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Pulau Langkawi Trip 2011, 3 Days 2 Nights (Part 2)

This Post is continue from the Langkawi Trip 2011 Part 1 and here is the Part 2
If you Havent seen Part 1 yet here is a Link for You.

Now is the Day 3 of our Langkawi Trip.
Today's morning activity is to visit various caves and river in Langkawi, we rented a private boat for the six of us. Of course we are not the one who drives it, haha. We have a great Boat Driver with Great explanation of all the Details to us a long the Journey.

Wish that white color was our boat... haha

Our boat is something like this...

Bye bye~~~

Looking for something???

Yay!!! It is the Eagle~~
-The Mighty Eagle-

The Boat Driver throw some Chicken Skin to attract them to come down eat it, so we can have a closer look.
According to him, the chicken skin is not good for their Health because it is High in Cholesterol

They come down as a group but they don't fight for the food. 
The gather down here and 1 by 1 dive down to the surface to grab the food.
They have their own traffic laws too. Cool~~ 

Looks like they are lining up... lol

A Giant Lizard???

A Family of Monkeys... The big one there is the Father...

We learned something new here, the boat driver told us that Monkeys Make Love using only 5 Secs and they can do 200 times per day. Therefore a Male monk can have more than 100 wifes, Bravo~~ 
*We also saw a live action of Monkey Making Love here but it is too fast and we dont have enough time to take a picture of it... really is 5 Secs, no Joke! haha

This is called the Crocodile Cave, why is it called so? The driver did explain it but I forgotten already. haha
If the water is too high we will not be able to go inside because it is quite small n narrow inside.
It is just like a tunnel to the other side of the river.

There are Bats inside the Cave, haha. 

All kind of boats and ships parking over here..

Next Destination is the Bats Cave (Gua Kelawa)

We are not allow to use the Camera Flash. so we only can take with the help of Touch Lights.

Blur, it is too dark inside here...

Yiii, all the bats hanging here... Geli?
Imagine if all of them came down and flying around you... >.<

Funny Rocks, looks like a frogs head? Dragon head? Whatever...

Feeding the Sting Ray at the Fish Farm...

Dont worry it wont bite, the teeth are not in the mouth but much inside.. If I not mistaken from what i heard there, Lol! We all get to feed it and Touch it. The skin is Soft and... I dont know how to describe it, haha go touch it then u will know... =P

Different types of Fishes in Each Compartment here...

Next, Can say it was The last place we Visit in Langkawi...
The Underwater World Aquarium..
Im pretty impressed, there are actually lots types fishes, and funny fishes and sea creatures that I have never seen before in my Life...


Chinese Water Dragon, it is the one who will change color when it touches the thing...

Long Shutter Effects...
Credit to "Fish Zii" who teach me how to take such Fantasy Shot..

White and Black Swan...

Talking Parrot, It really can Talk.. It repeat my "Hello" haha cute~ 

Sea Lion...
It keep moving so fast so difficult to take its picture, so I recorded a short video instead, haha. 


Another Type of Penguin, Wuiyoh!!! This one really got Some style, so Cool~~ The Eye brown there, I like it! Haha...

They are feeding them or help them to do Body Check up...

Because it is really Cute.. Especially the way they walk, therefore i took a short video of it too...

Hmmm, why do they name it like that? Lol..

Group Photo...

Cute? Haha

There are some shops inside to buy something special back to someone special... 
Pandai-nye buat business, inside aquarium aso can have shops, haha

Magical Rocks..
It has many designs and can ask the person to write something on the stone..

This is what i bought for my someone special... Lol

Funny Aquarium, suddenly got shop selling things then suddenly become drawing exhibition, Lol. Beh Tahan~

Ok back to Aquarium again...

Cute little Prawn, wonder what it calls..

Sting Ray~~ FYI, its tail is damn bloody Long!!!

A very old Turtle!!!

Its head seems disgusting for me, what do u think? Can u see its head?
Yeah, that is its head...

Cute little small Crap~ 

Here comes the Mighty Dangerous Shark!!!

Fight between Sea Snake and Sting Ray?

A Giant Fish that is Moving damn Fast, so hard to Catch it.. =.=

This is a Damn Big Fish Hiding / Sleeping deep inside the tank, it at least have more than 300KG!
According to the Information, this Fish can go to Highest Weight of 500KG

Can u see what is this? Haha

Dori Fish

I personally call it the "Sexy Fish"
Can you see it lips, body colors and the big shiny eye, looks like it have a Make Up and a really pretty Fish. If im a Male Fish im sure falling in love with it... haha

Ok, this is a more ugly one.. Lol

This one seems Angry and Pissed off!!! Lol

Mantis Prawn, It is not cheap if you call this prawn at the restaurant...
Just one or two level lower than the Lobster Prawn..

Sea Weed, "Hoi Sam" in Cantonese..
It actually has life and moving while in the Water, how interesting..

Looks like a Bomb

A weird Shield Crap..

Looks the the Patrick in Spongebob Squarepant which get Beaten up Badly.. Haha

The "Sexy Fish"
Male Version of it?

Weird Fish huh?

Nemo~~~ ^^
it is the Clown Fish..

Jelly Fish...

According to the description, 90% of it is form by water..

Sea Dragon!!!
Looks nice~

The Lobster that we ate another day.. lol

And that is all about My Langkawi Trip for my Semester Break Holiday Trip.
It was a good trip and good experience for me, good place to Visit! Definitely will want to visit it again in the future with my someone special, i hope. Haha
We almost traveled the whole Langkawi from North to South and East to West, thanks to the Driver Alexander Lee who drive us all non stop for 3 days. Thanks to Shirley Ng, Fish Zii, Chia Ming (Im sorry for the lost of your spec, haha), and lastly Mao Ze, the one who always Drunk! Thank u all for organizing such good trip.

And hope you guys enjoyed the Picture...

Have a Nice Day~~~ ^^

These are what I bought back from Langkawi...
Also I bought one bottle Liquor of Johny Walker Civas which not showing at here...
Next time whoever come my house party remind me to bring it out.. haha! 

Bye Bye~ 


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