Thursday, 27 January 2011

Chinese New Year + Movie

Wee Hoo~~~
Chinese New Year is Coming!!!
Another Holidays for all of us~

What do you expect the most for Chinese New Year?
Getting a lots of Ang Pao? Eating all the nice foods? Burning fire crackers? Gambling? And many many more? Haha!

Btw, Playing Fire Cracker in Malaysia is Illegal, so better be "Careful"

Play for fun ok la, Make sure u dont lose all your Ang Pao money k? Haha!

During Chinese New Year period there will be a lot of Movie related to CNY released to the Cinema. 
Most of it are comedy, to make you laugh cause CNY we must all be happy happy together with family and our love ones. 
And some are Comedy + Touching Story to tell everyone that we should appreciate our family and CNY we should all celebrate together with our family! 

These are what I recommended and list of all the Available CNY Movies that are on the Cinema this year. 

#1 天天好天 Great Day (Now Showing)

Great Day tells the story of two Uncles who live in an old folks home. Aggravated by an argument, the two men decided to escape from the old folks home to find their children just to show off whose children is better with the help of Ah Hock and Ultraman. The fun catches in with odd circumstances, but in the end of the day it's going to be a big reunion at the old folk's home.

(Source: Golden Screen Cinemas)

A Song from the Movie, Sang by two girl from Astro Talent 2010. 
Nice Song!!! =)

Another song from the movie too, Sang by all the Astro and Myfm People, a good song for CNY Mood!
Very nice song, must hear it!

*I've watched this Movie and I love it so Much! Plus this is an 100% Malaysia Making Film by Astro and Myfm, Must go Support! Trust me this is a must watch Cny Movie for this year! Go Go Go faster get your tickets now!!! 

#2 笑着回家 HomeComing (Now Showing)

HOMECOMING is a series of stories about family and what it means to go home. The characters, and their families in the stories, come from a diverse range of generations, races and social backgrounds. These characters are (or become) interlinked, either through blood, friendship or geography.

(Source: United International Pictures)

*I've Watched this too! A Singapore + Malaysia Production Movie, Scenes are mainly taken in Malaysia. Is a Super Funny Comedy Movie for Cny. You can find many familiar and funny speaking slang inside the Movie. If you are a Malaysian, You will confirm enjoy it! fantabulous larr~ xD

#3 开心万岁 I Love Hong Kong (Coming Soon)

A swindler, Long (Eric Tsang), who conned money from all the neighbors of the housing estate 30 years ago, has now become a property tycoon and he promises to pay each of the 30 odd families HK$100 million as compensation. The condition is that all the 30 odd families must each send a representative to return to the housing estate on the eve of Chinese New Year. A mad rush ensues as the old neighbors led by Ng Shun (Tony Leung) and his wife Shun-Soh (Sandra Ng) return to the housing estate on the eve of CNY to ensure they will not miss out on the bonanza!

(Source: Golden Screen Cinemas)

*A Movie acted by Many Many Famous actors of Hong Kong, It will be a Super Comedy and Must watch Movie during CNY! 
I'm waiting to watch this too~ =)

#4 神奇侠侣 Mr & Mrs Incredible (Coming Soon)

 From the producer of Bodyguards and Assassins and the director who brought you CJ7, comes an action comedy of superhero proportion. This larger-than-life action comedy tells about a retired superhero couple Huan aka the Gazer Warrior (Louis Koo) and Red aka the Aroma Woman (Sandra Ng). One day, a martial arts tournament is being held at their village and a murder case happened. To their surprise, Huan & Red was framed entangled in the murder conspiracy. When they gradually find out the true identity of the mastermind, Huan and Red decide to don their costumes in the name of justice once and for all.

(Source: Golden Screen Cinemas)

*Still No Idea what kind of Movie is this, Looks good too! Find it out yourself when the movie is released lar~ =)

#5 最強囍事 ALL'S WELL ENDS WELL (Coming Soon)

In the latest instalment of "All's Well Ends Well", Cecilia Cheung acts as a worker in a cosmetic company, who is loved by her boss, played by Louis Koo. And at the same time, a rich man played by Chapman To also falls in love with her. Many hilarious situations happen between the three of them. Meanwhile, Donnie Yen takes up the role of a cosmetics sales clerk who is romantically linked with model Carina Lau Ka Ling's character. Donnie is reported not to have any fight scenes in this movie.

(Source: Cinema Online)

*Another Cny Movie from Louis Koo, the Funny thing is Donnie Yen is in this Movie too! And He act as a Make up Master? Hmmm! This will be an interesting Movie, haha! Check out the Trailler ya~ 

It looks like all the Cny movie this year are funny, entertaining and nice! If I have the time I'm gonna watch it all!!!

That's all, hope you all enjoy your Chinese New Year and Have a prosperity year ahead! 

Gong Xi Fa Cai!!! 



Friday, 21 January 2011

New Year, New Semester, New Life.

So, a New Year started, a New Semester started.
I've stepped in into the second year of my University Academic Year.
I'm a Year 2 Student now.
Sounds Cool, but the though thing will be getting tougher. Everything is about practical now, programming, networking, and all kinds of stuffs.

Based on the new system, we have 17 weeks for this long semester! Omg, this is really long, normally we only had 14 weeks for long semester and 8 weeks for short semester. That means our holidays for this year is getting lesser, damn!

The subjects I taken this Semester is:
1. Network Programming
2. Mobile Operating System
3. Computer Communication
4. Database System
5. Critical Thinking

And our University now is undergoing a BIG Projects.
Since last year they have been renovating around the Campus here and there.
Guess they are too rich after sucking so much Money from us! Haha.
Of course theoretically renovating and improving the environment of the Campus is good, but then our tuition fees will be "renovated" as well.

Our tables that been with us for a year or more...
They destroy them just like that! >.<

My School and My Degree Program.

Gotta Work Hard This Semester.

Anyway Chinese New Year is Coming.
Wish Everyone a Happy Chinese New Year.


Sunday, 16 January 2011

If I Were the Green Hornet

How many Super Hero do you know?
How many Super Hero Movie or Series have to watched before?
Superman, Batman, X-Men, and So on.

Greet Hornet is One of The Super Hero Which have a Powerful Martial Arts Knowledge and Intelligence to help fight Crime, help to give peace to world.

Crimes are Evil! Crimes are Everywhere! Crimes Must be Stopped!!!
If I Were the Creen Hornet, 
I would...

First Set up a Green Hornet Hotline!

I'm Just a Super Hero, not God!
I don't watch News all the time, how in the world would I know where is happening a serious Crime?

So the best way is to Call Me! If there is any Crime that needed me to Settle!
Make sure the Number is easy to Remember,
Something like...


The Official Poster Used for Advertisement to let the Everybody know The Green Hornet Hotline.
Don't you Worry, the Green Hornet is 24 Hours On Call! =)

An Example of Scenario...

This is what happens when Green Hornet is Getting too Busy!
There are too many crimes in the world that needed My Help! The Green Hornet!
What to do?

I Would Start up a Green Hornet School Academy.
I will accept students and teach them the Green Hornet Martial Arts and Train them to become the Green Hornet the 2nd Generation. 

I would also Open Branches around the World so that Green Hornet will be in every Country of the World Saving people, fighting Crimes!!! 


Now No Matter Where are you From, What Problem You have, Greet Hornet Will be there for You!!!

Say Bye Bye to Crimes!!!

Green Hornet

Catch the Movie The Green Hornet in Cinema on 27 January 2011!
See how the Green Hornet (Seth Rogen and Jay Chou) fight the Crimes with this Powerful Skills and Actions.
A Movie that you can't miss it in 2011!

Or to win yourself a pair of Premier Screening Tickets for this Movie, refer to this website for more information. Like what I'm doing right now.

Thanks for Reading, and I'm gonna off to fight Crimes!


Friday, 14 January 2011

Inventing My Own iPad Application for Maxis


These two terms are very commonly see in the market nowadays. 
Especially in Electronic Products, Such as:
- Laptop
- TV
- DVD Player
- Etc etc.

Here are some of the Example of defining term All in One or Multi-functional...

- 3 in 1 nescafe
- Multifunctional Tv, Laptop

So yeah, it's true that iPad from Apple is definitely an All in One and Multi-functional product which able to perform many task. Such as: 
- Better Web Browsing Experience 
- High Quality of Video Watching
- High Quality of Picture Viewing
- More than 150, 000 Powerful Application to download from App Store
- High Quality of Application and Games
- Able to read and edit Documents, Power Point and Excel files 
- Handy and Easy to Carry Around 
- Etc etc. 

I guess all these information many of you are better and clearer than me, that is the reason why many people are demanding to get an iPad for themselves. 

It is true that iPad have many Applications that help us perform many tasks and make us entertained, but is there one specific Application, we can perform many different kinds of tasks with ONLY that Application itself?

Hmmm, come to think of it, Not Really...
- To Browse the Web you have to get a Web Browser Application
- To View Video you have to get a Movie Player Application 
- To View Photo you have to get a Photo Viewer Application
- To Watch Streaming Video you have to get a Movie Streaming Application 
- To View on your Favorite Social Network Site Such as Facebook and Twitter, you have to get a Facebook and Twitter Application (*Exclude on browsing Facebook website with a Browser)  

So by participating a Contest organized by Maxis and Nuffnang, Titled "Invent your Own iPad Application"
My Idea is to Invent an Application that have the All the Functions Mentioned above and also some Unique Application, all in built inside ONE Application Only!!!

Let me be clear, this is an ALL IN ONE APPLICATION or you can call it MULTI-FUNCTIONAL APPS

This Application will Named As:


Which means this Application is to Connect all Different Kinds of Application into One Application!
People only have to Download One Application, Only Pay Once, to use ALL the Services!

Another Problem with iPad Application is that it cannot perform Multi-Tasking. Which means it cannot run many different Application at the Same time. Only One in a time. 

With this Super Connect, WE CAN!

Let me explain in details what are the Super Applications that are built inside this Super Connect Application. 

1. Super Phone

It is used to Connect to our Cell Phone either via Bluetooth or Wireless Internet Connection. 
What is it for?
It is to turn your whole iPad to a Giant Cell Phone without really being a Cell Phone. 
Similar to some Remote Desktop Connection Software/Application that allow to remote another computer's Activities.
While this Super Phone Application is to Remote Control your Cell Phone with your iPad.
So Almost Everything you see in your Cell Phone will be Inside your iPad! 
It become easier and convenient to perform some task such as SMS, Calling and Answering Phone Calls, And all other stuffs which you can do with your Cell Phone and you can do it in a Bigger Screen with your iPad! Cool huh?  
Of Course both the iPad and Phone must have the Application (Super Phone) and only certain phone can be supported such like the iPhone, Htc, Blackberry and other smart phones. 

Why Bluetooth and Wireless
Depends on the distance between your Cell Phone and the iPad you are using. You can even Connect your Cell Phone with your iPad even you in very far distance using Wireless Connection, therefore if you had your iPad with you, you don't even need to bring your phone out! 

This is an example of how it looks like when using Super Phone connected to the Cell Phone!

More Convenient and Bigger screen to View and sent an Sms!!! <3

2. Super Computer  

This Application is Exactly same like the Remote Desktop Connection Software/Application to Remote your Computer Activities, but now is using your iPad! 
By using this, you can remote your entire computer/laptop's activities even when you are outside and far away from your Computer/Laptop by using your iPad. 
It is Convenient to Check your Downloading Files, Check your Computer's Activities, Check your Computer Status, even directly Transfer Files from your iPad to Computer and vise versa by using this Super Computer Application. 

Now you can Operate your Laptop's Windows in Anyway you want!
Even when your Laptop is very far away from you.  

Is this one of the Coolest Application that every iPad users is looking for??? 


3. Super Shopping

Anyone doesn't like Shoppings? Especially girls, they will shout when they heard this word Shopping!!! (Sometimes)  
The modern ways of shopping nowadays is Online Shopping, also known as E-Commerce. 

By using this Apps, you don't have to Open Browser and type in your E-Commerce Website to do Online Shopping. 
Just by opening this Application, it will show you all the Results from many favorite and top E-Commerce Websites such as Amazon, E-Bay and so on. 

You can even Select your Country and Types of Product you are finding, for example "Malaysia" and "Cloths", then it will display Results from all the E-Commerce Websites in Malaysia which Selling Cloths Related Products. 
The Interface, Interaction, Payment Method is Specially designed for Better Viewing Experience with iPad and Better Security

This is an Example of After Users select their Countries and Types of Products, it will Display out a Set of Websites that are available in that Country and to let users to Choose whether to Include which websites in Their Search results. 

Lets say the User selected Malaysia as Country and Cloths as the Product. This will be the interface looks like.
It provides all the details and even which sites does it come from.

Interesting? =)

And The Rest Applications are the Types of Applications that already exists in the App Store, But it is invented to put inside this ALL IN ONE Application SUPER CONNECT as a whole. 

4. Super Browser

To Browse Internet with High Quality Display, Interface, Multiple Tab, and User Friendly Browsing Environment.

Sample of Super Browser Interface!

Viewing in Side Ways. 
And of course the On Screen Keyboard will be available. 

5. Super Photo

To Store and View Photos on Your iPad with High Quality Display.
Slides Shows and Custom Animation Available.
Multiple Folders and Security Pass Code Locking Available. 

Simple and User Friendly of Interface and Folders Arrangement 
Arrangement of Photos, Folders, and create folders can be done inside the iPad. 

View Photos/Pictures in High Quality Full Screen Display

Folder Lock Security Features Available!

6. Super Player

Play Any types of Video Formats on the iPad. 
High Quality, User-Friendly Control Buttons, Smooth Graphics
Able to Connect Online for Video Streaming, Work just like PPS, Qvod and Other Streaming Websites that we used to access on our Computer. 

Watch a movie with High Definition in your iPad

Video Streaming Available with this Application

7. Super Facebook

Connect to your Facebook Account directly with this Application. 
High Quality of Interface and better environment of browsing Facebook with iPad. 
Most of the Functions such as Chats, Notification, Friend Tagging, Photo Tagging, Photos, Videos are Supported. 
Push Notification Available. 

View Facebook Directly from this Application in High Definition! 

8. Super Twitter

Connect to your Twitter Account with this Application.
High Quality, Powerful and User-Friendly Interface. Functions of Tag, Tweeting, Message, are all Fully Supported! 

View Twitter in High Definition with this Application

9. Super Dictionary

Online Dictionary that able to translate meanings in any language. Many Language around the World are Supported! 
Even able to perform Word by Word sentence translation 90% Perfect, and Voice Translation is Available too! 

Combination of World Most Famous and Trusted Dictionary to give a most Accurate Translation!

10. Super News

Online News Channel 
Select your Country and it will Display out all the News and Sources of the News Such as Sin Chew, China Press and Many More. 
High Quality Display and Friendly Interface Specially Designed for iPad Viewing.
Able to View News for Past few days or even Past few Weeks. 

View Hot and Latest News in Your Country With your iPad Using this Application

And Of Course International World Wide News Will be Available too! 

And That's all For the First Version of Super Connect!
It is a 10 in 1 Super Powerful Application for the iPad Users. 
Of Course in the future More Applications may be added in based on User Requirements. 

So How to Perform Multi-Tasking? 

Basically you just have to Double Tap the Screen while you are using an Super Application, Slide it and it will go to the Next Super Application
There are 2 ways to Perform this Task

1. Double Tap and Slide it Left or Right

Image Above Showing when you are Seeing your Facebook and want to Look at your Twitter Account

The Process is Vise Versa Of Course, Double Tap Slide it to Opposite Direction again it will back to Your Facebook Account. 

All the Super Applications are Arranged in a Circle and Double Tap Slice to Interchange between Applications

But Let Say You are Running on only a few Applications
For Example you are Running Your Super Phone, Super Browser, Super Player and Super Facebook.

The Sequence will then Look like this.

The Running Application will be Sequenced Next to Each other So it is Easy to Interchange Between Each other! 

Other than that, there is also another way of doing it so...

2. Double Tap at the Top of the Screen and Slide Down

It will Basically looks like this.
Double Tap Slide Down will Display a list of All the Super Applications
Red Dot are Indicating Applications that are current Running. 

This works Just like Minimizing and Maximizing Many Different windows and Applications, Able to Run few Applications on the Background. 
In Short, We Called it as Multi-Tasking

This is just exactly what people want from this Superior Electronic Device
This is what people expect from iPad.

Since This Application Named as Super Connect, and Obviously most of the Applications need to be Connected through the Internet!
So to Make sure Your iPad devices can Connected to Internet all the time, even when you are travelling, the Best way is to get a Data Plan for your iPad!

Maxis is now Offering a Great Offer for iPad Data Plan!
Take a Look at this...

Maxis Postpaid Data Plan for iPad

Maxis Prepaid Data Plan for iPad

For More Information Please refer to Maxis Data Plan Website! (URL Below)

This is My Fantastic and Fabulous iPad Idea I Think of for this Maxis iPad Contest!  =)

Maxis contest participant badge

Want to Give it a try and Invent your Own iPad Application?
You can refer to this Website for the Details! =)

Thanks for Spending your Precious Time reading such a Long post!


Monday, 10 January 2011

The Manhattan Fish Market @ Mid Valley

Is January of 2011!!!
It's a new beginning and entering a new stage of my life too..
Year 2010 for me is nothing much can be described of.. 
When refreshing or reviewing back, I felt that I had wasted my time on some unnecessary stuffs.
However, I promise this year...gonna be glorious for being myself ^^
New year is my incentive to inspire me do something that I have not done in 2010 before...
Just want to have more fun and enjoy my life during these ages : 19-21
I deserve it!!^_^
And and and!!! one more thing!!! 
cant be denied that......."I am 20!!!"    OMG!
Just feel unbelievable that I am entering the first number with '2"
Time passed so fast!! >.<
I try to not let my laziness to impede my life...and try to not loafing my life by doing nothing ^^ 

"People, Let's Move On to a new beginning of 2011..."
"Wrap off those unhappiness in 2010..."
"U will have a happier life compared to previous year...As what I said, U DESERVE IT! "

*Just a short post about this*

Outing v my dear on last Saturday^^
Destination : Mid Valley
Purpose: Shopping and Eating
Duration: About 4 hours+

On the way:

Dun "Guat" me la~~~~

V have shopped for new year clothes...But not much actually...
It was crowded with people...
Queuing for fitting also takes time...

Having lunch at The Manhattan Fish Market... Located at Lower Ground Floor..

Waiting for the food Happily ...Struggling for FOOD!

HUNGRY jor... no happy emotion on me...

We have ordered : -  Manhattan Seafood Platter for 2 persons RM49.90; 
You can add either one of following for drinks and soup: 
Perfect Catch ( RM9.90) with Soup + Fizzies or Juice  
- Supreme Catch (RM11.90) with Soup + Shake or smoothies

We have chosen 2 sets of perfect catch with the course meal for our lunch^_^ 

Mushroom Soup

This is how the Manhattan Seafood Platter being served : He is cooking the Prawn with the fire

Take a closer look ~ 

Exactly same with the picture shown in the menu^^ (I am Satisfied! HOHO)

~The 4 prawns~

There got : Fried Calamari, Fried Fish Nuggets and Oysters, Prawns on a bed of Garlic Herb rice and Chips and scrumptious brocolli, carrots and corn on the side.

Ah dear

Couldnt Finish>.< Was Fulled!!! 

See what I have done! Proud of myself!
She has 2 big eyes, nose, SEXY LIPS (tomatoes) and and and.the TAHI LALAT (Brocolli)..

Let's take a pic with "HER"

If u have spent for RM50 and more in a single receipt, u will have a LUCKY DRAW!!
I lose in a bet, then he was entitled to drawT_T *CHoose HAO LAI!!!! *
You can be winning a BLACKBERRY CURVE handphone !!!!

        WON THIS:
A fried Calamari which worth RM9.90.
Is ok, better than nothing...haha!
Saw other ppl won some pencils, note books ..

After that, v have out tea time at Coffee Bean..
(Let's be HIGH CLASS people for a short moment..HAHAH!)
Once a period of time is NOT BAD..
But if ALWAYS , It's costly for us that not yet starting earning and do not have income..

A slice of Chicago Cheese Cake

A large Mocha Ice Blended - Our favoruite

Our eyes are small~~~

Acting ~ COOL!!!! 

- THE END - 


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