Monday, 19 October 2009

18-10-2009, My Sunday Trip to SABAK BERNAM

Today my dad has decided to bring all of us go for whole day trip at SABAK BERNAM.
He has saw from newspaper which introduce this place for tour~

SABAK BERNAM is a district of Selangor.
It is situated to the northwest of Selangor.
It is bordered by the state of PERAK to the north, HULU SELANGOR to the east,
KUALA SELANGOR to the south and the STRAITS of MELACCA to the west.

I have been awake by my parents at abt 9am...then v all prepared all the things in hurry~
then v drive towards to KUALA SELANGOR....
by the moment v reached Kuala Selangor, v have stopped at BUKIT MELAWATI.
MELAWATI HILL is located in the coastal of Kuala Selangor.

We are not allowed to drive to the hill.
We need to buy ticket sitting some sort like a long train-bus to go up~
Wow...Its fun sitting and seeing nice scene~

When reached to the top of the hill, there got alot monkey around! those monkey is in black grey in colour! Below have some pictures that feeding those greedy monkey~

aiyoyo~ berlagaknya~

My sisters and I are feeding the monkey~~

AFter that v have our lunch at Kuala Selangor.
V been a restaurant which 'AH XIAN' had introduced here b4~
Come to Kuala Selangor, sure must eat SEAFOOD^^

The main food for that restaurant is SHARK MEAT.
My dad has ordered 2 plates of shark meat in different cooking...
One is shark meat soup and the other one is in frying quite delicious~

Next, v drive towards to beach...
My youngest sister so excited and wonder for it!
The whole journey , she kept asking in the car whether wan reach the beach or not...Lolx...
On the way to the destination, v passed by a large paddy field~
the scene was so nice...a piece of greeny paddy field with the blue sky and white cloud~

Me! Acting POSE ~ hoho~

V continue our journey to the beach^^

V reached the beach:

That's Me!

About 5 sth like that v going bec ...On the way going back, v find some HO CHIAK for our dinner^^ MUacks~


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