Monday, 13 July 2009

Value of life?

How much does a pizza worth?RM 20? How much does a laptop worth?RM 3000? How much does a diamond ring worth?RM1000000? How much does a Ferrari worth?RM5000000000? How much does a live worth?hmmmm, any comment?

Today I had a terrible jam when I'm driving to school this morning. I stuck at the jam for almost 1 hour. Finally when I reached the end of the jam, I saw an indian lady lying on the road, although there was no blood on her, but I'm not sure weather is she alive or not. There was a few police there and an ambulance is coming from behind. Finally the jam was over and I reached school and late by about half an hour.

Life is unexpected, life is short, life is unpredictable, I hope everyone will appreciate their lifes and other people lifes.

Dear, I love you with all my life...hehe.... <3


Saturday, 11 July 2009

11th of July

today...v adi decide to go out eat for lunch de...
I cant go v dear play badminton this it is far..therefore, v postponed our outing in the afternn...
i decide to brg him to eat sth special..sth nice...and tasty~^^

As the time passing~ is adi 12.30 le...i sms and call him mny times le...He nt even answered and sms me>.< i started to wry that he may forget the timing ..T_T
i need get back to home at 3pm as i need to fetch my sister go for party....
i scared our timing not enough...i realli very appreaciate the time v have ...>.< But.....

Finally! finally our outing cancelled....
I very angry of him! Hmph!
go hanging out v ur frienz la~ >.<


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