Sunday, 28 February 2010

New Phone Finally!!!

This is the 2nd post for the same day as previous...
Another lucky and happy thing happen on me...
I finally got my new phone!!! Haha...

I was thinking of changing since last year and keep thinking of reasons of changing and keep finding for a most suitable phone for me...

I wanted a phone with Wifi, Gps and good Camera...mostly phones with these spec are quite expensive...
I was interested with N79 as it hav all the functions but it's alrd a quite old I mentioned previously I went to few shops with dear ask for the price for this phone but most shop say tat it alrd unavailable...

It was this phone(n79)
*found tis pic thru internet*

A lot ppl suggest me to buy at lowyat coz it will be much cheaper there...
But I was lazy to go so far and dun really know the way to there other than ktm, but ktm mafan lor~

So after our dating I decided to see at the sg buloh complex near my home...
there got a lot of shops selling hp, last time I bought my phone there too...

This is the one...
*Screen also break alrd >.<

I asked many shops there and explain my requirement to them and my budgets too...most of them also recommeneded this phone...which I alrd bought and gave up a shop whch the sales explain in details about that phone and give me a cheaper price compare to others...

I'm not promoting much about my phone so this is the one...

As u can see it's quite similar to my previous phone coz both is the same series Express Music...

*This is Nokia 5730 Express Music*

Other than bigger, another diff is...

but that's not the main point...

One of the main point is...


can view in 2 ways...

I bought tis toy too for my gps...hehe!
Happy today!!!! =)


***Our Valentine's day***

Yesterday was Saturday 27 Feb 2010 and it is a very great and memorical day for 2 people...who is Mr Tiew Kai Siang and Ms Ling Xin Ying!!!
Today is the Valentine's day for both of us as we celebrated it today...

Early in the morning, i went to fetch my dear and wen as wen is going to celebrate their Valentine too with her boy boy too~
We then went for breakfast but at last I'm the only one who eating there and the girls juz scared fat wan meh~

Then we went to ktm station fetch wen's boy boy who came down frm Melacca...he gave us a tooth brush each from his company as Chrismas gift, kindda special tooth brush...haha!
Then we went to a hp shop ask the price for N79 as previous I was interested in this phone.

Ok, next we send wen and paul to One-Utama, after that bring dear to my house~
On the way I gave her a gift, she was quite surprice and like it! n I kidda bluff her that's it for my gift to her...

This is it...I have a pair of it one for me and one for her... ^^

After reached my house, i went in to my room prepare something and asked her to wait outside...
I asked her to came in and showed her this...

 She was so Surprised and suddenly shouted I assume she love it gua...hehe!
<< Couple Cup >>

 << Couple Coaster >>
Dear was so happy and kissed me...paiseh~ then it was her turn to show me hers now...I know dear have prepare this gift since so long ago and have put a lot hardwork in it but dear just never giv me a clue hows the gift looks like, until is it...

A box from outside...with our pics and signature on it ^^
(totally no idea wats inside)

I just wanna say dear I love you and thanks! Muacks~~~
It's juz too great and wonderful le!! =) 

 << Lovely Sweets from dear too >>

On that moment I just can say the both of us felt so much in happiness and thinking nothing other than each other in our mind...We have did a lot of incredible things and we are now more loving each other~ *Muacks*

After stay a while at my home, we went to One-Utama for the movie 72 tenants of prosperity...we saw some frens there...
The movie, what to say it is so lame and funny...but yet it still a nice comedy movie to watch...dear laugh dao quite happy de... xD

After the movie we went to buy something and then went to eat lunch...
We went to The Little Taiwan...we din order much because dear told me that she alrd full when being tgr wif me... O.O let her zha dao~ Haha!
Dunno izit because we too happy today, we camwhore a lot!! hehe...

On the way to one-u

 Stopping at traffic light =P

Dear u r so pretty today~ Muacks! =)

At Little Taiwan...


People looking at us thinking we nvr take picture b4 ar? lolx!

Our drinks come adi..

Den we continue take.... xD


Nice pics ma, dunno why dear keep saying yong sui~ 

The 'Lazy' pose...


Erm, some roll...dunno wat it call alrd...

Fried Chicken Mee...***

The end for our day but not our love...
We will not be forever young but we will be forever loving each other...
Love You Forever~ Muacks!!!


Sunday, 21 February 2010

The days of New Year

This whole week is quite busy days for me..
Can be said that i have not touched my computer for about 6 days i think.

Early morning back to ULU YAM (My hometown)
Meet v some of my relatives.
And start busy for REUNION DINNER.
V had steamboat for our dinner.
There have a lot of different kinds foods: seafood, vege, Mushrooms, Fish and meatball, mee, egg, and so on.
After that me and my cousins start PLAYING MAHJONG!


It is a big day.
My Grandpa had invited for 3 Lions Dance .
The area here is quite noisy and quite joyful because there got quite a lot housing got Lion Dance
Lately in the morning, some of my relatives came.
My grandpa got 3 brothers, 4 sisters. He is the eldest one.
what to do next?
off course angpau
start receiving Ang Pau from them..
and gamble~
At night, about 10sth went bec to my home (KL)
This day nothing much can say~

Morning visit my Mum's side there which located at Kepong.
chit-chatting , eating, playing , watching tv...
about 2 or 3 pm like that bec to my hometown again~
Today will be quite a lot people compared to ytd.
V gamble again~
today...My uncle join us...
He keep asking us to gamble in bigger amount.
finally, v agreed..
but..I have LOST my money for about RM20+ just playing that ...OMG!
very very...LOSER T_T
half of my money is on my sister's hand...and the other half is at my uncle and cousin~
nitez play fire cracker and fireworks with all the kids.

hmm...Let me refresh back.........
Nothing much also..
GAMBLE, EATING, PLAYING FIRE CRACKER again v those kids, CYCLING AROUND at my hometown
Night time , about 9.45pm, I went to toilet before go back to KL, sth happen on meT_T
I was trapped in the toilet..
The lock of the door was jam!
I just cant UNLOCK it!
The door is different as it has to push to button down.
there is no people at there as the toilet is at behind part of the house...
Luckily i got my Handphone beside me
Fortunately my sister came and knocked my door~
My dad came and help to open the door but still failed....
I was damn HOT HOT HOT inside!
then, my uncle call people come to repair.
Luckily it does not take long time to repair.
But i have trapped inside the small toilet for...about....15-20+min
Have to bath again~~~LOLX

today not going bec to hometown.
My mum got a gathering v her 3 ZI MUI.
morning my dad booked tickets watch movie at 1u. Including my 2 cousins
V decided to watch 72家租客 but no seats!
then v switched to 花有喜事. the hall also FULL SEATS.
After that v went to my mum's frienz house located at kota damansara.
The house is big and nice
My sister swimming v thier kids in the swimming pool.
v all chatting about education, money, boys & girls, and so on..

Friday & Saturday
V have a trip to TIARA BEACH for 2 days.
err...DUnno what to write....lazy to write...

whole day At home....
Rest, and pack all my last sem notes..
and do the gift for dear
and be prepared for tmrw
but im not yet ready and feel still wan holidays...T_T
i still in holiday moodT_T
go sleep ba~


<< Chinese New Year 2010 >>

One week of Holidays are gone just in a moment...Year 2010's Chinese New Year is alrd about to over again...time is going fast in year 2010, people...please appreciate time and do what u suppose to do... =)

Chinese New Year of 2010, it's Tiger year! Eat a lot, drink a lot, play a lot, visit a lot, ang pao a lot,! Hehe...
But sadly still have an uni assignment to rush, luckily can finish it in time...

Had a nice time visitting friends house yesterday...even my dear's house...1st time visit to most of their house, feel so happy and fun! =P
most fun for most people off coz is...Haha, ang pao!!! xD
Let's do it again next year! Hehe...

more pics at...

Tonight will going to another friend's house for supper party...
Tmr have to wake up early travel back to uni...
Inti people, prepare to see the Panda Ks tmr!!! Hahaha!

Good Nights everyone~


Friday, 12 February 2010

A day at Sunway Pyramid ( 2nd Part)

Xy and Ks^^

Dear's Hand

Dear's Hand and my Hand

THUMB UP! Do u realise there is a guy skating there?

Im resting aside...While dear skating himself there~

My Dear^^ Cool~ but can u stand without the holder leh?=p

wahsei...u can wor...LOL!

I love this game too...But I K.O leT_T haiz

V play archery^^ dear is preparing ~~


Take a photo before shoot first^^


RESULTS! But we wont tell which one are mine and dear de=p

LOL!!! the worker also look at it...LOL!

Dear, how come u so short one de?


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