Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Christmas Eve @ Tropicana City Mall & Nando's

It is Christmas Eve!!!

And it is a Saturday too, means this year Christmas eve will spend with my Lover too. =)
However, nothing very special, we still go to watch movie, had some nice lunch and do some shopping. But instead of the usual places, this time we went to Tropicana City Mall.

The Christmas Mood in Tropicana City Mall is not bad too, like others it had a very big Christmas Tree and the Theme was related to Candy I guess, cause there are a lot of Candy decorations as well.

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Friday, 23 December 2011

Sunway Pyramid Christmas Deco & Arrio Coffee

Continue from the previous post, Sunway Pyramid also have some Christmas Decoration and performance, but I feel is not as magnificent as One Utama, Lol.
But the actual reason we come here is not only to see the decoration, but to watch movie and to claim something which I have bought earlier.

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Outings in 1Utama & Christmas Decoration

Christmas and New Year is coming really soon...
Many places like shopping malls are having lots of decorations for Christmas and all kinds of activities and shows. Out of all these we only been to One Utama and Sunway Pyramid.

One Utama always have very nice decorations at the New Wings main hall, this time is not exceptional. They are using underworld and seashell as the theme. Below are some of the pictures we taking during our outing in 1 Utama.

Spongebob Section, Omg my dear is loving this.. Lol.

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Friday, 16 December 2011

Freedom at last!!!!!

Finally, my final exams are over and my semester six is OVER!

The Final exams only last for 4 days for four subjects. And that is just insane cause all the subjects are heavy. I hardly got anytime left to sleep for doing the final revision for all the subjects. The subjects for this semester are so tough.

My semester six is actually gonna be my second last semester of in-campus studies as suppose next semester I will be completing all the remaining subjects and then go for my internship the following semester. And finally finish my Degree. But after this finals, Im not really sure I can pass all the subjects for this semester because Im sure I did not do well. =(

Finally Having my holidays now...

Whether or not I will pass all my subjects, next sem is gonna be a very tough semester for me. I'll really have to improve myself and try not to enjoy too much in this holiday.

Christmas and New Year are coming as well, lots of celebration will be going on sooner. Hope there will be a good ending for this year and a HAPPY START for next year 2012!

Everybody Enjoy Your Holidays~ =)

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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Chinese & Japanese Style Fish Head Mee Hoon @ Setapak

Our first time tried out SOMETHING bought from EVERYDAY !! *Click It*
and my daddy has bought this for our family to have a try :)


It is Chinese & Japanese Style Fish Head Mee Hoon! 
Fish Head Noodles / Mee Hoon is just very common food that can be found everywhere...
However, it is hardly to find where the SOUP TASTING is TASTEFUL ENOUGH FOR US...
That's why this time we wont miss out to try FISH HEAD NOODLES!
Moreover, we are INTERESTED on how is its JAPANESE STYLE OF FISH HEAD NOODLES looks like??? O.O

It opens at 12pm. We about 12.30pm reaching, thought that we will be their first customers..
In fact, there adi started to be crowded!
Fortunately, we have  done our reservation earlier :)
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Friday, 18 November 2011

Thai Garden Village (T.G.V) @ Jalan Kepong

Let us brought u Thai Food this time:)
Hot & Spicy will always be my FAVOURITE!   *No wonder pimples keep popping out..Haha!!!*

First of all! The environment of the Thai Restaurant is GOOD with Open-Air ambiance!
 A very wide space and nice decoration :) 
The time u entered, u might feel like u are entering a small Garden Village!!  

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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Sak Dato Temple, Semenyih - Part 2

Continue from Broga Hill Malaysia, Semenyih - Part 1

This Temple is only nearby to Broga Hill which is around 10 minute drives.
It is a big Temple with many stone sculpture such as the 12 Animals of Zodiac, Sun Wu Kong, Guan Yin, and so on... We only stay at there for a short while and take some pictures...

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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Hylam Western & Penang Hawker Special @ Ting's Cafe

SS2 is known as FOOD HEAVEN!
Although we have been there couple of times but we still realized there are still many good foods there we have not tasted yet. Gonna EXPLORE them one by one!!!
This time, We came to a quite well known HYLAM Hawker SHop,

All the foods have a reasonable price, simple and clean environment, serving the Delicious Hylam Food Dishes that everyone would definitely like it!

We arrived at about 11am to have our Breakfast and also Lunch. 
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Friday, 28 October 2011

Broga Hill Malaysia, Semenyih - Part 1

During the public Holiday of Depavalli 2011, Finally we made the first visit to one of the Famous Landmark and Hiking Hill in Malaysia, The Broga Hill. It is located near Semenyih, also known as Bukit Lalang, about 50 km of driving from Kuala Lumpur. This place will be extremely pack towards the Weekend or Public Holidays. It is famous for its Beautiful Scenery with Amazingly Stunning Greeneries on the top of the hill. 

We Start the Engine early in the Morning at about 6.30am, arrived at 7.30am at the Destination, passed by University of Nottingham and a Rabbit Park. When we reached there are already full with lots of cars, even the parking lot is full, have to park at a further place.

I'm quite surprised with the number of cars although already expect to be a lot people, but the amount of cars here in the early morning is really shocking. 
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Pipit Zakka Store @ PJ SS2

Looking for something handmade stuffs??? 
Looking for something that UNIQUE that rarely to find in the market???
Looking for something to gift for your BELOVED or FRIENDS???

PIPIT ZAKKA STORE would definitely
 satisfied your claims!!!! 

Downstairs is actually selling LOMO cameras! :) It's just awesome! I wish to grab one soon!!! 

Photos are everywhere! 

2nd Floor-Handmade Stuffs!

   ~ Pipit Zakka Store provides all handmade stuffs with the sincere hearts to the customers:) ~

Opening Hours: 
Tuesday - Friday : 11am - 8pm
Saturday:  9am - 6pm
*Close on Sunday, Monday & Public Holidays*

18, Jalan SS2/55,47300,Petaling Jaya, Selangor.Malaysia

*Double storey houses opposite Poh Kong shop*


Sunday, 23 October 2011

Levain Boulangerie & Patisserie @ Kuala Lumpur

Levain Boulangerie & Patisserie

See the name also feel quite western and high class style.. lol
It is a Western Cuisine Restaurant, Located at Kuala Lumpur, Jalan Delima. Actually it is just nearby and around places like Sungai Wang and Time Square. For first time visitor it is a little difficult to locate the exact place because it is placed at a row of Housing Slot which most of them used for Restaurants and Cuisine Concept stores. 

To know more about Levain and their Stories behind, refer to their official Website at   http://www.levain.com.my/

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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Formosa -Taiwanese Food @ Sunway Pyramid

It was one Saturday we having our regular dating. The place was at Sunway Pyramid, same day we bought the Special Popcorn from Planet Popcorn. We were walking and looking for Food. We went insinde Asia Avenue of Sunway Pyramid, as walked to the Food Junction, we saw this Shop seems quite interesting, Simple Design but Bring out a nice smell of Taiwanese Food, and there are quite numbers of customers too, we decide to stop by and have our Lunch here.

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Thursday, 13 October 2011

❤ Yut Kee Restaurant - Hainanese Cuisine Kopitiam @ Dang Wangi !!! ❤

Here! There's another ICON of REPRESENTATIVE for KUALA LUMPUR!
It can be considered as one of the last remaining Hainanese Kopitiam in KL!
<YUT KEE RESTAURANT>!  *Somewhere near Sogo & KL Tower! When ur head up, u can see a spectacular big building of KL Tower! 

Yut Kee is known as 老字号 because it has been around since 1928! 

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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Planet Popcorn in Sunway Pyramid

Popcorn! Everyone should be familiar with that...
Every time when someone said Popcorn, what is the first thing that comes in your mind? Yes that's Right! Movie!!! But the Popcorn that Im going to share here in this post is totally different than the Popcorn you always had in Cinema. 

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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

✦ Taiwan Desserts UFO landed in SS2 !!!! ✦

UFO here does not mean that there is an unknown flying object in the sky ...
But there is another meaning behind this...

PJ SS2 recently has opened a Taiwan Favorite Desserts Shop!  
They named it as  " UFO" !!! 
(What a name that definitely easily for us to REMEMBER!)

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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Johnny English 2011 @ GSC Signature The Garden

Piak piak!!! I've been so lazy and with a bit of busy recently that almost left this blog grow grass... >.<  Before that happen, it's time to update it!!!
Let's GO!

Actually this suppose to be last week post...
24 Oct 2011, Saturday.
We had a consider quite special outing to The Garden Mall. Which is just located next to Midvalley Mall. One of the plan for today is to a movie that we both very interested and expecting, Johnny English 2011 by Rowan Atkinson, who is the actor of Mr Bean! 

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Saturday, 24 September 2011

❣ Aunty Lan Homemade Noodles @ Kota Damansara ❣

Well, Kota Damansara is another one of my favorite places I would like to hang out!
as well as FOOD HUNTING!!!!
This time, let us brought the readers to
☛ Restaurant Aunty Lan Homemade Noodles ! ☚ which just located at the same rows as the Honeymoon Desserts and Rogers Delights just beside of it:)

Aunty Lan Homemade Noodles has a few outlets if not mistaken..
Well, food tastes not bad and they do have some signature dishes that u would have to try it out! 
Economic price as they do offer some combo sets or u just need to top up a few ringgit to have a slice of their Homemade Cake + Drinks!

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Monday, 19 September 2011

✦ 16-09-11✦ Nasi Lemak 2.0 by Namewee!

It's Saturday once agaiN!
Nasi Lemak 2.0 would be the movie of the day!:)
Prepare myself and very excited..However, he seems to be moody on that day..

ohno...kindly ignore that FAT and BIG face of me! 
Tee Hee!!!!

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Sunday, 11 September 2011

The Smurf Day @ The Curve, Cineleisure

Smurf smurf smurfs~~~

Oh My Smurfs!!! Good job to my dear for Winning a pair of free tickets of Movie The Smurf from some contest by Jack and Jills Potota Chips. Good thing is the venue is just nearby our usual hang out place, The Curve. And it is on Saturday! ^^

Actually initially I was no intention to watch this movie and Have no idea at all what was this movie talking about. Just know the Character was some blue people. But since the movie came out, I've been seeing on Facebook people comment and saying about Smurf, What kind of  Smurf also came out, Oh My Smurf, What the Smurf, this is so Smurf and so on! =.=

So I guess it is ok to go Check it out on the Cinema since we got it for free anyway... ^^

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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Hari Raya Holidays, ft New Laptop Asus

So, this will be a round up for my Hari Raya Holidays for one week.
A very funny thing is I actually already started by new semester for a week before this holiday starts. The first week of classes was like nothing, but at least I know how tough the subjects of this semester is gonna be.

Anyway, these are what I have done through out the holidays.

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福建面, Hokkien Mee @ Damansara Utama

Damansara Utama is famous with Food?????
What kind of FOOD????


There's actually got a few shops which OPEN only at NIGHT..
And when reached the TIMING, WILL BE FULLY CROWDED!!! 
THere's a reason why so famous? 
Off course of its Hokkien Mee-  不是浪得虚名!而是货真价实! 

Morning session is actually a DIM SUM restaurant...
While Night Session would be this:)

This is the Main Chef !! 



Comes to the Main Dishes!!!
Hokkien MEE! 
 I love this plate of Hokkien Mee!! 

If not mistaken, at the same row, there's another Hokkien Mee shop in which also crowded with ppl, and it's one of the branches..Forgot what's the name!!
Gonna try it out soon!!

~ The End ~


Wednesday, 31 August 2011

♥ Skin Care to the Rescue - Clinique ♥

During this holidays,
I'm gonna to take care and improve my skin condition, especially the FACE PART !!
Gonna “Shoo Shoo..." my pimples and those little blemish that make me feel frustrated with for so long!!!

Went to Jusco Maluri with family and finally GRABBED THESE products!
Clinique is having ONCE IN A YEAR PROMOTION! 
* While Stock Last *

What I have Grab for myself???

I have grabbed 2 sets for me and my sister -
 One is for BLEMISH SOLUTIONS , the another one is Hydrating Solutions
*She told us that Blue colour that sets is can cure those pimples while the pink sets is moisturizer :)

Blemish Solution Set - include Cleanser, Toner & moisturizer :)

These are all for MOISTURIZING :)
Highly Recommended its Moisturizer!
Kinda nice to use:)

 - THE END -


Sunday, 28 August 2011

The New 1Utama Outing and Chatime

Hello, it's been a while~~
This will be a short post about a short outing we had in the last Saturday at 1 Utama. Suppose the 'New 1Utama' now. Since few months ago it has been renovating at the Old Wing side, almost the whole part section of Old Wing was closed down for renovation. It is now Re-Opened with New Jusco, New Shops, New Service, New Design, it will definitely going to be crowded here for the next many many years because the New 1 Utama is just Magnificent, Awesome Rebuilt.

Many New shops have opened and opening soon, some have upgraded their shop from the existing shop to better look and service. The new Jusco is going to be another successful story of 1 Utama. It has everything inside, especially for the food section, it improved so much that is out of my expectation, wow! 

Sadly I did not really taken a lot pictures of the New 1 Utama because was enjoying my dating with my dear, so it is just mostly portrait pictures and foods pictures as usual, haha. Will be back next time to take more pictures of the New 1Utama

Lets go, the Journey starts like that....

Event Hall Design for Hari Raya...

Lunch Time...

Ice Lemon Tea

We order one Fettuccine Alfrado and one Fettuccine Carbonara, End up it looks and taste exactly the same!!! =.= Sweat, even the picture I cant differentiate which one is which one... haha

The two picture is two different food, can you see the difference? Lol

Improved Version~

Still got one more Pizza, we are such big Eater!! &amp;amp;gt;.&amp;amp;lt;

Stomach so Full full jor~~ ^^

So cute~ =P  =3





Super Zoomed in Version, want to see whether I have pimples or wrinkles ar? haha
I had a version of hers too, but she might kill me if I upload that... =P 

Scary Teeth~~ Haha


The Place is Pizza Milano
It is a very economic western food restaurant, used to be just a small shop at Old Wing last time but now upgraded to a bigger and better one. Good thing is the price did not change. Famous for their Pasta, Pizza, Lagsana and Waffer. Each of them will not exceed RM10. The quality is standard, so still consider a good place to eat.. ^^

 Next Destination,
Sunway Giza, Kota Damansara.

We did not really went inside the Sunway Giza Mall actually, just outside some shops since my girl wanted to buy something there...

After that we went for the Chatime over there... ^^

Pearl Milk Tea and Choc Hazelnut Milk Tea

Look at the crowd queuing waiting for the drinks to be ready... 
We are lucky to found a sit inside here..

Very Good! ^^

Had a nice time drinking, chatting and seeing magazine (ifeel that just bought today), speaking our "sam si" to each other as well, haha.

High Key effects~~ 

Super super High Key~~ 

That's all for today...

Bye bye~ &lt;3


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