Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Military Event at Albert Dock!

I am currently at Liverpool for my further studies.
Luckily it is gonna be my 3 mths short term study over here ..
Because I can be easily feel homesick.

Before my class started, there is a big event at Albert Dock..
Have no idea on what's the real story or incident behind this...
But as i know is to memorable those warriors in the World War II if not mistaken.. :)

Let's the photos tell you more.

Heading to Albert Dock =) 

Super Lambanana is located outside my Uni - Liverpool John Moores Uni 's Library

Cheese Burger with Beef.

Tray of Chips 

* Mainly took photos with people.. Din really manage to enjoy every parts of the events due to the crowd.
But we simply having lots of fun with friends and the scenery all the way  =)


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