Friday, 26 July 2013

Whitby - 16 June 2013

Whitby is one the of most awesome and wonderful I have visited so far.
Whitby is a seaside town where it is located at North Yorkshire.
I do love the environment at here.
Whitby comprises lots of tourist heritages, museums, musicport shop,  bus tour, cruises and etc.

Whitby is a seaside town where it is located at North Yorkshire of UK.

It was a great sunny day :)

- spectacular view with lots of yachts - 

Yes! We did took a ride on pirate ship !!  :)

There are many kinds of boats or ships trips available all along the side with a price range about 2.50 - 3.50 pounds.

This Magpie Cafe is famous with FISH AND CHIPS and has won numerous prizes on Best Fish and Chips Shop Awards.
Should have tried out once at this shop whenever u have the chance to visit Whitby.
*It would be rather cheaper if you take away the Fish and Chips..*
*Make sure u have reached and queue up earlier for seats...Pic above has shown how excitement of people to try th FISH and CHIPS before the shop opens.*

Quayside is also another famous FISH AND CHIPS restaurant.

Top of the hill in this pic is the Whitby Abbey.
Too bad there is not much picture taken at there because my camera was out of battery when i got to there ;/

- The seaside view -

Whitby colourful beach houses or chalets which is just located at seaside 

- The whalebone arch - 


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