Saturday, 31 July 2010

.:.:.:.:.:. The Day We Have A Long Break .:.:.:.:.:.

Initially we not decide to attend the English replacement class at 3pm,
As the tutor said she will be teaching us VERY IMPORTANT lesson,
Otherwise, v can actually back at 11.30am.

As we have about 3 hours + break time, so....
Amy, Qian Wen, Lee Boon and I went to "4 Happy Seasons Restaurant"
4 HAPPY SEASONS RESTAURANT is located at Wangsa Maju,
beside of Wangsa Walk Shopping Mall,
and somewhere near a building of KFC & Pizza-Hut Building.

We are not only to fulfill our stomach,
we're trying to WAIT THE TIME TO PASS or WASTE THE TIMING AS WE CAN at there TOO. haha!
 We four people were quite enjoying the moment at there.
Here the photos we have taken:
Four Happy Seasons Restaurant in WANGSA MAJU
We have chosen WINTER SEASON as our backgrounds for having lunch!
Bb is seeing or thinking something seriously there...Lolx!

 Ah wen is sending Sms to Paul I think^^

 Is me...Winter Time~

 Our Appetizers and desserts - Is included in the set meals

This plate of dishes is something like EGG+THAI SAUCE+VEGE 

 Here's come our main courses:
Firstly , served with Tom Yam Noodles with Seafood - Ah wen^^

 Secondly, served with Sweet and Spicy Chicken - Mine^^

 Thirdly, Forgot the name..But it is a plate of CHICKEN+LAMB+FISH - Bb^^

Lastly, Chicken Burger served to Amy^^

 Amy, Ah wen, & Me are drinking...
V are Not Drinking ...
Just posing only^^

A closer view of the BOWL. haha!
Looks Disgusting??
V are Not Drinking ...
Just posing only^^

The Sofa we are sitting on...

Here's the place we spent about 1 Hour+,
Chit-chat at college's garden for the remaining time.^_^



Another Genting Trip

I seriously can't think of a suitable starting for this...
It is really a busy and tiring week this week...
Firstly I have interview on Monday, 1 long report of group project to pass up on wed, 2 exams on Thursday and Friday, and a final report + presentation for my business subject...
So many things need to rush and to be done in this week...

Interview on Monday = Done

Long report of group project on Wed = Done

Java Class Test on Thursday = Done

Ehhhh, start wondering you are reading the wrong post or the wrong title?

As long as the Thursday test was over, we went to McDonald for breakfast, then from no where, a Genting word suddenly just pop up! 
At first we were like just joking, but someone was so serious and desperate after listening to that word!
And then it became real!

Well I really didnt expected this at all and not ready to go that time...
Actually I dont really have the mood to go as we still have one exam and one presentation on Friday, but still... all the study reasons would be useless when it comes to playing~ every kind of excuses we made to pursuit everyone to go and I was one of the victim! 

We start going there by 12pm using my car with another driver and six people...
We saw " WET 88 " on the way, WOW!!! 
Reach there about 1pm something...
Parked at First World Hotel...
Bought Theme Park Tickets, Omg, really going to play these ar, it was so sudden!!! O.o I was not ready lehhh, die lorrr~

Unfortunately we not even played the first the sky start raining and many games stopped!!!
But fortunately, the rain stopped after 5 minutes...
But unfortunately again those games are not on yet because of the wet wet?
We wait about 10 minutes and we can start playing already...
As we waiting and the cold winding blowing, I finally have the mood and excitement to play, haha!

The games we played are, 
Pirate Ship, Go-Kart, Flying Chair Cork-Crew Roller Coaster, Flying Coaster, Underground Mine Boat and many many more! 
There are some which is the first time I played such as the Mine Train which we all really get WET!!!

Because of weekdays, there wasnt a lot people there so we manage to play finish all the good games in about 3-4 hours...
Thn we went for Dinner at about 6pm...
It was quite a quick one because after this a few gentleman are going to the Casino!!! =.="

But I'm still underage, so no choice but to follow the other underage gang which are the two girls to go walk and shopping...Sad, why am I so young! >.<

The last stop was at the arcade place, as I teach them to use a very pro technique to win a lot tickets like how I discover it the last time I came to Genting...

So, the few Grown Man had finish visiting Mr. Lim and we finished playing as well...
We three won 1679 tickets with RM45 overall...
We changed 3 prices for each with those points, haha! 
All satisfied!

Went back at 10pm something and reach back our uni about 12am!!!
Wah, I really got nothing to say but it is really tired!
and we 'Ponteng' a 4pm class to go Genting, haha! >.<

Genting Trip (Unexpected & Unplanned =.=) = Done

Friday Presentation + Submit Documentation = Done
(Thanks Henry for the leather shoe lol)

Friday Lab Test Submission = Done

Went back home at 3pm++
Reach home at about 5pm
6.30pm went out for a secondary school gathering at Tropicana...
Nice houses there...

My fren house was so big and nice, 
We were having a bbq dinner there...
Hello all my secondary friendsss!!! xD

Lastly show you all something vry cool from the gathering dinner...

Raymond the Rockerrrr!!!! xD

-The End-

Genting Photos are with my friends so maybe will be uploaded a bit later~
Finally it's weekend, time to rest~
~Tmr go Dating with dear~


Wednesday, 28 July 2010

< Buffet Eating >

After having french oral test, V ARE FREE!
Just went to school for A CLASS
which just take us a few minutes to finish our oral test!
"U may go home after your oral", said teacher.

Off course v are happy!
A bit of ridiculous, go there just for that few minutes then come back again.

Wen and I went to 1u to try the buffet that has been said SOMEDAY IN THE PAST.
Walking around while waiting for the shop to open at 11.30am.
Here are some photos:
  Having some sushi before proceed to Our Main Meals^^

Mine is sth like CHICKEN SUSHi. 

Hey, Who's the guy ?^^

Here's the Seoul Garden .

 Starting Point.

 V have chosen TOM YAM our Soup.

 Buns, Keropok, Spaghetti, Fried Rice (under the keropok)

 Different flavour of Chicken and Fish
- Curry Chicken
-Black Pepper Chicken
- Salmon Fish ( I Dislike it)
- "Char Siew" flavour of Chicken

My Friend - Ah wen
A BOwl of TOm Yam soup, and there are some pieces of chicken being BBQ-ed.

A bowl fulled of Mushrooms.

Cool! ^^
It is so HOT! What A PIG MOUTH! haha!

Finished ALL! No Wasting at all!

Refill for the TOM YAM soup~

Ah wen~

Me & Wen; Wen in the House^^

About 6-7 sauces to let u choose. ^-^

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Monday, 26 July 2010

Good Usually Comes After Bad.

Recently, Im having a lot coursework to face...
Damn emotional ! 
Having troubles here and there! 

However, after today, it seems to be good. 
Just one more assignment left.
We will finish it efficiently and effectively!
Cool! ^^ 

"Trying to be,  just sometime failed to be."

A smile from U, motivating me to continue.


Wednesday, 21 July 2010


What is Stress?

Stress is the body's reaction to a change that requires a physical, mental or emotional adjustment or response.

Stress can come from any situation or thought that makes you feel frustrated, angry, nervous, or anxious.
Stress is caused by an existing stress-causing factor or "stressor."
Dealing with a serious illness or caring for someone who is can cause a great deal of stress.

Also Known As: distress

( Angela Morrow (2009) 'Stress Defination', (online) (cited 21 July 2010). Available from> )

My Own definition:

Stress is when a person faced problem or a situation that he or she cannot handle or very difficult to handle, he or she will start to be frustrated, emotional, angry, impatient, moody and so on, that is more likely a stress looks like. 

When a person feel stress, he or she will feel very uneasy, it seems like the whole world are chasing and rushing to him or her. He or she will feel like time is really not enough, sometimes might even lost his/her mind. 

Advantages of Stress: 
  • Sometimes it might help a person to realized his/her responsibilities and start working on what he or she suppose to do. 
  • Maybe it would help a person finish his or her work in time with all the stress and pressure on him/her.
Disadvantages of Stress: 
  • It might raise the heart rate and weaken the immune system of a person dealing with lots of stress. 
  • A person under stress may lead to poor decision making and not able to think logically or consider the consequences of the choices made. 
  • A person with too much of stress could make his or her mind totally blank and may not able to do or finish anything in the end.
  • Too much of stress may lead to bad behaviors such as scolding other people, fighting, self-blaming or even self-torturing. 
  • Overstressed may lead to a person to become GILA as well. 
Therefore it is very important to handle and manage your stress well. 
Each person might have his own way to do that, if you really need some ideas to start with, I would introduce you a website.
Go and type in "How to manage stress?" or something similar.
As simple as that...

As for me, my way of release stress is to listen to songs (romantic songs and slow songs are my preferred ones), watching some funny video through facebook or youtube (sometimes it's a bit waste of time but that is the way I do), and find someone to talk with. For me I will have my own suitable person to talk with and help to reduce my stress. 

Other than that, you can try to do some exercise, or go out have a walk, have a drink, have some snacks, and so on. It might be useful. 
Don't make yourself too stress and force your idea to come out if you really can't think of anything. You need some rest as your brain need some rest too. 

Again, you need to find your own way to deal with your stress. 
For a lot people including me, my dear, my classmates, my friends, and others who facing a lot of stress in lots of assignments and examinations due to the ending of semester, good luck all the best and try to manage your stress, with the certain stress and put more efforts, we sure can made the best of ourself.  

This is a short message for my dear:

I know these days I've been busy and didn't spend much time with you, I know you have been moody of all the things happened lately, I promised I will do my best to accompany you and solve your problems together with you.
My heart and my love will always stays with you, I love you~ 

Lastly and most importantly, don't give up on yourself and don't lose yourself.
Control your stress but not let the stress control you.

Good Luck~

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Monday, 19 July 2010

"Japanese Day"

(Posted by Xin Ying)
Dear come and fetch me at 10.30+ and v go Jusco Kepong watch movie.
The movie v watched is <<< INCEPTION >>>
Initially I thought is a kind of disaster movie
as I have seen the poster is kinda like the building are collapsing..

V only knew the true story when v started watching the movie for about 20 min...Lol!
Regretting that v should read the synopsis before choosing.

It takes about 2 hours + to finish the movie..
Newspaper: Even those actors have to read the scripts for a few times only know the flow of the story..

(Form ks: This is actually a very great movie with a lot great thinkings, great move, great timing, you will really feel so cool when watching it, if you like this kind of movie and like to analyze, this movie is definitely the best for you, this movie is already Champion of the ticket sold in United State just within one week it is shown in the screen, geng!!! )

After that, V have our lunch at Menjalara..

 Somewhere located at Bandar Menjalara

My dear

Purposely ask to sit at here...This is the view of the top of our head..haha!

I love this pic! He is enjoying breathing the ...AIR CONDITIONAL! haha^^
(Haha, dear forced me to do tat~ =P)

This is < Chicken Wafu Set> and that is 

Epi Tempura Set
(a bit pricey but it's really nice~)

Is called " Open Sushi"

Is Tempura that is one of the most beloved by my dear..
(really is my fav leh, but dear stole 2 pieces from me ler~ T_T) 

Very nice Sushi~ ^^

It is so NGAM TIMING....V took one hour to fin our lunch^^
(I'm very surprise to see tat too, really so ngam leh! haha)

like a.....
Like wat? King kong? haha


I be the Chipmunks while u be the Panda^^
Why want you be the cute chipmunk and I be the fat panda leh? Cant be the other way round ma? =P
+ The End +

At evening later, I went to Bon Odori, a Japanese Festival at Shah Alam, with my family...
While dear went for his gathering with his secondary school friends...
Therefore today is really a Japanese Day for me! ^^


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