Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Ikuzo Ramen @ PJ SS2

Finally I have finished up my Final Exam!!!
It's kinda long time I did not update my blog..
This blog is just getting rusted .. ~_~

Last few weekends, We try to seek out some foods that we have not tried in SS2.
As u know, the areas in PJ especially SS2 and Damansara Utama / PJ Uptown are Food Paradise...
We usually visit PJ purposely just for FOOD

And ! We have been attracted by this big and attractive board writing: 
<Tokyo Ramen - Cheap and Nice! >
And then we decided to have a try.

The Inner environment is fine and clean!
However, I think that the owner should also make sure that the Outer should be IMPROVED.
Because as we are having our dishes, some weird and terrible smells from the drain outside have flown into the shop!
and it terribly SPOILT the customer's mood and dishes!!

Their Menus :) 

THere are about 6 sauces u can mix with ur Ramen dishes... Some sauces u might not heard about it..
U should try it out :)

U could roughly know what type of dishes have been provided:)  

Their Mission & Philosophy
Sounds Good Huh...

- Overall their Ramen are ok..
- I might will try their appetizers and some others soup-based like Curry as I love spicy!! <3

*Ohya, forget to take photo of the drinks!  WE have tried out their special drinks which so called "Green Tea Milk with Yuzu Ice Cream!  It is so good! I was so favourable with this drinks!!! its milk was creamy and rich enough flavoured with Green Tea. The drinks is sth like Milk Shake! I love their drinks!
They do served other drinks such as Ginger Green Tea..and others mostly with Green Tea as based. *


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