Monday, 29 November 2010

Dinner @ Ninji Sushi, Menjalara

It was Sunday..
Parents were not at home in the early morning...As got a function at Ipoh which is begin at noon..
So, the only four kids stayed at home ^.^    *FREE!!! YES*

In the afternoon,
Dear brought us go eat Bel Pasto which just located @Desa Aman Puri ^_^

Then comes to DINNER,
My aunt and uncle came and  brought us eat Japanese Food @ Menjalara...

Fall in Love with U, *Baby Octopus~~~*

I like this! Taste Sweet with the Salad..Veery Appertise ME!!!!

 Love the "JI MA" !!! Looks GOOD! Smells GOOD! and Taste GOOD TOO!!!!  

With the Closer Look~

 < Salmon Q Set >

Salmon Q Set

Epi Tempura Set

Unagi Set

Dunno what's that actually...Is something fried with a kind of Vege...and it is included and served with a bowl of Japanese Noodles.

Chicken Teppanyaki

I don't really eat such Salmon that UNCOOKED!!! Yeeewww~~~

Some of the food are highly recommended to u..
The price is reasonable !
Hope to try Jogoya at Starhill Kuala Lumpur next time either with Dear, or my friends^^

~The End~~


Saturday, 27 November 2010

Klang, I-City, Jogoya, Wet!!!

Finally I'm back to blogging!
It is been a while since my last post due to my final exams that is just over.
To be specific, it is over on Wednesday (24/11)
I'll let you all know here what I have done since that day until today.

Once finish exam, of course everyone of us FLY until high high!!!
But still after exam sure will tired, therefore everyone went back to have some rest first.
Our plan started on 5PM evening.

Firstly we went to Klang to eat Bak Kut Teh. There also the hometown of my dear housemate Alexander Lee. We went there by two car, 7 people of us.

Two Bowl of Bah Kut Teh!!!

This rice is nice! 

Chinese Tea

Time to Eat! 

What's after dinner?
Since the I-City was just nearby, so we decided to go have a look.
I wanted go there since long time ago but just dont have the chance, now it is here! Cannot miss it!
One thing not very happy is have to pay RM10/car for entrance fee! 

But still, it was really beautiful inside.
Here are some pictures I have taken... enjoy~

Christmas Tree


Toys Shop~

Snow House


Chinese New Year? China Town?

A big peacock! 

Best place to shoot picture of I-City

Beautiful? Wonder how many trees are they here...

Animal Land


6 Little Rabiits

Hug hug~ 

What's inside the bush?

Oh, it was an Elephant! 


That's all for I-City...
After I-City we sent alex back to his house and visit his house for a short while.

Then we went to Bulu Bulu River aka Sungai Buloh to eat Ikan Bakar! 
After that I went back my home and they went back to Nilai. 

Then it is the next day.
Today is KL day.
We plan to eat Jogoya tonight, at KL Starhill Gallery.
About afternoon they went to KL Pavillion and other places there.
I went to join them about 5PM.
We went to Pavillion, Farenheit 88, Lot 10, Sungai Wang (passby), Low Yat (spend 1 hour+ there to help Susi buy a Mini Laptop for her father), then only finally went to Starhill Gallery for Jogoya!

Omg first time I went inside Starhill...
On the entrance it is already like a Hotel! I some more thought "are you sure is this one"? It's like a 10 star hotel, or I should just say it is like a Palace!!!
I only manage to take some picture... 

It's is consider a High Class Shopping Centre actually, but you won't wanna shop inside any of the shop inside, trust me~ ^^

It is Jogoya time!
But we have to wait until 9.30PM because we are eating Supper for Jogoya due to the price consideration. 
With one of my friend's Standard Charted credit card, we able to get great promotion. Original price for first person, and RM1 for the second person. We have 12 person so 6 person Original price (RM78++) and 6 person RM1. Off course we devide it equally and each just have to pay around RM40+ Cool!!!

We wait for so long liao lar!

Waiting for this larrr~

Our table (family table! xD)

The pin to order some very nice food! 



Here comes the main.


Ice Cream from Haagen-Dazs!!!

Chocolate Fountain with Mash-mellow 

I had 3 Scoop of this weh!!! What to do, it is Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream larrr! Lol

They went to watch this movie after that, I'm not following because I want to go back early and sleep! Scare drive home alone so late also lar, lol~
Tell me whether nice or not lor ok? xD

That's all!!!
Goodbye my Inti Friends, see you all next year!
Happy Holidays~ =)

To View full sets of the photo, can go to my photo album on my facebook.
Click Here for Complete I-City Album 
And Here  for Starhill Jogoya Complete Album

The End


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