan earlier it is a Christmas Party in Cheras which suggested by a friend of mine living in Cheras. It is on the 23rd of December, Thursday. We got about 10 people with 2 cars. Many surprises, unexpected, and funny things happens before, and during the party. And I'm glad that my dear can follow along~  ^^
Sadly dont have any picture to show so I'll just cut it short.

The next day, 24th of Dec, Christmas Eve, this day of course is booking already with my honey honey beloved dear. Initially we planned to went for steamboat for lunch after she finish her class. Sadly she still have class on the Christmas Eve, spoiled our perfect whole day Christmas plan. =(
But the steamboat plan failed as well, haha! Then we had another plan which for me is still perfect out of not so perfection. Lol~
In details I think we will have it in another post later. ^^

25th December 2010! Christmas day! This is the most Epic Christmas I ever had, I've to spend the whole day, working~ Hahaha!
Well if you been reading this blog you should know that I've been working for this holidays. Part time selling iPad. It is suppose to finish already but I've asked to work for another few more days. Which starts from today, 25th Dec Christmas! Lol~ Wth weh!
But for money, for getting more savings for our future, for getting more experience, I decided to work! =(

I worked from 12pm to 9pm, at The Curve Ikano Harvey Norman selling iPad. I brought one friend along working with me, my classmate and housemate Alexander Lee, as they requested me to bring one friend to work. Then at least wont be so boring working together with friends.
A lot of customers today, stand until leg want patah alrd, talk until mouth want come out fire alrd, hair also from stand become sleep alrd, lol!
Many people bought, now the iPad is already totally out of stock at the place, so what we going to do for tomorrow working? Stand there and ask customers to come again next time. Haha!

Finally wishing everyone Merry Christmas and may all the blessings be with you all! ^^

 The End 

 WIth a smile~ =) 


Friday, 24 December 2010

Best Places for Countdown 2010

PEOPLE, it's time for us to say BYE-BYE 2010...* Time is passing so fast*
Do u remember what were u doing last year during the end of December????
I remembered last year on the x'mas eve,  I was with my lovely family, aunt and uncle eating supper (Dim Sum).
Guess what??? Shouting v the people at there "Merry Christmas" with Wiii Wiii sounds...hahah!!!

This year, planning to countdown v my secondary frienz...
Hope it can be suceed^^

There are some nice places that u can countdown with ur gang of friends^^
These are some usual hotspots at KL areas: Sunway Pyramid, Sungai Wang, 1 Utama, Mutiara Damansara, and Solaris Mont Kiara.

 1 Utama Shopping Centre’s Central Park Avenue
The performers includes Beyond from Hong Kong,
as well as local talents like Pop Shuvit, HaoRen, Joe Flizzow, Crossfire, Alvin, Will and Azizi.
International musical fireworks presentation as you count down to the new year off course won't be missed out every year!!! Admission is free.

Mutiara Damansara New Year's Party 2010 Concert Countdown

New Year’s Party brought to you by the Mutiara Damansara Commercial Centre, which comprises the Curve, e@Curve and Ikano Power Centre.
The street party starts at 8pm, and features exciting performers, dancers and a superb fireworks and light display. The artiste line-up includes Faizal Tahir, Jaclyn Victor, Meet Uncle Hussain, Jym, Kay, Diplomats of Drums and Kuala Lumpur Drumline Corps. Popular DJ Joey G and international model Kylie Chapman will be the party’s emcees.

Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, KL

A New Year Countdown will be held at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur’s Level 3, Connection.

Solaris Mont’Kiara, KL

Get ready for a great night out under the stars at the Sunrise New Year Countdown 2010 at Solaris Mont’Kiara. From 7.30pm onwards, expect exciting live music and captivating dance performances.
Rock on with Ocean of Fire and be astounded by their amazing guitar skills as they showcase their interpretation of rock fusion music. Theatre extraordinaire Edwin Sumun will bring forth his funny side and keep the audience highly entertained as emcee of the night. See the sky on fire as fireworks blast off and confetti blanket the masses at midnight. For dining options, choose from SohoKL’s variety of restaurants offering an abundance of choices to suit all palettes.

Sungei Wang Plaza, KL
Sungei Wang Plaza’s Street Party Countdown 2010 Celebration can be said is one of the most HIT HOTSPOT!!  
The highlight of the night is a concert featuring international and local Chinese artistes like Bosco Wong from Hong Kong; Peter Pan, Stanley Xu and Judy Chou from Taiwan; Chin from Thailand, and Malaysian stars Rynn Lim, Thomas Jack, Andrew Tan, Chen Keat Yoke and Suki Low.
Sungei Wang Plaza will be extending 2000 VIP tickets (Standing Zone) to shoppers who buy RM100 and above in accumulated receipts within the same day, from any shops of Sungei Wang Plaza (except Parkson and Giant Supermarket) from Dec 7. The VIP tickets can be redeemed at the mall’s Information Counter, Lower Ground Floor, and is based on first-come-first-served basis. 

 Earlier  wishing u guyz   HAPPY NEW YEAR! ^.^
 Before the end of 2010, show ur gratitude to ur parents and friends for their helping and tolerance throughout the year. Say sorry for forgiving ur mistakes and wrong doing.
 Not bringing any revenge hearts, unsatisfactory and complaints to the following year. 
~Be delighted and glorious to welcome the coming year of 2011~


Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Rapunzel : A Tangled Tale @ 1 Utama

Since the day this movie released, I have been planning to watch it..
Many ppl have highly recommended and rating for this movie..
Even the tickets sold rate are as high as Harry Potter..
Therefore, if u have no chance to watch it, better get one DVD for urself and ur family too.. ^_^

We watched 3D for this..cost Rm18 each person..Well, *This is just ONE TIME A PERIOD..>.<*
Moreever, the 3D effect might not as intense as I expected..
Since there is no timing for 2D that suit us..have no choice to take a try on 3D^^

It's hard to have such long smooth hair like Rapunzel...Because v live at Malaysia...
Hoho! Love this cutie small frog so much! He is Pascal (Rapunzel's pet)
He's actually abit similar to Chameleon, because he will change his skin colour according to his emotions..Cool, right?^^

He is Maximus..He has stimulated the whole story much more interesting and Funny! Haha!!
We were at the cinema...Looks the surrounding..There were crowded with PEOPLE!

Love this shot! ^^

We were queing up for buying soft drinks ..MANY PPL!!! Almost 10-15 minutes at here=.= 

Therefore, camwhore for ourselves ^_^

Having lunch at JACK'S PLACE:

A little bit dark..

 We are ordering sets lunch , including bread, Coffee or tea (u may top up to switch to soft drinks or juice) , Soup of the day, the course meal, lastly with Jelly ^_^
Price REASONABLE too^^ 

The day of the soup~~

Mango Juice & Ice Lemon Tea

Smile dao Not enough "Sunshine" La dear...LOLX!!! *Like im forcing u like that>.<*

Mine : Grilled Boneless Chicken with Black Pepper Sauce

His: Chicken & Mushroom Spagetti

Is like the xmas tree falling down...Lolx!!!

Playing Ipad tgther~~^^

GUess who are them? They are MyFM DJ and Host...I adore and admire them ^_^
I think they are talking abt a book that they published, called "Tian Tian Hao Tian"

Going back Home^^ *Thanks Ah dear*

~The End~


Wednesday, 8 December 2010

My First Working Experience

So, I have been working!!!
Wah, sure or not?
Yes absolutely! But only work as part time. It's only a very short period of working, and it is over already, haha!
I worked for 5 days, as an iPad promoter in Harvey Norman in The Curve Ikana and Sunway Pyramid (2 days in Ikano and 3 days in Sunway).

Ohya and maybe some of you hasn't know yet, iPad just launch in Malaysia last Wednesday. Yeah it is pretty late to arrive here since the iPad already out since about March or April. But for your info, the price for this iPad selling in Malaysia is consider the cheapest in the world, haha!
What are the reasons? Some say because it late launch, some say because iPad 2 is coming out soon.

But which is true which is false?
Even an iPad 2 really came out, how long have to wait again to reach Malaysia? And the price will be much more expensive again. Therefore, don't wait lar, just get one for yourself now! Lol

Following is the price list of iPad in Malaysia.
iPad with Wifi only:
16GB RM1549
32GB RM1849
64GB RM2149
iPad with Wifi + 3G
16GB RM1999
32GB RM2299
64GB RM2599

What to know more about iPad, visit the official website of Apple iPad:

This is my first working experience.
My first job is to sell iPad, sounds cool huh? Lol just joking! 
Although just worked for 5 days, but it is still a great experience for me. 
It is not easy to stand for 10 hours waiting for customers, explain and see customers go away. 
Super Tired! I straight away sleep on my bed only when I'm back from working for the first few days.

Met many customers and made me learned the types of customers.
Well basically are just two main types, those who asked a lot of question will never buy, and those who buy will never ask a lot. Haha~

My Working Place... 

My Working Uniform (iPad Crew)

So, get your own iPad now while there are still some stocks left. 
Anything you want to know about iPad you can just ask me, haha!
And so now I'm free for my holiday again, might apply for another job, or just enjoy until next year new semester starts! 

That's it, bye bye!
The next post might will have some surprise for you all, lol!


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