Sunday, 1 May 2011

Happy Birthday to My Darling ♥ ♥ ♥

♫ Happy Birthday to you~
♪ Happy Birthday to You~
♫ Happy birthday to my Dear~
♪ Happy Birthday to you~~

Guess who's Birthday today? Yes you are right!
Is my dear's 20th Birthday!
Happy Birthday Darling~

Her Birthday this year I didn't prepare much for her.
I'm not sure why, I'm sorry dear.
Maybe I really don't know what to get for you cause u alrd got everything you want from Taiwan!
Reversingly, she bought me a lot of things from Taiwan to give it to me today. So it is seems like today is more like my Birthday then hers, haha.

As she just back from Taiwan yesterday.
I'm glad that I still can go out with her today on her real date at least to treat her a nice meal and have a nice day together.
We went to The Curve.

We planned to watch a Movie.
We chosen "Thor" as my friend recommended it and got the right timing for us.
We buy it on the spot and there is not much seats left. Surprisingly there is Ngam ngam two seats left on the middle of cinema that is not taken. So lucky! haha~

Before the Movie we went to have Lunch.
Initially I suggested Secret Recipe because wanted to eat cake with her.
But there not much main course so we went to look around.
We chosen Vivo which served mostly Western Foods.

Choosing our meals~ 

"Tou Pai"!!! = Blur face! 

Many choices

Choosing seriously...

Dear choose this~

I choose this~ (dear say i always choose carbonara spegetti de >.<)

A beautiful watch my dear bought for me from Taiwan~ Wow!!

Our Chocolate Blended Mach-mellow 

Nice Mach-mellow~

Opps, caught stealing a Mach-mellow! >.<

My Carbonara (Nice but quite small portion)

Dear's Chicken Chop!

With Extra Mash Potato.. yummy~

Long time din have picture together with you le dear, I miss you~ T_T

After this we went for the Movie.
It was about the God of Thunder get expelled and sent to Earth. 
It was a good movie, some quite entertaining funny scene in between, recommended for all to watch. 

Next is Secret Recipe...
How can a Birthday with Cakes...
Although no proper celebration, a cake is a must, haha! 

Peach Cake

White Chocolate

Mocha Blended

Thank you dear for all the gifts you bought to me from Taiwan, I love them so much!!!
Of course I do love you as much. 

No big surprise for your Birthday this year, I hope you dont too disappointed. 
Lastly I have made this song for you during your trip at Taiwan and for your Birthday as well.
It is a simple song, I know I cannot sing very good too, but it is just something I wish to do for you. Hope you like it dear~ ^^

Happy Birthday to You~ 


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