Sunday, 15 April 2012

Rabbit Park @ Bukit Tinggi

Bukit Tinggi is such a good place to travel for one day trip! 

Not just the place for food hunting, there are a few POINT OF INTEREST that u must go!

This post gonna be about the RABBIT PARK! 

Entrance Fee Per Person is RM3 only with no time limit,

See! Is the cute GENUINE PIG!!!

The baby rabbits are in the red box... 

One month old baby rabbit! Truly to say that their FUR is so soft !!! 

Thanks God that I have captured this NICE SHOT! This FATTY RABBIT is so CUTE!!! 

Its EYELINER is so amazing! It has born naturally beautiful! 

I have captured this pair of RABBITS too!! They are so lovely!!! <3


Donkey Donkey - he is pee-ing!! 

I found that the donkey was actually smiling to me:), isn't it? 

 Stay tuned for the Cormal Tropicale - French Themed Village @ Bukit Tinggi! 


Thursday, 12 April 2012

欢乐美食饭店 (Restorant Foon Lock) @ Kampung Bukit Tinggi

  - Bukit Tinggi -
I have been here for quite a few times!
There have lots of restaurants u can seek for!! 
Once awhile, dad will bring the whole family up to the hill to Kg Bukit Tinggi just for their FOOD..

Here's the one highly recommended restaurants here!! 老字号!!!

Truely to say that, if u don't know what to order, u just have to seek around the tables around there and find out what the other tables' people mostly order, then u will know how good is it! *Dad taught so...*

Their dining dishes was pleasant, tasty ! Price ok!
With such breezily environment!  U will fall in love with this small village and their food too :-)

This is their Signature 花肉! They have fried it! Is crispy and tasty!

Taofu POK! I love it!! With meat inside!! One of the dishes that MUST BE ORDERED! 

I like their vegetables! Especially THIS PLATE! 西洋菜 ! If not mistaken, they have planted the most vegetables by themselves! :)
Kinda bit different to KL that I have eaten!

Their SIGNATURE dishes! With this ASAM SAUCE! It definitely makes u APPETIZING!  

- You Will Never Know If You Have Tried It ! -


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