Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Happy Birthday to Malaysia - Merdeka!!!

31th August 2010!!!
Today is the big day of once a year of country, Malaysia's Independent day, we named it as Merdeka!!!
Malaysia independent on year 1957, therefore today is Malaysia 53th Independent day.

For me this year's Merdeka is a bit quiet to me because I spend it like just a normal day... Some more now I'm having my holidays / semester break, therefore there is nothing really special about today for me... No celebrations, no count down, no greetings, no hang out, and so on...

Unlike few years back, when I'm still in Primary and Secondary School, we have all kinds of Merdeka activities. Such as class decorating, flags drawing, Merdeka modelling competition, Merdeka carnival and so on. I still remember dear had participated the Merdeka modelling competition before during secondary school at Menjalara School. I hope I had the picture of her that time so that I can post it up here, haha! But that time we still don't know each other so well~

I went to count down and celebration of Merdeka at Dataran Merdeka once, dear was there too, but she was not with me...
Really so long time ago, it is amazing sometimes when the old memories suddenly refresh into your mind...

This year's Merdeka day, I was stuck inside house doing the same thing as usual, facing computer, surf the internet, watch movie, watch tv programs, play piano, and so on. I started to feel bored of my holidays actually, some more dear is having exams now no time to accompany me... sad~

But at least morning we went to frim to climb mountain, me and my family. Although that's not really a mountain, but I guess that's how we say it? Din't went for long because my parent was complaining they old already cant walk much, so we almost spend 1 hour plus at there then we gao dim and go back home already~ haha!

Hmmm, that's all for my day, nothing special lar...
Lastly I wasted to say...
If We are born to be Malaysian, We should be proud to be a Malaysian...
No matter what, it is still our country...
Hope Malaysia will make us proud too...
Happy Birthday Malaysia!!!

On this big day of Malaysia, we should listen some Patriotic song to give some Semangat to our Malaysia!!!
Enjoy~ ^^ 

1 Malaysia Theme Song

Satu Malaysia - Amp Allstar


Monday, 30 August 2010

Holiday Activities

It's the 3rd week of holiday already...
What have I done so far?
Nothing big actually...
Recently just spend time with my cousins from America, since they are going back soon...
I became their driver for a few days...
Went to 1 Utama, Shabu-shabu and so on...

I found that speaking with them really make me feels my English level is so suck! haha~
I really should speak more English leh~
Yesterday they just went back to their home... I dint really get to say goodbye to them because I went out already. Kinda sad lar~
The last time they came was about 6 years ago...
After this, don't know when they will come again for next visit... hmm~ Maybe that time I should be working already!

Next we (me and dear) have been looking around for cameras and find a suitable one to buy...
We have been desperate for it for quite a while...
But our budget is limited therefore we planned to buy a good digital camera with medium price rate...

We have been searching through internet, newspaper and so on...
We made up a few choices...
We went to low yat plaza and search for it and try to find a best price...
The sales people there also introduce us a few options of cameras too...
At last, finally, we did not bought any of them...
We decide go back and do more research on those cameras first, to prevent regret in buying a camera that don't reach our requirement! haha

Here are some of the options of the cameras we planning to buy...

Panasonic Lumix DMC FP-1

Sony Cyber-Shot W320

Nikon Coolpix S4000

Canon Digital Ixus 95 IS

Panasonic Lumix DMC FH-3

Now try to guess which camera would we buy ooo, haha!
Have fun~
Bye bye!!!


Sunday, 29 August 2010

Respect is something you give others,
and they will give you back. 
If they dont,leave them none.
It acts as a bridge for communication among people.

Above statement is nothing related to what im going to write next.
Today finish Commercial Law of Malaysia(CLM) paper.
the duration time is 3  hours which the longest time I had before .

One is DONE, still got 4 subjects to go~
Wish everyone all  the Best~


Wednesday, 25 August 2010

RM3.80 for Pizza Hut - Not Joking!

 Went to date v dear at ONE-U,
Eat at SHI LIN ,
Oster Mee Shua

Forgot the name..Lolx..but it is not bad la^^

 After that
Went to watch a movie, " The Last AirBender"
It also has a cartoon show called "AVATAR" which I had been flashed through in TV3 without knowing it is AVATAR .
Well...Not much things to comment.
The first time I saw the beginning of the trailer and some pictures of this kid, 
I thought is a story sth abt a foreigner kid came to SHAOLIN TEMPLE to learn KUNG FU.
Totally different to the real story!  HAHA!
His wearing looks exactly like SHAOLIN ppl.. and cant deny that, HE's CUTE actually.

After that, shopping for awhile...
Went to eat PIZZA HUT

Hawaiian Pizza

Island Supreme

Why all of these just costs RM3.80? 
Is because of this .....


I know u will be thinking IT'S LAME! 
But is there a moment that u believe on what i said? haha! GATCHA!
Its true that there got a new PIZZA which is PIZZA CITARASA RAMADAN


Tuesday, 24 August 2010

RM3.80 for Pizza Hut???????? Stay Tuned!

Just need to pay RM3.80?
Then can eat until your stomach FULLED? 
How could it be?
Stay Tuned!!! 


Sunday, 22 August 2010

First Week of Holidays

The first week of holidays has over...
Here is a quick review of how and what I did to spend my first week of holidays...
Firstly of course is my birthday party and my birthday dating with dear on the real date,
which already mentioned before...

After that, I spend most of my time in the house...
I was chasing an anime call Bleach!!! From Episode one...
Since most of my friends (guys) watch that anime, I do like to watch and has been watching too but it was started somewhere behind... So I decided to watch from episode one so next time when they are talking about it I wont blur blur liao... haha!
Current status: Episode 80

Some of the Bleach wallpaper I found from Internet

BangKai!!! Yeng larrr haha!

Girls from Bleach, found this from internet, quite interesting~ =P

Then the passed Wednesday we went to have breakfast together because dear no class anymore starting on that day due to final exams approaching.
We went to Roti Canai! Very "Cincai"? Of course not! We very enjoy eating together. This is our first time eating indian mamak. We called one Roti Telur Bawang, one Roti Planta, and one Indon Mee Double, seems a lot but we did finish it clean! Geng~

Me in blue! =P

-Roti Telur Bawang-

-Roti Planta-

-Indon Mee Double-

Ohya, I've been finding job to do for my one month semester break...
As dear very demand me to find a job because scare I will boring at home?
Or scare I will go out find other girls because too free? Haha, joking lar~
But it seems not easy to find one...

Next it is Saturday, we went to play badminton with my badminton gang in the morning at Taman Ehsan.
We already give up Maluri Starplus because it is getting expensive and more expensive!!!
Then after that we (me and my dear) went to Ikea...
Wah, first time we went there together...
For what?
To buy furniture lor...
For wat?
For our house lor... Ohya forgot to mention we already bought a house under our name and......

Haha, not so fast lar...
We went there to buy furniture for my apartment at nilai as I moved out from hostel to an apartment nearby.
Level up? Dont know leh~ haha!
Apartment with 3 person with my friends...
But sadly the room for me is empty!
No furniture at all because the person who stayed there previously took back all the stuff back... =.=
"Giam Siap!"

I bought a closet, a mirror and a clock...
Table and chair still not yet buy because my friend said he had some extra table and chair for me to use, and also because the table and chair at ikea were so expensive!!!

-At badminton court-

This is what happen when we too boring and nothing to do during rest

Happy Keng Gai-ing

-At Ikea's food court-
(hmmm, gt leng lui there? =P)

Chicken Leg with dont know what herbal and what source alrd, haha!
But are you sure is that a chicken leg? 

-Chicken Fillet and Fries-


-Check list for the furniture to buy-

-Looks Nice-

-We choose this-

-Banana, Ice Cream and Choc topping-


So yeah, that's about it, tomorrow I will be going to the apartment with my housemate firstly to get the key from him and secondly to put some furniture in and clean up the room. Although it is still early but better to get things done as soon as possible.

Good Night~ ^^


Thursday, 19 August 2010

Dear's Ngao Yat - 16 August

Monday, 16th August!
It's my dear's BIRTHDAY.
Skipped an Eng class ~
and Finished at 12pm..

Going to meet at Jusco Metro Prima.
Watched a movie," LOVE IN DISGUISE "
We do LOVE one of the songs in the movie, "Ni Bu Zhi Dao De Shi" (Highly Recommended By US) ^_^

Dear said NICE; I feel Just Moderate...Just like the behind part...^-^

After that, have our tea time in Starbucks...Here's the photos: 

It is Ipanema


Ice Coffee Latte & Mocha Frappocino Blended

Are u ok???

Dear's gift from Me^^ Its FRANCE..Why?
It is because V two  Learnt French^^

Seeing My Present =p

 ^-^ hehe~
(2 photo frame (one small of big) with our sweet pics and a love note)

Abnormal Shots by KAI SIANG and XIN YING: (continuous from Starbuck pics) 
Camera: Ks's laptop webcam =P

Seeing the Camera Screen




Ugly Poses




Smile as much as YOu can^^

Hmm...~~~ are we acting in the right way?

Hey...there's people watching us...drink coffee to stop them from thinking v are ABNORMAL.

MY PIMPLES!!!! YOU CAUSE IT...laugh summore..OMG~~

Is YOu , DEaR!!!



Nth to say~ Start to get bored~~~

Happy Birthday To Ah Dear^^
Love You always 

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