Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Christmas Eve @ Tropicana City Mall & Nando's

It is Christmas Eve!!!

And it is a Saturday too, means this year Christmas eve will spend with my Lover too. =)
However, nothing very special, we still go to watch movie, had some nice lunch and do some shopping. But instead of the usual places, this time we went to Tropicana City Mall.

The Christmas Mood in Tropicana City Mall is not bad too, like others it had a very big Christmas Tree and the Theme was related to Candy I guess, cause there are a lot of Candy decorations as well.

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Friday, 23 December 2011

Sunway Pyramid Christmas Deco & Arrio Coffee

Continue from the previous post, Sunway Pyramid also have some Christmas Decoration and performance, but I feel is not as magnificent as One Utama, Lol.
But the actual reason we come here is not only to see the decoration, but to watch movie and to claim something which I have bought earlier.

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Outings in 1Utama & Christmas Decoration

Christmas and New Year is coming really soon...
Many places like shopping malls are having lots of decorations for Christmas and all kinds of activities and shows. Out of all these we only been to One Utama and Sunway Pyramid.

One Utama always have very nice decorations at the New Wings main hall, this time is not exceptional. They are using underworld and seashell as the theme. Below are some of the pictures we taking during our outing in 1 Utama.

Spongebob Section, Omg my dear is loving this.. Lol.

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Friday, 16 December 2011

Freedom at last!!!!!

Finally, my final exams are over and my semester six is OVER!

The Final exams only last for 4 days for four subjects. And that is just insane cause all the subjects are heavy. I hardly got anytime left to sleep for doing the final revision for all the subjects. The subjects for this semester are so tough.

My semester six is actually gonna be my second last semester of in-campus studies as suppose next semester I will be completing all the remaining subjects and then go for my internship the following semester. And finally finish my Degree. But after this finals, Im not really sure I can pass all the subjects for this semester because Im sure I did not do well. =(

Finally Having my holidays now...

Whether or not I will pass all my subjects, next sem is gonna be a very tough semester for me. I'll really have to improve myself and try not to enjoy too much in this holiday.

Christmas and New Year are coming as well, lots of celebration will be going on sooner. Hope there will be a good ending for this year and a HAPPY START for next year 2012!

Everybody Enjoy Your Holidays~ =)

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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Chinese & Japanese Style Fish Head Mee Hoon @ Setapak

Our first time tried out SOMETHING bought from EVERYDAY !! *Click It*
and my daddy has bought this for our family to have a try :)


It is Chinese & Japanese Style Fish Head Mee Hoon! 
Fish Head Noodles / Mee Hoon is just very common food that can be found everywhere...
However, it is hardly to find where the SOUP TASTING is TASTEFUL ENOUGH FOR US...
That's why this time we wont miss out to try FISH HEAD NOODLES!
Moreover, we are INTERESTED on how is its JAPANESE STYLE OF FISH HEAD NOODLES looks like??? O.O

It opens at 12pm. We about 12.30pm reaching, thought that we will be their first customers..
In fact, there adi started to be crowded!
Fortunately, we have  done our reservation earlier :)
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